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Monday, 22 October 2012

Learning About Hertzl - Attributed to be the founder of Zionism

Learning About JEW Theodore Hertzl
“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans … The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends” 
— Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897

White man offended by n-word used by n-words

Hat tip to GTRman

According to the OSCE Norway Shows Intolerance towards Muslim & Jewish Parasites

The OSCE criticizes Norway for being intolerant towards Jews and Muslims, and claims that the police do not do enough to prevent hate crime. (Photo: Oslo Synagogue)

A delegation representing the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) spent five days in Oslo this summer to investigate the state of racism, discrimination, integration and tolerance in Norway.

The delegation's report states that they are concerned about Norwegians' view on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and warns that strong attitudes against Israel may develop into anti-Semitism, Aftenposten reports.

The OSCE also criticizes Norway for not doing enough to identify and fight hate crime.

The delegation aims strong criticism at Norway's ban on halal and kosher meat, which has to be slaughtered according to strict religious customs for both Jews and Muslims.

The ban dates all the way back to 1929, when it was decided that no animals should be slaughtered without the use of anesthetic. However, both hunters and Sami people are exempted, and the OSCE questions why the same exemption cannot apply to Jews and Muslims.

Despite the criticism, the delegation also points out that Norway is an exemplary country when it comes to human rights and equality.

During the five-day visit, OSCE's representatives met with Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Inga Marte Thorkildsen, and 44 representatives from various organizations, church communities and public agencies.

Now lets see whats going on in Noway at the hands of the 'Enrichers'

More PC Bullshit from the 'chosen ones'

Group starts Halloween Hoodie Campaign to take a stand against stereotypes

Following the death of Trayvon Martin, one group is starting a campaign against stereotypes, asking people to wear a hoodie on Halloween. The ad below, features various actors saying "I'm a black man. Are you afraid of me?" Then the same actors pull up a hoodie, and ask "Are you afraid of me now?"

NATO/ZioCons Restarting Cedar Revolution?

By Zen Gardner

Looks like the US/NATO/Israeli middle east domino plan is continuing to metastasize and Lebanon is apparently now in their expansionist cross hairs. You really think this recent attack on the Syrian government palace wasn’t another staged and covertly sponsored “color revolution” reactivation charade?


The stated plan to “cordon off” Lebanon and Syria was penned in 1996 in the Israeli/American authored “Clean Break Report” (see below) and was further outlined in the famous PNAC Report.

While the Syrian invasion by NATO and Israeli backed forces masquerading as freedom fighters continues, it was only a matter of time before Lebanon too would be roped into this engineered takeover of the region, affording another front for the take down of Syria and further expanding Israel’s NATO backed presence in the region.

Lebanon Protesters Try to Storm Government Palace

BEIRUT (AP) — The funeral for Lebanon’s slain intelligence chief descended into chaos Sunday as soldiers fired tear gas at protesters who tried to storm the government palace, directing their rage at a leadership they consider puppets of a murderous Syrian regime.

The assassination of Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan in a massive car bomb Friday threatens to shatter the fragile political balance in Lebanon, a country plagued by decades of strife – much of it linked to political and military domination by Damascus.

“The Sunni blood is boiling!” the crowd chanted as hundreds of people clashed with security forces. More than 100 protesters broke through a police cordon of concertina wire and metal gates, putting them within 50 yards (meters) of the entrance to the palace. Source

The Lebanon Gambit

Two months ago a very peculiar event took place that presaged these further moves. Why would three Arab countries publicly warn their citizens to get out of Lebanon when these types of events have gone on for years?

This was before things started heating up exponentially in Syria. Clearly they were warned of the coming provocations.

The major Gulf Arab states are almost all in on the whole staged plan. Whatever they’ve been promised for cooperating with the US, NATO and Israeli plans, you can be sure big time blackmail and strong arming is involved. Wish they’d wise up, because it will end in total betrayal anyway. That’s OK though if it takes out this wicked house of Saud and all their bought off minions.

Whatever we conjecture, this announced “spillover”, no doubt staged, was a clear signal.

You couldn’t have a more strategic move than taking Lebanon. Israeli (and NATO) military would be perfectly placed for an attack on Syria. With both of those nations neutralized, the Iran war is just a (nuclear) stone’s throw away.

Here’s the article from BBC News:

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar urge Lebanon exodus

The al-Meqdad clan said they had acted to force the release of a man held in Damascus
‘Three Arab states have urged their citizens to leave Lebanon amid signs that the conflict in Syria is spilling over into its western neighbour. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar urged immediate action after a string of kidnappings of Sunni Muslims by a powerful Shia clan.
They were retaliating for the abduction of a clan member by rebels in Damascus. The rebels say the man was fighting for the Syrian government on behalf of Lebanon’s Shia Hezbollah movement. That claim has been denied by his family.” Source
The Telling “Clean Break” Report

Like the plain as day announcements by the CFR, Rockefeller Foundation, PNAC and a host of insider think tanks and foundations, this march into the Middle East and how it would be carried out has been long foretold. One very telling document that talks specifically about how to encircle and take out Syria using Lebanon is a study published in Israel entitled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.

Interestingly enough, the Think Tank that came up with this “Clean Break” Report as it became known, is the following:
“The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS) is an Israel-based think tank with an affiliated office in Washington, D.C. It was founded in 1984 by its president, Professor Robert Loewenberg.[1] According to the institute its mission is “to call attention to the Redirection of Western peoples by Science & the Open Society-History: Policy in the Era of the Convergence of Western Elites and Islam.”

And head of this Israeli based “think tank A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (commonly known as the “Clean Break” report) is a policy document that was prepared in 1996 by a study group led by Richard Perle for Benjamin Netanyahu, the then Prime Minister of Israel.[1] The report explained a new approach to solving Israel’s security problems in the Middle East with an emphasis on “Western values”. It has since been criticized for advocating an aggressive new policy including the removal of Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.

According to the report’s preamble,[1] it was written by the Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000, which was a part of the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies. Former United States Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle was the “Study Group Leader”, but the final report included ideas from James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Robert Loewenberg, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser.” (Wikipedia)
So let’s get this straight. The sitting US Assistant Secretary of Defense is the head of an Israeli based think tank which comes up with an “aggressive new policy” to protect and expand Israel in the Middle East that just happens to get adopted and followed? With the US paying the bills in lives and money?


Look up the PNAC report and you’ll find almost the same names and same recommendations, some even saying it’s a later edition of the same report. We’re dealing with sick people here who think they’ve bamboozled the world.

Of course you do. You and dozens of others in power are Israelis. Not very subtle, Wolfy boy and co. The world is on to your ilk.

More on the “Clean Break” Report

“The encirclement of Syria and Lebanon has long been in the works. Since 2001, Washington and NATO have started the process of cordoning off Lebanon and Syria. The permanent NATO presence in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Syrian Accountability Act are part of this initiative. It appears that this roadmap is based on a 1996 Israeli document aimed at controlling Syria. The document’s name is A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.

The 1996 Israeli document, which included prominent U.S. policy figures as authors, calls for “rolling back Syria” in 2000 or afterward. The roadmap outlines pushing the Syrians out of Lebanon, diverting the attention of Damascus by using an anti-Syrian opposition in Lebanon, and then destabilizing Syria with the help of both Jordan and Turkey. This has all respectively occurred from 2005 to 2011. This is also why the anti-Syrian March 14 Alliance and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) were created in Lebanon.

As a first step towards all this the 1996 document even calls for the removal of President Saddam Hussein from power in Baghdad and even alludes to the balkanization of Iraq and forging a strategic regional alliance against Damascus that includes a Sunni Muslim Arab “Central Iraq.” The sectarian nature of this project is very obvious as are its ties to opposing a so-called “Shiite Crescent.” The roadmap seeks to foment sectarian divisions as a means of conquering Syria and creating a Shiite-Sunni rift that will oppose Iran and keep the Arab monarchs in power.” Source

Just Lining up their Ducks

Apparently the “Clean Break” report, meaning a clean break from slow, past policies into an aggressive hegemonist mode, predates the very similar PNAC report which now appears to be a “signing on” to the program by a larger group of Neocons, which no doubt made its way into the various power factions for their imprimatur and marching orders.

Specifically, approving the carrying out of the 9/11 “New Pearl Harbor” atrocities to get the ball rolling.

Nice to know, I guess. The end result is the same. A bunch of scum sucking arrogant power mad bastards playing chess with the lives of humanity.

Know them by their fruits.

Anyway, the Lebanon phase is apparently now about to get underway in earnest. I’d be surprised otherwise with all the West is throwing at their planted “insurgents” in Syria and how Lebanon would so strategically figure into their plans. What hellish bastards these people are, playing with lives like it’s a game.

Just Wait. Karma Doesn’t Forget.

Lies eventually fold and implode, just like their own disappearing, pulverized twin Masonic towers on 9/11. But know this: Our realization of what’s happening can precipitate their deserved demise even faster.

Keep liberating. Everything we do, or don’t do matters.

No pressure..;).. Just be free and it all follows!

Love, Zen

Microsoft Can Now Listen In On All Your Skype Calls

(FORBES) There was a wildly terrifying story published late Friday on Slate that didn’t get much attention because of the time of the week it was released.

In it, the author – Ryan Gallagher – lays out how Microsoft (MSFT) seems to have made some subtle and (to most) imperceptible changes to the popular Skype calling service that allows it to eavesdrop on all of your calls going forward. (Forbes contributor Anthony Wing Kosner flagged the service changes in an earlier post published July 18.)

Although it’s not completely clear, some seem to think that Microsoft may have made the changes either from or in anticipation of pressure from various government entities.

As Gallagher points out, “in June [2011], Microsoft was granted a patent for ‘legal intercept’ technology designed to be used with VOIP services like Skype to ‘silently copy communication transmitted via the communication session.’”

Gallagher tried several times last week to confirm that Microsoft had changed Skype’s policies and technologies to allow for accessing all communications. He got no response, which strongly suggests that they are able to do this. It’s also important to note that Skype/Microsoft denied the allegation that the change to its architecture this Spring had anything to do with surveillance, according to the Slate article.

Why is this so significant?
Most Skype users are still under the legacy impression that Skype communications are private — more private than even their regular old phone conversations.

If this has changed since the Microsoft acquisition, it hasn’t been overtly communicated to users. It’s unclear why, but presumably Microsoft worries that Skype’s meteoric growth would be stunted if more people knew about this privacy adjustment made behind their backs.

Since the Microsoft purchase, it has been heavily promoted to Facebook (FB) users as an additional communications tool within the Facebook platform. Yet, new sign-ups to the Skype service are also likely not aware of the capability.

The National-Socialist revolution of Adolf Hitler

Sending shockwaves of terror deep into the dark heart of Zion

“From a group of seven men Hitler has in a few years developed a party of millions. In this party Germans of all classes and denominations feel that they are a national community [völkische Gemeinschaft]; more than a hundred-thousand strong men stand ready to fend off the violation of their national community with the fist. In the Reichstag Hitler’s parliamentary fighting-force of 107 men stands as the second-strongest party.
Marxism and the Jewish-led bourgeoisie have been put on the defensive by Hitler and his movement. The entire domestic policy of the government of the Reich and of the governments of the lands must reckon with the party led by Hitler; foreign policy must follow. The whole rest of the world watches Hitler and begins to reckon seriously with the present and still-increasing strength of his movement: from Italy the leader of the Italian nation greets Hitler; in England one of the most influential newspaper-owners acknowledges the significance of Hitler’s movement and the need for revision of the treaties forced on Germany; the fear of Hitler’s awakening Germany talks in the speeches of French politicians.
Shortly before Hitler’s victory the Dictate of Versailles still seemed both to the French, and to the German Marxists and to the compliance-politicians, as an unassailable fundamental law for the political order of Europe and for the suppression of the German people. A few weeks after Hitler’s victory, not only is revision of the dictate of enslavement pleaded as an unquestionable necessity in America, England, and Italy, but in France itself a known German-hater gives his fellow countrymen the good advice to revise the so-called peace-treaty for Germany’s benefit as soon as possible. And in Germany the Marxist chief-comrade [Obergenosse] Braun must force himself to act as if even he supported a revision.”

Source: National-Socialist Worldview: Adolf Hitler’s Goals and Personality (1930)

Majority of Americans Oppose Zionist Aggression—But D.C. Puppets Play Dumb

A majority of the U.S public believes that an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be harmful to Washington’s military and strategic position in the Middle East, according to a new poll released by the University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA).

The poll of more than 700 respondents, conducted between Sep 27 and Oct 2, asked several Middle East and Iran policy-related questions. The questionnaire and results — broken down by party affiliation — can be found here.

Asked what the U.S. position should be on an Israeli strike, respondents were given three choices and a series of arguments in favor of each. Twenty-nine percent said the Washington should discourage Israel from carrying out an attack. That was down from 34% who took that position in March.

Twelve percent said Washington should encourage an attack; that was also down from last March when 14 percent took that position. Finally, 53 percent said Washington should take a neutral stance; that was up by seven points from earlier this year.

Asked what they thought Iran’s reaction would be to an Israeli attack, 70% of respondents said it was either “very” (28%) or “somewhat likely” (42%) that Iran would attack U.S. bases and forces in the region and draw the U.S. into war with Iran. Eighty-six percent said it was either “very” (59%) or “somewhat likely” (27%) that the price of oil would increase drastically.

Of course, these opinions are completely ignored by the Zionist stooges in Washington D.C., and the upcoming “presidential debate” between Obama and Romney is, according to a Reuters report, only about impressing Jews.

The Reuters article, titled “Romney’s big chance with Jewish voters” stated that while 
“Jews are a small minority in the United States, they generally get to the polls in big numbers. Several swing states are home to relatively large populations of Jews, particularly Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania, but also Virginia, Ohio and Colorado.
“Florida tops the list — 3.4 percent of registered voters are Jewish. Yet, because of strong turnout, Jews comprise as many as 8 percent of those who actually cast ballots.”
Thus, even though Jews compromise a tiny number of actual voters, the focus of the debate will be exclusively on matters which affect Israel and America’s subservience to the Zionist state.
“According to the American Jewish Committee poll, 71 percent of U.S. Jews agree ‘somewhat’ or ‘strongly’ with the statement, ‘Caring about Israel is a very important part of my being a Jew.’ Support for Israel among Jews extends equally across the political spectrum,” the Reuters article continued.

The Jewish relationship with Buddhism

Chabad lubavitch Jew rabbi’s, notorious for cock-sucking babies to death, seen here teaching pedophiliac rituals to a Buddhist Jew.
Jews are overrepresented in American Buddhism, with between one fifth [89] and 30% of all American Buddhists identifying as Jewish [90] though only 1.4% of Americans are Jewish. Nicknamed Jubus, an increasing number of American Jews have begun adopting Buddhist spiritual practice. Notable American Jewish Buddhists include: Robert Downey, Jr.[91]Allen Ginsberg, [92] Goldie Hawn [93] and daughter Kate Hudson, Steven Segal, and Garry Shandling.


List of Jew Buddhists:
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Jundo Cohen
  • Lama Surya Das[4]
  • Robert Downey, Jr.[5]
  • Heather Paige Kent
  • Doug Fieger
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • Tetsugen Bernard Glassman
  • Goldie Hawn[6]
  • Kate Hudson
  • Jack Kornfield
  • Jeremy Piven[7]
  • Steven Seagal
  • Garry Shandling
  • Adam Yauch[8]
  • Thubten Chodron
  • Zoketsu Norman Fischer
  • Bhikkhu Bodhi
  • Joseph Goldstein
  • Sharon Salzberg
  • Jack Kornfield
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Sylvia Boorstein
  • Helen Tworkov
  • Bernard Glassman
  • Charles Prebish
  • Rick Fields
  • Daniel Goldman
  • Robert Thurman
  • Tara Brach

Bernard Glassman (right) an enemy Jew who has infiltrated Buddhism, and other members of the “Peacemaker Community” sit and meditate over their deep genetical hatred for Germans at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Why Does Israel Get Billions in U.S. Aid?

The debate over U.S. “foreign aid” to Israel has taken yet another turn with the news that the Zionist Supremacist state (the Israeli one, not the occupied American one) is currently in negotiations to buy four missile boats from South Korea.

Why, it will now be asked, should American taxpayers have to pay billions of dollars to Israel when that nation can afford to spend the $400 million it is giving to South Korea for the attack missile craft?

According to a report in The Jewish Press, the deal is but one of many such military acquisitions by the Zionist state.
“Israel’s Ministry of Defense is in the advanced stages of negotiations for the acquisition of four missile boats from South Korea. This deal, one of several large scale defense deals being carried out between Israel and this Asian country, is expected to repair the damage caused to the cooperation between the two countries after Israel’s purchase of training planes a few months ago from Italy rather than from South Korea,” the Jewish news source reported.
“The deal was confirmed by a Korean source, while a source in the Israeli defense department told Maariv that several defense deals were being considered with South Korea, among them the acquisition of missile boats which would be built according to Israeli Navy specifications.
“Over the past few months, the Israeli Navy has been exploring the possibility of acquiring updated missile boats from manufacturers all over the world. In the course of deliberations regarding the multi-year plan for equipping the Navy, there were demands for escalating the process in light of the new mission of protecting the off-shore gas drilling facilities in the Mediterranean.
“Much tension existed between Israel and South Korea over the past few months. The Asian industrial giant was competing in a Defense Ministry tender for the purchase of 30 training planes by the Navy worth approximately one billion dollars.”
This then, is where your tax money is going. Surely the time has come to start a campaign on the topic?

Dutch Propose Powers For Police To Break Into Computers

from the mutually-assured-destruction dept

Techdirt readers with long memories may recall a fantasy proposal from Orrin Hatch that would have seen technological means deployed to destroy the computers of those who downloaded unauthorized copies of files. 

Of course, the idea was so ridiculous it went nowhere. Now, nine years later, a similar idea has turned up, but with a rather better chance of being implemented, since it comes from a national government:
On 15 October, the Dutch ministry of Justice and Security proposed powers for the police to break into computers, install spyware, search computers and destroy data. These powers would extend to computers located outside the Netherlands.
The plan of allowing the police to break into domestic computers and install spyware is bad enough, as the German experience shows. There, it turned out that the malware employed had such serious flaws that anyone could take control of a machine infected with it. But the idea of giving Dutch investigators permission to break into computers anywhere in the world is even worse. The article from the digital rights group Bits of Freedom, quoted above, explains why:
If the Dutch government gets the power to break into foreign computers, this gives other governments the basis to break into Dutch computers which infringe the laws of their country. The end result could be less security for all computer users, instead of more. This is even more true with regard to the power to destroy data on foreign computers; it is likely that other governments would be very interested in using such a power against Dutch interests.
Even totally law-abiding users might be caught up in this digital war:
Furthermore, providing the government the power to break into computers provides a perverse incentive to keep information security weak. Millions of computers could remain badly secured because the government does not have an incentive to publish vulnerabilities quickly because it needs to exploit these vulnerabilities for enforcement purposes.
It's not really down to governments to publish details of flaws, but it's possible they might be less inclined to encourage the public to patch them, if they want to use the vulnerabilities themselves. This would doubtless lead to criminals taking advantage of widespread holes in security, with personal data being stolen, and financial systems compromised.

All-in-all, the Dutch proposal has to be one of the most foolish ever presented by a government in this area, and shows the folly of trying to come up with quick fixes for the currently-fashionable issue of "cybercrime", instead of really thinking through the consequences. Let's hope calmer heads prevail, and the proposal is withdrawn.

Muslims can be gay for a day as long as it's in the name of Islam

Ambassador Stevens was sodomized by "straight" Muslims in the name of Islam. Yeah right. I'm not buying the "gay for a day" BS. Gay Muslims did this.

Benghazi drone filmed rape and murder of Amb. Stevens and others

UK Police Commit Assault, Tresspassing and Kidnapping in the Name of Public Safety

In the UK, Michael Doherty, a former aircraft engineer, is suing the Metropolitan Police for breaking and entering, assault and battery, and kidnapping. Doherty was forcibly taken into police custody on suspicion of harassment without probable cause for the crime.

A district court judge agreed to allow Doherty to bring charges against the police in West London for their blatant disregard for the law. After a bogus internal investigation, Doherty filed charges against the officers in question.

Two men in plain clothes claiming to be police officers came to the victim’s door. Doherty refused to allow the police into his residence when they demanded he open the door. This prompted the use of violent force by the police and the reason for Doherty’s counter claim.

The officers who came to take Doherty asserted authority based on a trumped-up claim by a commander’s secretary that she was harassed by the victim. In a statement, she said that Doherty had called the station and became engaged, “abusive, rude and aggressive”. Answering to these inflated allegations, Doherty agreed to come to the station of his own volition; however the police officers responded by dragging him violently out of his home, handcuffing him and forcing him into their car.

Doherty, having recorded the calls made to the police, could prove that the commander’s secretary was lying. After this fact was produced, the secretary became unsure of her recollection of the conversations with Doherty, saying they were “hazy”. Doherty has decided to pursue private litigation against the police officers for perjury, making false statements concerning the phone calls, and demanding the officers be fired.

According to the summons served on the officers:
You were on the property as a trespasser and you threatened to smash down a glass-paneled door which the homeowner was holding closed. You threatened and used a battering ram to support your threat of violence. The occupants were caused fear for their personal safety. You willfully failed to perform your duty to such a degree that it amounted to an abuse of the public trust which had been placed in you.
Committing trespassing, and kidnapping, the officers took Doherty without permission and therefore without warrant for arrest broke the law. Entry into a private home is by court authority with a search warrant or permission of the resident in the UK just as it is in the US.

True Horror: Doctors Paid to Inject Experimental ‘Bone Cement’ in Routine Surgeries, Killing Patients

In May 2004, a Food and Drug Administration investigator triggered a years-long inquiry and trial of Synthes, a multinational medical device manufacturer, uncovering multiple cases of what amounted to human experiments that left five unwitting patients dead. The four business-people found responsible served between five and nine paltry months in prison.

The families of the dead were only recently informed that their loved ones had perished on the tables of surgeons using an experimental bone cement. They sued Synthes’ elusive yet “forceful,” “hands-on,” “800-pound gorilla” CEO, Hansjörg Wyss, to no avail.

Clinical Trials Shirked

Between 2002 and 2004, Synthes—based in Switzerland and West Chester, Pennsylvania—tested a revolutionary product they called Norian XR, a cement which turns into bone when injected into the skeleton. The promising product was more effective than acrylic alternatives, but the FDA demanded clinical trials. Wyss and his executives, whom he hand-picked and groomed for company success, knew this would cost time and money.

As it turns out, the FDA’s concerns were well-founded. In the spring of 2002, University of Washington orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jens Chapmen sent an email with the results of an animal study. When Chapman injected Norian XR into a pig’s bloodstream, “the entire pulmonary artery system had clotted off…We were expecting to kill the pig…but not suddenly and with a relatively small dose.”

The following month, executives Michael Huggins and Tom Higgins met with Wyss. This was neither the first nor the last meeting in which all parties would agree to proceed with illegal testing of a high-risk device on uninformed patients. Market potential was “considerable” enough to incite “excitement about using Norian for vertebroplasties.”

Whistleblowers and concerned employees like Michael Sharp were at first reassured that the rumors were unfounded and Synthes wouldn’t dare flout the FDA. Then they were terminated for, supposedly, other reasons.

The Silent Surrender

By Jim Kirwan

Where are we now? Have we completely surrendered to each and every attack upon our minds and our lives, not to mention everything we thought we once owned? 

After the last TWELVE YEARS of our failure ‘to do anything’ about any of the crimes committed against us; the answer to our UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER is clear. We have become nothing but just footnotes in the lives of those that are controlling us so much more completely now than if we were all in chains, on our way to their gallows. The proof is in this fact:
  • NO ONE RICH is investigated, 
  • NO ONE RICH is ever charged
Look-back at the number of things that have been PROMISED, by the existing globalists. Note how often so many major events have been threatened, time and time again—only to simply vanish into the next news cycle without even a single-word of comment from those that swore these things would happen ‘to change our world forever.’

What happened to the earthquake along the Madrid Fault Line that was supposed to automatically kill 40 million people (for which the government had already bought the coffins—and prepared the FEMA Camps). NOTHING HAPPENED.

There was the end of the world forecast for the London Olympics; with the nuclear destruction of the City of London thrown in for good measure. NOTHING HAPPENED.

Thermonuclear warfare is now routinely promised any time there is any new series of wars in progress, anywhere. However due to last minute “something’s” - events failed to set off the promised ignitions, so again NOTHING HAPPENED.

What happened to the promised evacuation of the entire City of Chicago, by DHS, NATO and the UN, to allow a scurrilous meeting to be held in that city when the UN wanted to announce their global-control over the planet thru AGENDA 21. The so-called meeting happened, but aside from billions more in weaponry and spying on the public—NOTHING HAPPENED.

Massive new pandemics and new diseases are routinely announced, and then are quietly abandoned when they never materialize. Meanwhile when REAL EVENTS do happen that involve actual end of the world scenarios, then that information is NEVER even mentioned by the global paid-off media that simply ignores the truth of these threats. Fukishima is just one case in point, because ~


“Our survival has become everything else’s demise. Our success is measured in what we destroy, and we have become DEATH, Destroyer of Worlds ­ but not in the Big-Bang nuclear sense, although we are working on that.

No we have destroyed in increments “in a slow, gathering destruction” speeding to an unstoppable cacophony of non-existence. But, don’t worry it’ll all be over soon… …I’m talking about the very, very real gonna happen, very certain reduction in human population, to be caused by our own success: Duh - I mean ‘EXCESS!’

Let’s go straight to the top of the pops! There are enough nuclear installations on earth to kill all life on the planet several times over and still leave enough radioactive material to kill the next few evolutionary steps…

…Plutonium is the most toxic element known to biological life, it doesn’t occur naturally and humans are making more of it everyday. Sounds stupid—that’s cause it is!

But wait, we wouldn’t put this deadly substance into facilities that were poorly built, poorly located and poorly run—would we? You bet we fuckin would!

Vile Jewess ESTHER RANTZEN pours scorn on our women folk

Not just young women but our (white) young people are getting 'hammered' on alcohol and drugs because successive governments (controlled by the same breed as Esther Rantzen, the 'chosen ones') for the last 60 years have gradually stolen their National pride, ethnic identity and financial futures. Britain is now a multicultural nightmare and its getting worse everyday. These young white people have become second class citizens in their own country. This is why they get stoned because life is shit and theirs no escape without 'getting out of it' on booze and drugs.

Its fucking tragic that the Traitors in power have been allowed to do this to our children. This is not a democracy, this is a Marxist communist dictatorship. Young folk in the old USSR did exactly the same thing that we are seeing our youth doing now. J.H.


The grim image etched into my memory by a Channel 4 documentary on tonight is of two very young women staggering down a dark street, skirts riding up above their knickers, their legs splayed and buckling beneath them, while the police attempt to help them walk.

Eventually, one girl falls against a lamp post and collapses, so drunk she cannot carry her own weight, as one woman police officer says, helplessly, incredulously: ‘I’m like a mother to them all. Don’t they know the dangers?’

The central focus of this shocking, despairing documentary shot with the emergency services in Blackpool is that the gravest danger facing young girls, right here in Britain, right now in 2012, is not from a stranger or a violent partner, but from themselves.

More young women than ever are deliberately crippling themselves with binge drinking, putting themselves in real peril by fighting and carrying knives, and using their fists and foul language as offensive weapons. And I have to ask, echoing that police officer and speaking as a mother of daughters myself, where are the mothers of these loutish, brutalised girls?

These extremely young women seem so determined to self-destruct that it makes me wonder if they ever had a loving role model — namely, their own mother.

While so many girls work hard, achieve, support good causes and fill their families with pride, why do these others fill the city streets at night, cluttering up our police cells, our ambulances and accident and emergency departments, existing as nothing but living, breathing symbols of ‘broken Britain’?

Is it because they have been brought up to believe themselves to be so utterly valueless that they numb themselves with huge quantities of strong drink, spending £100 a night if they have it, drinking ten or 12 glasses of ‘Jager Bomb’ until they vomit or pass out and have to be rescued?

Is it because they witnessed so much violence in their young lives that it seems natural to them to stab or punch, and assault the police threatening ‘I’ll kill both of you’, ‘f***ing pigs’, and ‘I’m going to rip your f***ing head off’.

One officer, appalled but resigned, blames our celebrity culture. Teenagers automatically resent and reject parental discipline. Instead, it’s cool to copy ‘celebrity’ role models. An [ignorant] police officer in the programme said if we want to blame anyone for the behaviour of the girls they arrest: ‘Blame the Spice Girls.’ [Never mind the Spice Girls try blaming the Jewish owned media, the real culprits that pump bullshit into these girls heads 24 hours a fucking day]

Israeli owned firm G4S can rehabilitate our criminals says lunatic Cameron

A smug conceited Cameron carrying on
where Blair left off, the destruction of

David Cameron will today unveil plans to outsource large parts of the Probation Service to the private sector, as part of a fresh drive to cut crime and reoffending.

Private firms such as G4S and A4e, along with charities and voluntary groups, will be offered cash incentives to put offenders back on the straight and narrow. The ‘payment-by-results’ scheme will apply to all but the most hardened and dangerous criminals. The move comes as the Prime Minister makes his first major speech on law and order since the election.

In a speech being billed as an attempt by Mr Cameron to get ‘tough’ on crime, he will say that retribution ‘is not a dirty word – it is important to society that revulsion against crime is properly recognised’.

He will also unveil plans to tackle gang gun-runners with a new criminal offence of possessing firearms with intent to supply. But tough proposals to end the practice of giving prisoners £46 cash on release have been quietly shelved.

Road-rage driver jailed for beating up female pensioner freed on bail after serving just FIVE DAYS

A driver who was jailed for beating up an elderly woman who told him to watch his language has been freed on bail after serving just five days.

Usman Yasin, 30 (pictured right), received a 16-week sentence after being found guilty of hitting 81-year-old Patricia Pearson after she covered his mouth to stop him swearing at her for driving too slowly.

The disabled pensioner suffered horrific injuries during the attack in June this year and told the police the the ordeal had left her feeling 'vulnerable'.

But now she is outraged after her attacker, who has lodged an appeal against his conviction, was granted unconditional bail while he awaits the verdict. Mrs Pearson said:
'I’m really fuming about the whole thing - it beggars belief. It is a farce and the law in this country is nothing but an ass.'
Mrs Pearson, a former school cleaner from Birkenhead, said her attacker’s release on unconditional bail - which means there are no restrictions on his freedom - was ‘an absolute disgrace’.

Yasin was jailed on October 10 after Burton Magistrates’ Court heard he hit Mrs Pearson due to her alleged slow driving. The victim sustained injuries including a cut on her forehead and top lip, and grazes to her face, cheek and elbow following the incident in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire.

Savile emails plunge BBC into 'worst crisis in 50 years'

Click on image to enlarge

The BBC has been plunged into its ‘worst crisis in 50 years’ after damning emails revealed the full extent of its cover-up over the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Newsnight editor Peter Rippon has stood down from his role after it emerged that the corporation had repeatedly ‘misled’ the public over why it axed an exposé showing that the DJ was a prolific sexual predator.

And a bombshell Panorama investigation to be screened tonight alleges that Mr Rippon was under huge pressure from his bosses to drop the Newsnight investigation into Savile in late 2011, shortly after the star’s death. This was despite him being warned by journalists that doing so would cause ‘substantial damage to the BBC’s reputation’ and lead to allegations of a ‘cover-up’.

BBC director-general George Entwistle – at the time the head of BBC Vision – was also warned that he might have to change his Christmas TV schedule if the Newsnight investigation was broadcast, because it could undermine glowing tribute programmes to Savile that had already been planned for the festive period.

Veteran BBC journalist John Simpson tells Panorama:

‘This is the worst crisis that I can remember in my nearly 50 years at the BBC. I don’t think the BBC has handled it terribly well. It’s better to just come out right at the start and say we’re going to open everything up and then we’re going to show everybody everything. All we have as an organisation is the trust of the people that watch us and listen to us and if we don’t have that, if we start to lose that, that’s very dangerous.’

Below is an anonymous comment addressed to an article published on this blog 
yesterday Who does ‘Agent Cameron’ work for? It sums up just what is going on here.
These traitorous bastards that rule us, what is our only alternative ...Mort fucking Milliband! Let's hope these Savile revelations helps bring down the whole stinking scheme. From top down, you are not permitted to rise to these positions of power unless you also engage in their rituals, Savile was the evil pimp for the whole cabal of these monsters. 
First thing Blair did once he became PM, reduce the age of consent for sodomy, what was Cameron's first act, to allow these homos to get married. Meanwhile the three most common reasons for preventing normal married couples from adopting are If either of the man or woman is A smoker A Christian Or overweight. From In the USA in 2012: An estimated 19% of gay people were raising a child. Jesus wept

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Jewish Indoctrination - Men are weaklings

The video below is from 1982, notice how wimpy the men are portrayed, the women on the other hand are portrayed as strong and dominant. This of course suited the Jews that run MTV, that's why this video was plugged relentlessly by Jew Sumner Redstone and his Zionist cohorts.

So you see that this programming by the the chosen ones has been going on for over 30 years now but I have to admit I do like the song, (the idiots that were performing it had no idea that they were being used to further the aims of those that wish to destroy us) J.H.

Why Zionist Jewry Really Hates Iran

Geostrategic effects of Revisionism: the Iranian lesson

A slightly edited version of this article, with pictures, captions and additional commentary by Lasha Darkmoon [INCOG, too]. It is a far deadlier weapon than any weapon Israel has in its armory — and it is capable of destroying Israel. What weapon? To find out, read on.
“If everyone who claims to be a Holocaust survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?”
— Norman Finkelstein’s mother, quoted in Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering.

By Dr. Robert Faurisson (pictured below right)

THE ENERGY CRISIS is causing worry. However, Iran, which possesses huge reserves of oil and gas, wishes to exploit them better, with our help, and sell us the products, a procedure that would lead to a marked softening of worldwide petrol, diesel, fuel oil and gas prices. 

A good many nations have an eye on this great potential wealth and would be apt to respond favorably to Tehran’s business proposals. But the United States has decreed the boycott of Iran and, up to now, the world’s policeman has generally been obeyed.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can make all the proposals he likes: he still finds himself considered a criminal. His request for a collaboration that would let him fully re-equip the country’s drilling, production and processing operations is refused. He goes so far as to suggest that countries using the single European currency pay in euros and no longer in dollars, but to no avail. People turn their back to him. Some threaten him. Even the Pope refuses to receive him. In many countries, President Ahmadinejad’s embassies and diplomatic staff are deprived of contact with the local authorities and foreign delegations; they have ended up with pariah status.

One may well ask oneself where such radical behavior towards the Iranians ever originated and why the international community acts so obviously against its own economic interests.

Three grounds are usually brought up to explain this policy of boycott and open hostility toward Iran: 
1) The Iranian president is perhaps trying to arm his country with nuclear weapons. 2) It seems he wants to exterminate the Jews in Israel. 3) He holds the extermination of the European Jews during the Second World War to be a myth.
The first two grounds do not make much sense; only the third is serious and, for that reason, instructive. 

In reply to the first ground, it’s fitting to observe that if Ahmadinejad’s accusers possessed the slightest evidence that Iran was trying to acquire nuclear weapons, such evidence would long since have been brandished before the world; however, up to now, they have supplied no real evidence. In any case, if Iran had a nuclear bomb at her disposal, she could not launch it towards a geographic zone populated by as many Palestinians as Jews, since her bomb would kill or maim both populations without distinction.

The second bone of contention against Iran — that it seeks the extermination of the Jews in Israel — is without foundation. It rests on the absurd manipulation of a text. Ahmadinejad has had, and continues to have ascribed to him, an incendiary statement according to which the Jewish State is to be “wiped off the map”, words taken to mean the extermination of the Jews in Israel.

Actually, Ahadminejad had merely repeated (in 2005) Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1979 declaration that “the regime occupying Jerusalem” would one day “vanish from the page of time”. This was the repetition of someone else’s prediction, not a threat.

Ahmadinejad took care to spell out his phrase by specifying that, if all the inhabitants of the land of Palestine – Moslems, Jews and Christians – had the right one day to vote freely and opt for a regime of their choice, the Zionist regime would disappear from Palestine just as, for example, the Communist regime disappeared from Russia. The Western media, as a whole, have reported neither the exact wording nor the explanation.

“Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.” — “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.” A literal word-for-word translation of the Farsi: Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said)een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods(Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from). Note that the word MAP (nagsheh in Farsi) occurs nowhere in Ahmadinejad’s speech; nor do the words ISRAEL or WIPE OUT. The English translation “I want to wipe Israel off the map” is therefore much more than a mischievous mistranslation. It is a complete fabrication. [LD]
The third ground is the true one: if the Iranian president causes so much fear, it’s owing to his revisionism. He has wielded the sole weapon that can deeply worry the Jewish State and its ally, the United States.

He possesses what I’ve called the poor man’s atomic bomb. In the findings of historical revisionism, he effectively holds a “weapon of mass destruction” that would kill no one but could neutralize Israel’s number one political weapon: the Great Lie of the alleged Nazi gas chambers and the alleged genocide of Europe’s Jews.

Raised in the religion of “the Holocaust,” the peoples of North America and Europe generally believe in this Great Lie and see Ahmadinejad as a heretic. Thus they dare not defend any policy of rapprochement with Iran, or call for a lifting of the boycott, although therein lies the only chance of seeing their energy costs decrease. Doubtless some of these peoples’ leaders desire an understanding with Iran, but they back away at the prospect of being criticized as accomplices of the new Satan, of the “denier,” the “negationist” who “kills the Jews once again by denying their death.”

The news of the international “Holocaust” conference in Tehran (December 11th—12th 2006) rang out like a warning shot. By no means reserved to revisionists, that conference was open to all. Confrontation of opposing views was allowed, and it took place. The rout of the anti-revisionists was dramatic. And President Ahmadinejad, already fully apprised of revisionist argumentation, was thus able to restate that “the Holocaust” was a myth.

Bush, Blair, Chirac, who know nothing of revisionism, responded by making a terrible fuss. As for the Israelis, they are aware of the Jewish authors’ utter inability to answer revisionist arguments on the scientific level; they now uphold their Great Lie only with Elie Wiesel-style fake testimony or cinematic guff in the manner of Claude Lanzmann, when they don’t resort to novels, drama or even sham museum exhibitions like those at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem or the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.
— Elie Wiesel, the world’s most famous Holocaust survivor and — some would claim — the world’s most widely acclaimed liar.

“In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 persons to their deaths each day,” he lied. “I was always in the last hundred near the gate. They stopped. Why?” Concerning Babi Yar, a place in Ukraine where the Germans executed Soviet citizens, Wiesel wrote of Jews being killed: “For month after month, the ground never stopped trembling; from time to time, geysers of blood spurted from it.” (Reporting another witness to this miraculous event). In 2007, Wiesel stated that President Ahmadinejad of Iran had openly admitted he wanted to nuke Israel into oblivion. “When he says he wants nuclear weapons to destroy the state of Israel, I must believe him,” Wiesel said. The late Christopher Hitchens had no time for Wiesel and was not impressed by his Nobel Peace prize or his 76 honorary doctorates. “Is there a more contemptible poseur and windbag than Elie Wiesel?” he asked rhetorically. (The Nation, February 11, 2001).
Holocaust revisionism — i.e., any doubts about the official version of the Holocaust as laid down by the Zionists and their camp followers — is illegal in many parts of the world. Questioning the magic six million figure is now a “thought crime” which can get you sent to prison for several years in the following 17 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

Above are two photos of the author of this article, Dr. Robert Faurisson, after he was savagely beaten up by three Jewish fanatics for daring to question the sacred tenets of the Holocaust: namely, that 6 million Jews were killed in gas chambers on the orders of Hitler. 

To this day, not a single gas chamber has actually been seen by anyone. [LD] The Zionists and their friends are getting more and more alarmed at the diffusion of revisionism over the Internet. They make many attempts, cynical or veiled, to strengthen Internet censorship but, up to today at any rate, they have not yet achieved their aims. Throughout the Western world repression of revisionism is worsening, but it’s all a waste of effort so far. The holocaustic propaganda and Shoah Business grow ever more deafening, but henceforth they tend to annoy or tire people.

The Zionists have therefore seized the occasion to draw up a bill in the Knesset that would let the State of Israel demand that any revisionist, wherever in the world he might be, be delivered to its own courts!

When there’s no proof to show, the cudgel is used.

Herman Rosenblat and his wife Roma, smirking contentedly after having conned the world into accepting their fake Holocaust memoir Angel at the Fence. 
TV celeb Oprah Winfrey was taken in by their touching concentration camp romance and gushed breathlessly, “This is the single greatest love story we’ve ever told on the air!” Asked why he had lied, Mr Rosenblatt explained, “I wanted to bring happiness to people.” Despite the book being a proven fake, a $25 million blockbuster movie is now being made by Jewish producer Harris Salomon.*
Rosenblat’s fake memoir is one in a long series of Holocaust hoaxes, some of them even more flamboyantly absurd. e.g., the case of Misha the Wolf Girl (pictured right) who was raised by wolves and fed on raw meat like a wolf cub — a story that netted her over $20 million and was also made into a movie.† 

Nor are matters made any better when we learn that Holocaust scams are frequent, with thousands of fraudulent claims being made every year by bogus “survivors,” costing Germany and other countries tens of millions of dollars. In one case alone, Germany was cheated out of $42 million. All this blatant dishonesty by unscrupulous Jews — to quote a Jewish friend of mine — “only brings the Holocaust into disrepute and gives ammunition to the Holocaust deniers.”

This, then, is the “secret weapon” against Israel that Iran wields so effectively — a weapon far deadlier than all of Israel’s 200-300 nuclear warheads: Holocaust truth. If the truth about the Holocaust should ever turn out to be what historical revisionists and millions of other increasingly skeptical people think it is — a spectacular hoax to prop up Zionism and give the Jewish state a semblance of legitimacy — Israel’s days are numbered. It is for this reason that Israel is perhaps so desperate to destroy Iran: to silence it before the truth gets out. (LD)



* When ABC’s “Good Morning America” aired an interview with Herman Rosenblat about his holocaust memoir being made up, the producer for the segment was fired the very next day.

“The Wolf Girl,” Misha Defonseca, now claims she isn’t Jewish, but you can readily suspect that’s another lie just by looking at her Jewy picture and name. This might well be another case of the patented crypto Jew “double fake” — where said Jew is now too embarrassing to Jewdom over-all (if that’s possible when it comes to lying) – resulting in obvious efforts to disguise the fact of them being Jewish to begin with. Jew-manipulated Wikipedia and Jew supremacist sites can be seen doing this all the time, especially when it comes to any murderous Jew commies. Jews just can’t admit to anything!