The 14 Words

Sunday, 13 October 2013

SOUTHERN STORM- Warming Up The Ovens

The reason that I have reposted this is that You Tube took it down so now it's on Tru Tube. Please go to Tru Tube (link below) and donate whatever you can to keep this facility available.

Hmmm and not the imaginary Holocau$t ones this time...

God Bless Australia


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  3. Great movie, John. Excellent tuition for those who need more experience in recognising the Crypto. The way in which the ghetto Jew undisguised is contrasted with the Jew "assimilated" is a great instruction for spotting the Jew in our modern society. I am one who switched off before watching the "Khosher" slaughter of animals which applies just as well to Moslems.