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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Holocaust Confirmation Will Be the Fall of Alex Jones

Due to the efforts of some very dedicated individuals, the Holocaust hoax is now coming to light within the conspiracy movement in a very big way

Those making a living in this business are sensing the change in the wind, and are hopping on the holo-denial bandwagon. Icons such as Texe Marrs are now coming out and flatly denying the hoax, Mike Rivero is posting videos exposing it, and Before It’s News just posted an article about the Red Cross report. I am sure there are already many more that I am not personally aware of coming out and denying, and even more to soon follow. This in itself is exceedingly wonderful, but what I am excited about is that this is going to bring down the gibbering do-nothing fake resistance media empire of Alex Jones.

Most of the personalities in this scene are simply opportunists, and so coming out in support of Holocaust revisionism means very little to them. Jones, on the other hand, has a Jewish wife, Jewish children, a show that is almost entirely funded by Jewish advertisers, and syndication deals with a multitude of large Jew-run radio stations. He has put himself in a position where he will be forever required to confirm the Jewish Holocaust. He has continually pushed this hoax, pushed Adolf Hitler as exactly the comic book villain the Jews have portrayed him as. Presumably, he knew it was all lies, but was too filled with hubris to imagine that it would ever come back to bite him. But the bite is upon him.

Very soon, he will be the only one confirming the hoax, and this will put him in a particularly uncomfortable position. It will be obvious that he is lying, due to his conflict of interests, his “special relationship”  with the Jewish people. This will, in turn, bring all of his lies out into the light, and his empire will be brought down. This will be the time for the real truth movement to rise up, and rally the masses of dissidents to our cause of White Nationalism and the goal of replacing the democratic capitalist system with authoritarian socialism [National Socialism].

We can see that Jones is now ratcheting up the disinformation, apparently as part of a panicked breakdown, or perhaps a last ditch strategy devised by his publicist Jew wife. The entirety of his response to the gun control efforts of our Jewish occupational government has been about Adolf Hitler “taking all the guns.”  Because of true White patriots spamming the comments section of Infowars, Paul Joseph Watson and Kurt Nimmo are now forced to admit that no, Hitler didn’t take “all the guns,”  he only took them from specific groups (communists, who represented a military threat to the Reich and the Jews, who had already had their citizenship stripped and so didn’t have a right to own a gun anyway). The refined statement in the articles is now “Hitler took the guns from his political enemies so he could commit a genocide” – but Jones still gets up there and says, without caveat, “Hitler took all the guns so he could put everyone in death camps!”

He continues to push the fantasy that we have a government run by eugenicists who want to kill millions of people for no actual reason. He says that population control is the same thing as eugenics. He pushes the schizophrenic idea that FEMA is building “extermination camps”  as part of an agenda that somehow relates to Satanism. All of this he compares to Hitler; basically the entire fear fantasy he is pushing as an explanation for troubles of this modern era hinges on the fantasy created by the Jews regarding the Third Reich.

I listened to an hour of his show about a week ago and heard him mention Hitler no less than four times. That is once every 15 minutes. He has, probably quite rightly, decided that it is all or nothing, and he must go for broke.

He is digging his own grave.


  1. Absolutely right, Alex Jones keep on blaming America's problems to Adolf Hitler. Well Alex Jones always talk about genocide of black people. But he never talks about White people. He is all for 'saving humanity'! I don't care if the last non White person dies in this planet. I be more happy for this planet to be 100% White. But Alex Jones got a Jewish Wife so thats how he keeps on relying on the mainstream propaganda when it comes to National Socialism.
    Even through Alex swears and threatens live on the radio when Michael Delaney of Prothink.

    Regardless of what Alex Jones support marxist anti white groups like Occupy. Not to mention that Libertarianism is also a form of anarchism as well. Also Alex Jones got his predictions wrong.

    Its time that people get off of scaremongering Infowars site and start looking to White Nationalism. The only way to get rid of the NWO is White Nationalism! Boycott Alex Jones! For White Americans, only hope for you is Northwest Front!,_liberalism,_marxism

  2. Excellent. The shill is falling. I've reproduced this at my dedicated Alex Jones blog. Thank you!