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Friday, 5 October 2012

Savile the hole in the dam of 'Elite'

Former Prime Minister Edward Heath, Satanist, paedophile and serial child killer, exposed by David Icke in The Biggest Secret in 1998 along with Father George Bush.

British establishment responds to Savile revelations.

'With all the people coming forward and alleging that Savile raped or molested them, there is little doubt as to what he was. What is not coming out is the much bigger story that he was a procurer. He supplied vulnerable kids to Prime Ministers, and was also a regular and welcome visitor at The Palace. No wonder they're running media stories/reports to draw peoples' attention away from the role that Jimmy Savile played as a procurer of children for sexual abuse by others, and focus on the obvious and well known fact that he was an abuser in his own right.'

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  1. The truth will out5 October 2012 at 12:36

    This whole Savile thing that is now blowing up.

    Over 45 years of BBC cover up, these people were and are complicit.

    Esther Rantzen the jewess married to the Head of General Features at the BBC and founder of Childline.

    Her article demonstrates how filthy and organised these demons are and her abandonment of responsibility when she was a figurehead for a child abuse campaign.

    From Israel's leaders and 11 consecutive years at thatcher's home, Prince Charles' mentor...

    The whole thing is so overwhelming and 100's from the BBC must hang for this, then go after the elites who were part of this ring. If they [BBC] can go to this much trouble to protect one filthy demon in a track suit, it really is water off a ducks back to them to spend 70 years manipulating and lying to the public of Britain about the wars and possibly everything else they 'report' on.