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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Repost: The Big Hush

First posted Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Please listen to the MUSIC on this video as you read my words. J.H.

Written by John Hardon

What is the 'Big Hush'? The Big Hush is the truth, you see you have been lied to ALL your lives. Your interpretation of WWII, the Holocaust, Iraqi WMD's Iran's Nuclear weapons and the War on Terror. And that's just for starters. I could go on about the Bank Bailouts, Over Population, Global Warming etc. etc. But whats the point? Most of you that visit this Blog already know that and if you don't just use the 'Blog Search' Widget on the right of this page.

A lot of you don't want to think about these things, you just want to get on with your little lives as best you can in this screwed up world. But how long can you carry on burying your heads in the sand? Look at the prices of Food, Gas, Electricity, Petrol uncontrolled immigration etc?

Make no mistake folks your children's future is being ripped away at an ever accelerating rate. Go to Nationalist Sites in whatever country you reside, get involved, do something for your children's future if not your own. We don't have to put up with any of this, it was planned years ago for the 21st century, 9/11 was used to kick it off to the next level, just read The Protocols of Zion. The Jews claim that this book is a fake but if that's the case how come nearly everything written has come or is coming to pass before our very eyes?

Look around you people, we have a beautiful natural Earth a virtual paradise, we have beauty in our children and the animals that inhabit the Earth. The 'Creator' gave us the greatest gift of all LIFE. Do you think we were intended to live in misery, constant war and starvation? NO! Its time to say 'I'm not taking this anymore' and in the words of Bob Mathews - "Stand up like men" 

John Hardon



  1. I seriously doubt that anyone who drops by these pages doesn't just want to get on with their lives. I myself am guilty of this, even though I know that there is "trouble at mill", so to speak. But in a world that is so very loooong on problems. Ones which are glaringly undisputable. It is also so tragically short on solutions. Seeing as any opposition is so so divided along so many differing social seperations. How is any credible resistance supposed to be formed? What is needed is nothing short of a miracle. Fore, it seems, without the appearance of a new "Hitler" figure or a second coming of Jesus. Any chance of victory over these evil scumbags is woefully remote. What I would like to see is less talk about the problems (I mean, do we really need to know that the world is becoming a darker place?), and more talk of how exactly we can put a stop to these fucking nutters once and for all. - XIV

  2. "What is needed is nothing short of a miracle. Fore, it seems, without the appearance of a new "Hitler" figure or a second coming of Jesus"

    The Hitler's and Jesus's are here, its just that we don't see them as we have been programmed since birth to believe the LIE. If a 'Hitler' emerged he would be 'Sectioned' as a Lunatic, the same goes for a Jesus.

    What you have to realise is that the world is completely controlled by Satan and his children, the Jews. Most the guys that run Blogs/Websites like this are getting on in life now (like myself). WE need young blood to carry on the 'cause'. It has to be done or we might as well say goodbye to OUR race right now.

    What does history tell us? It tells us violence works and that's what it will have to come to.

    I wish to carry on the work of our Eternal Leader and if it comes to violence, I'm up for that. Whatever it takes.


    1. Very well said, John. I am James Laffrey of the former "EqualPartyUSA" site, and now I am transferring my WhitesWillWin! site off of Wordpress (they are anti-White, of course, and deleted my previous site) and onto an independent webhost's server.

      As you know, I have long featured a link with praise to your site. It would be an honor to me if you would include a link to my new site. It is:


    2. Hi James, I am processing your request now it should appear on my 'Useful links' box on the right sidebar of this blog.


  3. If I may interject here, Jehovahs witnesses believe that the "second coming" will not be one of physical manifestation. For them, the Jesus that came in human form Jehovah/Yahwehs' first son, is not likely to return in this state again. What they do believe however, is that the second coming will be in spirit form that will cover the whole of the Earth.

    In my own meagre opinion, this is probably more than likely going to be the case. You could say that the ball has been dropped firmly in our court. We have already been shown the way, a long, long time ago. All we need to do is act upon the word that we have have been graced with from the New Testament. And let that spirit flow freely into the world....