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Saturday, 28 June 2014

REPOST: The Other John Hardon

Written by John Hardon

If you type John Hardon into Google you will get thousands of results, nearly ALL of them are about 'the other John Hardon'

This is him below:

Apparently he's a 'Saint' according to the Catholic Church. Why? Because he faithfully and loyally became a servant not of God (the Creator) but his Judaic masters in the Vatican. Now in my eyes that makes him a TRAITOR to his race.

Although to give him his due he did court some controversy:
While teaching at St. John's, Hardon reacted to a woman's question about his thoughts on the Enneagram of Personality. He responded with an article listing his objections to the concept, viewing it as a New Age process dangerous to the Catholic faith. 
Soon after he was summoned to appear before his Jesuit superior to speak on the matter, at the conclusion of the meeting he was informed he would be forbidden to teach at any Jesuit run institution.[6] At the time of his death Hardon had not been allowed to teach at a Jesuit school for sixteen years. 
He viewed this as persecution for teaching the faith and saw it as "white martyrdom" and when recalling it would advise his listeners that they should be willing to suffer for the true doctrines of Catholicism.[6] 
Hardon was also rebuffed by the chancery of the Archdiocese of Detroit who refused to use any of his books in their catechetical materials and he was never invited to their conferences and seminars - though he was in high demand across the rest of the nation.[6] 
The conservative Catholic newspaper The Wanderer reported that Fr. Patrick Halfpenny, vice-rector of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit had a standing order at The Michigan Catholic (the diocesan newspaper of the Archdiocese of Detroit) that Hardon's picture was not to be printed and also that if his name was to be mentioned at all it would be in the smallest font possible, due to Halfpenny's belief that "He's divisive." [6] 
The Wanderer also pointed out that at the Mass celebrating the 50th anniversary of his ordination at Assumption Grotto in Detroit, though attended by many friends, not a single Jesuit other than Hardon was there.[6]
Although later on the Judaic Zionist Catholic Church for reasons beyond my comprehension made him a Saint.

Now getting back to the REAL John Hardon (me) as opposed to the other John Hardon, I was unfortunate enough to be christened Catholic although my Mother being C of E did not agree with it and the only reason she went along with it was so that she could marry my Father (who was Catholic) in a Catholic Church which his family insisted upon (One of the rules being is that any children be christened Catholic). Of course the irony is that my Mother was already pregnant with me at the time.

So consequently I attended C of E Schools and don't get me wrong, the Church of England is now more full of more Libtards than the Catholic religion.

What I am building up to in this article is to state that ALL the recognised established religions are Jewish controlled BULLSHIT. I believe in the 'Creator', I also believe that Jesus was not some meek and mild, turn the other cheek pacifist that the Jewish subvertors of the  New Testament of the Bible would have us believe, no he was a revolutionary who rebelled against the Jewish control of Palestine, he was in fact an Aryan fighter for OUR race. People who say that Jesus was a Jew are fucking idiots or liars. He was crucified by the 'chosen ones'

Yes Jesus was sent down by the Creator to save our race and he was crucified because the idiot 'Sheeple' didn't listen. In the same way that apart from our German kinsfolk most of the Aryan peoples of the world were hoodwinked into believing that the 'second coming' Adolf Hitler was evil personified. He, just like the one that came before was crucified by the 'chosen ones'

When/if the third 'messenger' appears on Earth are we going to crucify he/she also? Or are we going to wake up and realise just how fucking evil the bastards are that are running this world and have been for a long time.

The Marxist Jew World Order is upon you now my fellow kinsfolk, if you can't see it you are blind. Search within yourself, throw out of your mind the garbage that you have been indoctrinated with and the TRUTH will set you FREE.

John Hardon

The reason I have started reposting some of my original articles is because I have had some criticism of late that I only put other peoples stuff on this blog. I have written a lot of articles over the years but it would be impossible to put the amount of material that I put on here on a daily basis if I were to try and write it all myself. Besides their are many good articles and news threads out their that belong on a blog like this, so I collate them to put them all in one place to save (you the reader) time looking around for them.
The purpose of this blog is to inform as many people as possible of what is going on from a white Racialist (not Racist) point of view by any means necessary. On the reproduced articles here (that are always linked to the 'source') I bet most of you have come across at least one or two sites that you never knew existed, if that is the case this blog is doing what I intended it to do. Knowledge is powerful wherever it is obtained from.
JH 1488


  1. Chistine Hartley in The Western Mystery Tradition asserts that "Jesus Christ" is Keltic name. The Kosher Shit that claims he was a 'jew' appears precisely what it smells to be.

    Whether he actually existed is another matter. The vitriol of the jews suggest he may well have.

  2. Just another conning jew. Rattenvolk!

  3. Who's griping that you're putting other bloggers stuff up? And more importantly, SO WHAT? The fact that you do this is what has made these pages, perhaps one of THE most resourceful websites on the net. And there is certainly nothing at all wrong with spreading the word around. Though it would appear some folk object to that. Not sure why, but hey, this is the web. And unfortunately ithe whole place is just choc full of everyones opinions..

    In fact. Looking at the comments board on any web page, not just this one. Does make you realise just how divided, fucked up and vitriolic the various peoples of our world really are. Not just our broken kin, but everywhere lies division and resentment to their fellow man. So much so that I am sure that our Satanic masters must laugh at us all the day long, while they continue to draw the lines of our division and containment so that their shitty brethren, these stains on creation, can carve up the world for themselves.

    I for one am grateful that this page exists, and you yourself, old boy, I hold in the highest regard. May you continue your work for a good while yet.

    All the best.



    1. Thanks for your kind words Herald of Albion, I had a problem with a couple of people on Skype, one French and one Norwegian that seemed to think that I have no creative ability as I only seem to post other peoples articles. I think I have explained the concept and aims of his blog above so I needn't elaborate any further.

      According to the statistics this Blog has (after 3 and a half years has really taken off).

      You are right in pointing out the fact that our biggest problem here in Britain is our own people. Just a couple of weeks ago I went round a neighbours house to watch England play the opening game in the World Cup. Everyone was drunk (me to) I made a flippant comment like 'Look at that Ape, he is a disgrace to an England shirt, bloody Niggers'. This white woman took exception to my remark and started an argument saying the usual crap like, 'We are all the same it's just the colour of our skin' I realised their was no point in arguing with a brainwashed idiot like her so I tried to just shut up but she insisted on carrying on calling me a 'Fascist, 'Nazi' and 'Racist'. I could not resist telling her what I thought of her Marxist views and brought the Jewish Question into the argument (because after all it all stems from that). At this point her boyfriend decided to join in and things got nasty. I maybe getting on but I can still handle myself and he came off the worst for it.

      We have to remain strong and never back down.

      1488 Brother