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Friday, 8 March 2013

Day of Distribution to Honor George Lincoln Rockwell

In honor of the birth of America’s greatest National Socialist leader, George Lincoln Rockwell, the American Nazi Party is calling for a “Day of Distribution”  this Saturday, March 9th. I know it is short notice, but if you are an active White Racialist, there shouldn’t be a problem gathering your flyers and stickers and placing them in appropriate areas for the white masses to see. 

 Please be aware that if all our efforts are focused on this Saturday, it will have a greater impact nation-wide. ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda has just posted a new Report you can view HERE for more details about this event. Of course, the American Nazi Party has an excellent free flyer library for you to download and print off flyers, leaflets, and business cards and intelligently spread them around your town. If you need ideas for how to best “spread the good word” I suggest you visit this Outreach blog which has a wealth of good information and tips to get you going.

This is how things get done folks. Don’t expect “the other guy” to pick up your slack, YOU are the Other Guy! Get out there and be active, because the FUTURE of your CHILDREN is at stake.

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