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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

UK’s Muslim Rape Gangs

By Rufus

A nation is not just a geographical area. A nation is the union of the people with the land.

To the Internationalists, there is nothing sacred about land or people; both are seen as commodities to be used and ultimately to be destroyed. Whether it is the ‘free market’ capitalists, or the communist world revolutionaries, those who advocate a world without borders have no respect for the natural and healthy unity which is the foundation of culture and all which is of value to humanity. The anti-humans come in many forms, but they share the same ideal of reducing the world to a uniform mass, in which tradition, history, culture, ethnicity, etc. are all obsolete; all, that is, except for that of the ruling or bureaucratic class, which will remain distinct, in the manner of a Chosen people.

Mass migration is a key weapon of those who would destroy the natural sovereignty of distinct lands. If a geographical area can become so ethnically mixed that is cannot be distinguished from other lands with regards to the people who dwell within it, then that area cannot claim to be a nation, and nor can those which have been similarly wrecked. The alleged economic polar opposites of Capitalism and Communism, really are but two sides of the same coin, and the coin itself is wholly in the hands of its Talmudic creators. For all the rhetoric, the end result of either faction is a cattle-like mass presided over by a managing class. Whether that class is called the Party, the Directorate, or the Elders of Zion, matters not; the end result is the same, and for us outside the ruling group, that means identity-free slavery.

In every western country, mass immigration has become a major problem. The rulers’ ideal of undermining the homogeneity of the host population in order to crush the bargaining power of the workers, has wrecked the economy. Mass unemployment and ‘affirmative action’ / ‘positive discrimination’ has reduced swathes of the indigenous (White) population to abject poverty. Anti-family policies have financially broken the very foundations of a healthy childhood; all in the name of fighting ‘Sexism’ and ‘allowing’ women to work. The ideology, of course, rejects the value of motherhood, and exists solely to reduce everyone to the position of producer-consumers, with no identity other than that which the media ascribe to them through their advertising campaigns.

Amidst all the chaos of family disintegration, lack of meaningful work, and the inevitable backlash against corrupted religious groups which should have been a bulwark against our woes (but in fact have endorsed them), the immigrant population have fared somewhat better than the hosts. Or have they?

In the UK, by far the largest ethnic minority comes from Pakistan. At first sight, it would appear that the Pakistani community has done well by migrating to Europe. They are protected by ‘anti-discrimination’ laws which prohibit criticism of their religion and the antics of some of their people. They are not forced to have their religious marriages registered by the State, and therefore, although married in the eyes of the Mosque, they are legally eligible to claim all manner of welfare benefits as lone parents. Due to a perverse system of taxation which exempts religious institutions, a vast number of Pakistani homes are registered as Mosques or Madrasas, and so do not have to pay Council Tax.

Local Authorities, the police and legal system, and many other public bodies, publish literature in Urdu, Bengali et al, and have bilingual workers in place to ensure that members of the Pakistani community who do not speak English, do not have to. As a result, the number of Pakistanis who have never bothered to learn English, is increasing; even amongst those born in the UK. Many areas are now self-contained colonies with no connection with the host population other than access to benefits and services (which many have made absolutely no contribution towards). Unsurprisingly, this preferential treatment and parasitic behaviour does not foster good relations between the Pakistani community, and the host community (or for that matter other non-indigenous communities).

The Pakistani population has benefited economically by coming to the UK; but what about the non-economic impact of moving to the UK? How has relocation impacted upon the character of the Pakistani immigrants?

The politically correct system which has emasculated the indigenous population has bred a generation of Pakistanis who despise the host population. Unable (or perhaps unwilling) to see that the indigenous population is under attack from the Zionist Establishment, the younger generation has come to believe that the actions of the London government are the fault of the host population. Reinforced by laws prohibiting criticism of their antics, and with policies labelling those who do not wish to have sex with people from other races, as ‘racist’, the younger generation of Pakistanis have become emboldened to treat the host population like dirt. The phenomenon of Pakistani Rape Gangs has become a terrible problem in the UK. Young teenage (and pre-teen girls) have been bombarded by the education system and media to view promiscuity as the norm, and sex with non-indigenous people as their duty. Sections of the Pakistani community have taken advantage of the politically correct dogma to recruit very young girls into a life of heroin abuse (bought from the Pakistanis), and prostitution. As reported in the article,

‘Child Sex for Moslems’ (
Police were summoned to a house outside which a father was demanding the release of his daughter. The young girl was being held by a group of men of Pakistani origin. The police found the girl, who had been drugged. The police arrested the father for racial harassment and arrested the girl for assault. The police left the Pakistanis at the house with two more girls.

Two girls from South Yorkshire were dragged into a car and driven to Bristol to be used for sex as part of a drugs deal. When the girls managed to escape, the South Yorkshire Police did not question them about the incident. After neighbours heard screaming… a 13-year-old girl was found at 3:00 am in a house with a large group of men. The men had given her vodka. Police arrested the girl for being drunk and disorderly… but did NOT question the men.

This horrific collusion by the State with pædophiles in the Pakistani community amounts to an endorsement of crimes against the indigenous population. 

Is it any wonder that when two police women were recently killed in Manchester, no one except the sycophantic media had any interest in the killings other than the fact that gangsters in Manchester are now in the habit of using hand grenades? The open hatred of the Pakistanis against the host population is justified by the media as a reaction to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. In the mad mad politically correct nightmare which we call the UK, the Zionist aggression for profit and land, results in indigenous deaths, raped children, unspeakable brutality and discrimination against our kin; and those who dare to speak about this, are labelled as ‘racist’ by the State… and arrested by the blue-uniformed filth who enforce their laws!

The impact of a large Pakistani population living inside a land to which it has no loyalty, no cultural, religious or ethnic attachment; a land which molly-coddles their every whim, and persecutes those who speak out in defense of the indigenous population, is devastating to both the host population, and the newcomers. The youth in particular are bombarded by the diseased marketing ideology of the international financial mafia. This has led to the community elders no longer being able to hold sway over the youth. This has not manifested in a dilution of the faith of the elders, as one would expect, but has rather led to a Zionisation in terms of materialistic greed, and an adoption of extreme hatred of the Kufar. This fanatical loathing of the host population falls into the trap of seeing the results of the machinations of the Frankfurt School, as the reality of European life.; nothing could be further from the truth.

The disgusting treatment of young girls (and boys) as sex objects, mirrors the Frankfurt School’s ideology of Feminism, anti-Sexism, Free-love (promiscuity) and anti-patriarchy (destruction of monogamy and family). With great irony, the pædophiles of the Pakistani community are taking the ideology of Cultural Marxism to its logical ends, whilst fooling themselves that they are acting according to the will of their founder,Mohammed Mustafa.

The destructive influence of the zionised Pakistani youth includes their acceptance of the Talmudic heresy of Wahhabism. It is no coincidence that the majority of the terrorists of ‘Al Qaeda’ have lived at some point in Europe, where they have learnt a fanatical hatred of the ‘infidel’. These terrorists will shortly be unleashed in Baluchistan, thus taking the Talmudic heresy back to their own country, with the now typical slaughter of moderate Muslims and people of other faiths, as we are currently witnessing in Syria.

The only way that the Pakistani population can overcome the corruption which is a symptom of the concerted attack on the faith of their ancestors, is for the entire community to be relocated back into their homeland, where the Islamic faith can be protected from the influence of Organised Jewry, whether in the guise of the economic system of finance capitalism, the Talmudic weapon against the Goyim known as Political Correctness, or in the fraudulent Judaic caricature of Islam, founded by the Zionist stooge,Muhammed Ibn al-Wahhab.

Those who argue for open borders are the true enemies of humanity. It is clear that the multi-culti society is a myth, and that not only is the indigenous population suffering as a result, so are the newcomers. Decades of legislation prohibiting free speech has only enflamed the situation, by aligning those who are willing to speak out against the Islamification of Europe with the Zionist root cause of our shared woes. For the well being of all concerned, it is time to accept that the Islamic presence is detrimental to Europe in exactly the same manner as the Jewish presence, and that for the survival of every culture and people, a peaceful relocation of all to their countries of origin (or for the Jews… to Birobidjan or at the very least Israel). If nothing is done, the downward spiral within the Pakistani community will accelerate, and the suffering which is now being experienced across Europe and in embattled Syria, will be visited upon Pakistan itself, by the people who have been needlessly kept away from their homeland. Only a peaceful return can prevent a diabolical escalation in the ferocity and prevalence of the horrors already in play.

For those who view sovereignty as racism, the nation of Pakistan was founded to be a fortress for the ‘pure’. The spirit of Naseen Hijazi now more than ever needs to be evoked: Pakistan is the unity of the blood and soil, and both must be protected together. It is an affront to nature and to the freedom of humanity everywhere for Pakistanis to be outside their homeland. Those who argue otherwise are the advocates of cultural and ethnic genocide, whether they know it or not.

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  1. This should not only go viral it should be taught at all our schools. "UK's Muslim rape gangs" or to put it another way "How to get it so completely utterly correct in so many words" Great stuff mate.


  2. Thanks for your comment, I agree with you.

  3. During the last war the Germans residing England were rounded up and put in camps. The same in America where the Japanese were rounded up as they were a possible danger to America, as were the Japanese rounded up in Australia and put in concentration camps. In fact the Japs broke out of one the camp and the guards shot many of them.

    "the entire community to be relocated back into their homeland",

    I fully agree, I cannot see the difference, these people are much more a threat to our country and have told us Sharia is for England and Europe. They should ALL be removed, how it is done is immaterial.

  4. "Police were summoned to a house outside which a father was demanding the release of his daughter. The young girl was being held by a group of men of Pakistani origin"

    And so it goes on.

    The problem is that names of victims, addresses where the acts took place,, names of police officers etc are not given.

    I believe that these events maybe could have taken place. But really, it is a case of something really bad happened somewhere..........

    You have no names, no place, no nothing!


  5. Well post its tell us how to success in your mission and impressive behavioral, interpersonal. Jamea Al Kauthar