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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Romney and the neocons court nuclear disaster

Chinese and Japanese vessels prowl menacingly in the sea around the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands as Beijing and Tokyo exchange threats. A few wrong moves could spark a clash between China and Japan that would likely draw in Tokyo’s ally, the United States, which, under a 1960 defence treaty, is bound to defend Japan if it is attacked. Half way around the globe, powerful US naval forces are cruising the Gulf and Arabian Sea to intimidate Iran. 

A clash between US and Iranian naval units or aircraft in the Gulf seems increasingly likely as heated rhetoric on both sides increases.Meanwhile, Israel’s rightist prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, keeps threatening to attack Iran, with or without US assistance. No one can accuse him of being a flip-flopper like his ally and admirer, Mitt Romney. Twenty years ago, in 1992, Netanyahu declared Iran would deploy nuclear weapons in 3-5 years. In 1995, Israeli officials warned Iran would have nuclear arms by 2000. In 1998, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned that Iran would have intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads by 2003 that could strike the United States.

Netanyahu now insists Iran will have nukes within a year. US intelligence denies this claim. Even biased UN nuclear inspectors say Iran has no nukes. Even so, hysteria and disinformation about Iran’s nuclear program continues without relent, intensifying war fever in America which is in the midst of election fever.Last week, a secretly taped video emerged of candidate Romney talking to a $50,000 a plate lunch for pro-Israel supporters in Boca Raton, Florida. Romney told the audience he could not support a Palestinian state and would stall this burning issue indefinitely. Romney called Iran’s leaders “crazy.” Publicly, Romney advocated a two-state solution and creation of a Palestinian state. Shortly before, Romney asserted at another private fundraiser that 47% of Americans paid no taxes, were freeloaders, and thus naturally supported President Barack Obama. Romney’s remark sparked outrage, coming from a multi-millionaire who never seems to have paid more than 15% taxes thanks to a shady scheme of converting corporate profits into lower-taxed dividends.

Too many Americans pay no taxes, it is true, and too many are on the dole, from 44 million people who use food stamps to America’s industrial farmers. But Romney’s comments were certain to be taken amiss, and they were. While Romney was floundering, rightwing Republicans were on the war path after the killing of the US ambassador to Libya - which looked to this old Libya hand like payback for the US-assisted killing of Muammar Gadaffi. Republican hawks demanded Obama “take action” and “get tough” with the troublesome Muslim world. 

Alas for those howling for revenge, the killers of the ambassador remained for now unidentified. So what targets were left for the enraged Republican sofa samurais? Bomb Tripoli or Cairo? Bomb Mecca, as some far right crazies have long urged? Former president George W. Bush was a great one for “taking action.” The result: the disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq, the wrecking of America’s once vibrant economy, and over $1 trillion in debt to finance these lost wars.Independent voters, who will probably decide the November election, are better educated and more worldly than the core Republican blue collar and Bible Belt voters. Many were aghast at Romney’s calls for more war, his painful ignorance of foreign affairs, and close identification with far right policies.Barack Obama may have achieved very little in his foreign policy, but a President Romney looks like he might be a disaster - a sort of George W Bush on steroids. In fact, Romney is surrounded by the same cast of far right, neoconservative nut cases that misled the foolish Bush into wars.Meanwhile, Netanyahu is lambasting Obama and getting away with it, backed by Republicans and neocons. 

The danger here is that Israel’s leader might conclude having tied Obama’s hands he can go ahead and use tactical nuclear weapons to destroy Iran’s underground nuclear facilities.The very idea of Israel or Iran attacking one another’s nuclear plants is madness. The result would be a global radioactive catastrophe, particularly so for the Gulf states. The world has so far ignored this danger. By encouraging Israel’s far right to threaten Iran with war, Romney is being irresponsible and reckless. He is showing that he is not ready for the presidency, never mind global leadership. He could end up being as big a disaster for Israel as for the United States. 

President Obama has been a profound disappointment to those who hoped he would end America’s militarized foreign policy and the Bush era’s violation of rights. However, the blundering, ill-educated Romney now makes Obama look wise and saintly. –Antiwar


Please share this video with all your friends. The world hovers at the edge of another great war. We need to remind everyone that only the bankers really win these wars. Let us stop this now.

Radio Free Northwest – September 27th 1914

In this podcast Andy Donner speaks on Northwest Migration, Harold gives permission for anyone to use his work in advancement of the 14 Words, we hear Cyndi Steele’s speech on the courthouse steps after her husband’s convictions, then Gretchen talks about working for RFN and Harold babbles on for a bit.

ANP Broadcast Sept 29 2012

The Beginning to our End?

This shows that both the Democrats and Republicans are corrupted and the only way to save this nation is to stop voting for them. Just like one of the clips says: "If you play a game with someone who keeps cheating, do you still choose to play with them or do you stop?"

Jews are in Panic – Threaten to Murder “Anti-Semites”

Several famous anti-Jews, John Robert Friend, and others connected to Mark Glenn’s TheUglyTruth have their lives threatened by Jews who have finally started to realize that their end is very close.

As Jews have their nervous breakdown, from finally coming to terms with the fact that their heinous crimes through thousands of years is finally catching up with them, we are going to see more of these irrational violent outbursts. They are going to step up the tyranny and ruthless brutal repression. Rest assured that nothing can save them. They will all be punished severely, never to return… is very clear: the uprising and final defeat of Jewry will only be rewarded to a militant and fanatic organized group of men, unified by blood. Men who gladly embrace struggle and mortal sacrifice.

Read the most important book of all time: Corneliu Zelea Codreanu – For My Legionaries: The Iron Guard (1936)

Israel has long crossed nuclear red line: Iran's Vahidi

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says Israel has long crossed the red line with regard to its nuclear program by possessing dozens of nuclear weapons.
“If having nuclear bomb is crossing the red line, the Zionist regime [of Israel], which has dozens of nuclear warheads and various kinds of weapons of mass destruction, has crossed the red line years ago and should be dealt with,” Vahidi said on Saturday.

“An occupier and aggressive regime like the Zionist regime [of Israel] which possesses nuclear weapons and threatens to launch military attack is more dangerous, or Iran which has no nuclear weapons, and stresses the necessity of nuclear disarmament?”
“If American and other Western authorities truly seek to avert threats against the region and the world, they must mount pressure on the dangerous regime of Israel through cutting ties with the regime and imposing sanctions on it until all its weapons of mass destruction are destroyed,” Vahidi added.
Netanyahu told the annual session of the UN General Assembly on Thursday that the world has to set a "red line" on Iran's nuclear program.

He said that line would be the enrichment of uranium that could be used to manufacture nuclear weapons. If that line is crossed, the Israelis say the world will have to take military action to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.

The United States, Israel and some of their allies have repeatedly accused Iran of pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program with the Israeli regime repeatedly threatening Tehran with a military strike to force Iran to halt its nuclear energy work.

Iran rejects the allegations and Iranian officials have promised a crushing response to any possible attack on the country’s nuclear facilities.

NSDAP - Acquired Buddha Statue Came From Space

 A Buddha statue dating back to the 8th to 10th centuries is carved from a rare iron meteorite. View full size image
It sounds like a mash-up of Indiana Jones' plots, but German researchers say a heavy Buddha statue brought to Europe by the Nazis was carved from a meteorite that likely fell 10,000 years ago along the Siberia-Mongolia border.

This space Buddha, also known as "iron man" to the researchers, is of unknown age, though the best estimates date the statue to sometime between the eighth and 10th centuries. The carving depicts a man, probably a Buddhist god, perched with his legs tucked in, holding something in his left hand. On his chest is a Buddhist swastika, a symbol of luck that was later co-opted by the Nazi party of Germany.

"One can speculate whether the swastika symbol on the statue was a potential motivation to displace the 'iron man' meteorite artifact to Germany," the researchers wrote online Sept. 14 in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science.

Iron man adventure

The iron man first came to Germany after a 1938-1939 Tibet expedition by zoologist and ethnology Ernst Schäfer, who was sent to the region by the Nazi party to find the roots of Aryan origin. The statue then passed into the hands of a private owner. [Fallen Stars: A Gallery of Famous Meteorites]

Stuttgart University researcher Elmar Bucher and his colleagues first analyzed the statue in 2007, when the owner allowed them to take five miniscule samples of it. In 2009, the team had the opportunity to take larger samples from the inside of the statue, which is less prone to contamination by weathering or human handling than the outside where the initial samples were taken.

They found that the statue is carved from a rare class of space rocks known as ataxite meteorites. These mostly iron meteorites have a high level of nickel. The largest-ever known meteorite, the Hoba meteorite of Namibia, is an ataxite meteorite that may weigh more than 60 tons.

It came from outer space

A chemical analysis of the iron man samples revealed they are a close match for a famous scattering of space rocks from the Siberia and Mongolian border. The Chinga meteorite field holds at least 250 meteorite fragments, most relatively small, though two topping 22 pounds (10 kg) have been found there. Scientists estimate the Chinga meteorite fell 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. The field's first discovery was recorded in 1913, but the statue's existence suggests people were mining the field for artistic materials long before that, Buchner said.

Buddha carved from a meteorite.
The Buddha meteorite matches those found in the Chinga meteorite field.
CREDIT: Elmar Buchner

The identity of the carved man is unclear, but the researchers suspect he may be the Buddhist god Vaisravana, also known as Jambhala. Vaisravana is the god of wealth or war, and he is often portrayed holding a lemon (a symbol of wealth) or moneybag in his hand. The iron man holds an unidentified object in his hand. The statue is about 9.5 inches (24 cm) tall and weighs about 23 pounds (10.6 kg).

Many cultures used meteorite iron to make daggers and even jewelry, Buchner and his colleagues wrote, and meteorite worship is common among many ancient cultures. But the Buddha carving is unique.

"The Iron Man statue is the only known illustration of a human figure to be carved into a meteorite, which means we have nothing to compare it to whenassessing value," Buchner said in a statement. "Its origins alone may value it at $20,000; however, if our estimation of its age is correct and it is nearly a thousand years old it could be invaluable."

Are YOU The “Useful Idiot” Jews Love To See?

The above image was copied from: Tales of the HOLOHOAX COMICS

Just about sums up the lousy situation in a nutshell, now doesn’t it? Some folks might say this is nonsense, but I don’t think so. I’ve had White people say to me in all seriousness similar things as our little “Debbie” above.

Ever think White people’s good graces have been used to our detriment? Have you even considered the possibility that you’ve been purposefully manipulated? Of course, television and mass media has had, and does have to this day, [have] an enormous impact on White people. Pay a little attention and you’ll see just how much TV is used to brainwash us into hating ourselves. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Don’t you get it? The Globalist, International Jews have capitalized on mass media to both profit from and destroy our identity, self-determination and racial cohesiveness. That’s right. The worst thing possible for these traitorous parasites is for us to come together and start comparing notes on them. The possibility must be kept from happening at all costs.

You simply must alert all those close to you by any means possible. The more people know now, the more people will understand tomorrow.


Let me give you a couple of examples of how much mass media affects people: Every time they come out with another floor cleaning device (i.e. those swifter type things) and run clever advertising showing how easy they are, my mother just has to buy it. She’s got a closet almost full of the damn things and only uses one she bought about 10 years ago.

Another example: For the last two years I’ve told her that her deck needs to be repainted with a protective stain (like BEHR), or the wood will start to dry rot. She pretty much ignored me (even though I’m the SOB who will do all the work), until just a couple weeks ago when “World News Tonight” with Dianne Sawyer did a report on decks collapsing — hurting drunk yuppies all across the country.

Sometimes, I think the world could go up in flames, aliens landing and zapping neighbors with ray guns in the streets and she wouldn’t believe me, or maybe her own two eyes until she saw it reported on TV. I’m only resorting to a little hyperbole.

She truly believes shows like “The View” or “Oprah” are broadcast live, as in real, REAL time. I ask her if this was the case, then why do you see commercials for a particular show the day before, or even last week (like on friday for a show on monday)? For whatever reasons, that doesn’t seem to register.

People can’t seem to fully comprehend all these TV stars, even so-called regular people on Reality shows, have a camera crew right in front of them; including a sound guy (I can tell when they don’t) and a producer walking along just feet in front of them, calling the shots and telling them what to do next. Other production brainiacs are nearby observing and looking at scripts, or in the case of “reality” shows, outlines of where they want to take “reality.”

People can’t seem to understand that absolutely any media can be full of lies or half-truths. TV, movies, even books. Believe it or not, lots of people stupidly thinks if it’s in a book it just has to be true – as if there’s some completely impartial committee overlording everything that can and cannot be printed. People laugh now about the Internet having tons of bull, but the real deal is that tons of bull have been dumped on us by the “mainstream media” since God knows when.

Believe me, I’ve seen all of this from both sides of the fence. Hell, there’s more straight up honesty on the Internet today than the mainstream ever did. Sure, there is some serious disinfo psyops programs going on, too (and some nuts), but there’s a lot of breakthrough stuff the “powers that be” hate seeing out there — especially on certain Jewy subjects.

Although I can’t go into too much background, let me tell you that Jews have no problem printing total BULLSH*T to make a buck. If you question the matter, they’ll just look at you with a dull expression, their lifeless doll eyes betraying no emotion. Probably, it’s just utter disdain for an honest Goyim having the nerve to state the obvious. It’s actually quite frightening and borders on the satanic.

One thing you have to understand is that these Jews are all not working off the same page. Sure, the majority are liberal, commie creeps (most of them voted for Obama) who are all for immigration of non-Whites into our countries, PC enforcement and homos, etc., etc. These subversive Jews have some kind of burning desire to upset the apple cart so they get noticed, or have a reason to pat themselves on the back.

Add to that a healthy dose of holocaust paranoia and media savvy, and you got yourself one truly hellish race of Nation Wreckers (I capitalize that since they deserve the label completely).

Now, I’ve had a few laughs with Jews in my time. Jews do have a sense of humor, no doubt. And they are fairly smart, but not as smart as they would have you believe. They are particularly prone to arrogance and find themselves blindsided at the last moment. They seem to enjoy victimhood, probably because it gives them relief from their never-ending daily angst and existential issues they so love suffering (often imposed on the rest of us in the media).

Sure, I could sit here and laugh while watching a Woody Allen movie, or fry my noggin trying to read another bizarre, boring-as-hell Jewish intellectual novel and not spend all this much time about these freaks sucking up the bandwidth of humanity’s attention span.

But I’ve plain had it. I can’t sit idly by, as these giant-sized hypocrites get away with murder. Often-times, even literally.

Let me give you an obvious example of the BS hypocrisy going on today. You know how they make a big deal about Libya’s Khaddifi and Syria’s Assad being murderous dictators, killing their own people? And how the US is merely trying to help the “little guy,” spread democracy and all that jazz?

If that was the case, then how come we haven’t put a stop to Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe? Just think about this wacked old Negro in his 80′s killing anyone who dares to run or even vote against him. Hell, the SOB put all his dead enemies in a hole, dug it up a few years later and had the astounding gall to accuse White people of doing it.

How about Israel arming and training terrorist groups in Iran? They bomb and kill people over there all the time. Oh, you think it’s perfectly fine for Israel to do whatever it wants to protect itself from the evil Ahmadinejhad, right? Ever think it’s possible that Iran has the same rights to protect itself from Israel?

Syria’s Assad is a big time ally of Iran. The Zionist Jews think they’ll have to go to war with Iran (more likely get the US to do it); so they want to knock him out first. Using proxy guerillas, Western NGO-trained opposition and clever psyops, they’ve turned the country into a hell hole for the common citizen by using terrorism and massacres which they can blame on Assad.

It’s all a big chess game by the Global Zionists, even if little people suffer unimaginable deaths and suffering. They don’t care.

Just think a minute why you don’t hear JACK about any of this? That’s because the people in the media and the real control forces of the Western world really don’t want too many Americans to know of this sheer hypocrisy.

These are the exact same forces behind globalization and immigration. They don’t care about White people, nor do they care about America all that much. Never have. Hell, these bastards do anything and everything they can to keep Whites stupid in the US, while they rob us blind and turn our land into a multicult piss pot.

Face the facts, White people: We’re being screwed like a bitch and not even kissed.

A brief history of the Jewish infiltration of American government, media, and finance, and how they are eroding the nation from within.

But it’s not just America, either. Canada, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, much of Europe, Scandanavia and Australia, too. Basically, every White country Jews live in (they prefer living in the West because they can blend in better).

Now scroll up and look at the guy with the “M” on his shirt on the right. Looks kind of Jewish, doesn’t he? Jews know how to play act like regular White people, while espousing the Jewish line, especially anything to do with the holocaust (often using the “I had a grandmother killed in Auschwitz” crap). The Jewish line of bull is the primary reason behind multicult PC brainwashing, even if it doesn’t make any sense – like the immigration of non-White Muslims into our lands (Whites present the biggest real danger to Jewry and the NWO).

Ask yourself: Is there any other people who change their names like the Jews? Why do they do that? Well, because it won’t be so noticeable they are Jewish, obviously enough. This race has a reputation preceding them for centuries.

Ask yourself: Why do the Jews end-up getting thrown out of every single country they’ve lived in? For multiple reasons (usually greed and criminality), the people just get sick and tired of their asses – often resorting to violence to rid themselves of this plague. Jews seem to relish the anti-Semite victimhood business and actually use it to keep themselves cohesive.

Now, couple all that with Jewish control of 21st century mass media and the Jew’s long-running obsession and manipulation of people’s psychology and innermost desires (including little Jewry). This race has literally taken the brainwashing of entire populations to staggering levels.

And it’s not just the White race at stake here. Millions of people in the Mideast suffer daily from the Zionist Jews, who have victimized the Palestinians and Lebanese over the decades as they work to create what they call “Eretz Israel,” a much greater area than it is now. Plus, they openly work at getting America to attack their enemies – not ours.

These people are not really even the Israelites of the Bible they think and want you to think. These are the KHAZARS of southern Russia, who have brainwashed even themselves over the centuries into believing God has “chosen” them to “fix” the world, while Palestine and Jerusalem belong to them and only them.

This incredibly screwed up twist in history is almost beyond belief, but so true.

You simply must step back and look at the big picture of what is being done to our race. Merely turning on the TV for five minutes and you can see evidence for this. All of you reading here sees the White race guilt, worship of blacks and social change in the media on a daily basis. Everyday, never-ending, no matter how much us White people EVER do. It’s become sickenly obvious and so tiresome. So tiresome.

Let us come together to stop this Jewish destruction of the White race NOW. Thank you.

Phillip Marlowe

Traitor Stephen Harper Commits Treason & Pledges Allegiance to Zion

Watch as the illegitimate, filthy, rotten, scum-infected prime minister of Canada gets on his knees and pledges his allegiance to Zion. These vile Jew-sucking speeches are an act of treason! Declaring loyalty and servitude to a foreign nation (IsraHell) and ideology (Zionism). When will Canadians rise up against this evil sadistic monster?

The NDAA and Obama’s secret ‘Kill List’—are you or me on it?

"Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government . . ."—United States Declaration of Independence
"Still, there seems to be a special viciousness that accompanies the current assault on human rights, in this country and in the world."—Howard Zinn
The corporate owned government of the United States, now headed by President Barack Obama, has under the rubric of waging a so-called war against 'terrorism,’ launched a perpetual terrorist war against the liberties and human rights of everyday Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow people in this nation and around the world. The U.S. police state is no longer merely coming, it has arrived.

Barack Obama now, in the latter part of the year 2012, has the self-proclaimed right to decide who, on his top secret 'kill list’ (which list includes U.S. citizens), will be murdered; without the bother of even being charged, much less tried, in a court of law. His 'Kill List,’ combined with the draconian NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), which, in relevant part, institutes in this nation, the right of the government to indefinitely detain (i.e. disappear and imprison) people (including U.S. citizens) without the constitutionally guaranteed due process of charge, trial, or legal defense are the most obvious, odious, and hideous hallmarks of Barack Obama’s first four years as the chief executive of this nation. 

Even the unconstitutional 'Patriot Act’ pales by comparison to both the NDAA which Barack Obama quietly signed into law on December 31, 2011 (New Year’s Eve), and his obscene 'Kill List.’ Barack Obama (along with his Democrat and Republican party accomplices) has gutted the U.S. Constitution, under the hypocritical and fallacious guise of fighting against the very 'terrorism’ that his own domestic and foreign policies have cynically enhanced, and continue to enhance.

Are you, or someone you know, on Obama’s secret 'kill list?’ Will you or a family member or friend be deemed, or perhaps already been deemed, to be a target of the NDAA? Think about it. Obama’s 'Kill List’ and the NDAA are in actuality political tools for the stifling of legitimate dissent in this nation and throughout Mother Earth. Moreover, their very existence serves to quash liberties and human rights.

Cyber Attack on US Banks is an Obvious False Flag

Over a month ago we featured an article titled The NWO Agenda Would Move Forward with This One Simple Act, which stated the one event that could accomplish all of the agenda's goals in one shot would be "a false flag cyber attack on Western banking institutions that they can pin on Iran."

Please watch this exact scenario unfold in this short ABC news clip from a few days ago:

With President Obama ready to sign an executive order to control the Internet in the name of cyber security, could it be more obvious that this "cyber attack" is a total set up? Especially since all versions of Internet control legislation have failed to pass in normal government channels both domestically and internationally.
Are we expected to believe that sophisticated Muslim hacktivists attacked US banks because they were angry about a movie that was produced in America? That'd be like attacking Afghanistan or Iraq after 15 Saudis supposedly attacked us, ohh wait...that did happen.

Is this really the best story they can come up with? It was so predictable that it makes it that much more laughable. But the motive being pinned on the pathetic anti-Muslim movie is the real kicker.

It's sad to see Richard Clark in the video above actually take this seriously. Talk about an establishment sellout. I call major bullshit on this story. It stinks to high heaven. What do you think?

The Government’s Lies Become Truth

In my last column, “A Culture of Delusion,” I wrote that “Americans live in a matrix of lies. Lies dominate every policy discussion, every political decision.” This column will use two top news stories, Iranian nukes and Julian Assange, to illustrate how lies become “truth.”

The western Presstitute media uses every lie to demonize the Iranian government. On September 28 in a fit of unmitigated ignorance, the UK rag, Mail Online, called the president of Iran a “dictator.” The Iranian presidency is an office filled by popular election, and the authority of the office is subordinate to the ayatollahs. Assange is demonized alternatively as a rapist and a spy.

The [Jewish owned] western media and the US Congress comprise the two largest whore houses in human history. One of their favorite lies is that the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad, wants to kill all the Jews. Watch this 6 minute, 42 second video of Ahmadinejad’s meeting with Jewish religious leaders. Don’t be put off by the title. Washington's Blog is making a joke.

Last week the news was dominated by the non-existent but virtually real Iranian nuclear weapons program. The Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu, blatantly intervened in the US presidential election, demanding that Obama specify the “red line” for attacking Iran.

Netanyahu believes his maximum leverage over Obama, the president of the “world’s only superpower,” is just prior to the election. Israel cannot attack Iran on its own without the risk of Israel’s destruction. But Netanyahu reasons that if he attacks Iran the week before the US election, Obama will have to join in or lose the Jewish vote for not supporting Israel in states such as Florida, which has a large Jewish population and many electoral votes. If the election is close, Netanyahu, a person consumed by arrogance and hubris, might exercise his threat and attack Iran, despite the opposition of former chiefs of Israeli intelligence and military, the opposition party, and a majority of the Israeli people.

In other words, the outcome of the “superpower’s” presidential election might depend upon whether the sitting president of the “superpower” is sufficiently obedient to the crazed Israeli prime minister.

That the outcome of the US presidential election could depend upon the agenda of the prime minister of a tiny country that exists only because of US financial, military, and diplomatic support, especially the UN veto, should disturb those Americans who think that they are the “indispensable people.” How indispensable are you when you have to do what the Israeli prime minister wants?

The US media makes certain that this question never enters american minds. Americans have been told that if Iran doesn’t have nukes, it has a nuke weapons program. This is what the politicians of both parties, the media, and the Israel Lobby tell them. Americans are told this despite the facts that the CIA and the National Intelligence Estimate stick to the conclusion that Iran abandoned its flirtation with a nuclear weapon in 2003 and the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors on the ground in Iran report no evidence of a nuclear weapons program and no evidence of any diversion of enriched uranium to a weapons program.

Moreover, what could Iran do with a nuclear weapon, other than use it against an aggressor? Any offensive use would result in Iran’s destruction.

Virtual 911

Canada: City of Toronto Workers Destroy Free Community Food Garden

Occupy Gardens plants in Queens Park destroyed without harvesting food.

Amid a growing food crisis, this morning workers from the City of Toronto were ordered by City of Toronto Parks Director Richard Ubbens to remove all live plants and food from the People's Peas Garden in Queens Park. 

They were ordered to take the plants and food to the dump and lay sod overtop of this most beautiful free community food garden, without warning, without a chance to remove the rare heirloom plant species or harvest the food.

The garden was planted by Occupy Gardens and allies on May 1st, in defense of local and global food security. While the garden has been growing undisturbed for nearly 5 months, with the help of hundreds in the community, the city deliberately decided to have it removed upon the eve of the Autumn Jam: A Harvest Party and celebration of sharing, community and free local food, which is happening tomorrow from 12-6pm at the garden in Queens Park (northwest section).

The reason? The people did not have permission to grow free food on public land. I come from a city and country where one does not need permission to do the right thing. We are experiencing a "global" food crisis, where more and more people are lining up at food banks for kraft dinner and peanut butter, waiting lists for community gardens are growing, food prices rising, and our leaders are nowhere to be seen. Rather they are hiding behind their desk ordering the workers to destroy whatever hope we have left.

We need help sharing this story far and wide.

We will be having our Autumn Jam harvest party/vigil tomorrow as scheduled from 12noon-6pm in the northwest section of Queens Park.

As a side note - last Monday Sept 17th gardeners travelled to Ottawa on a Peas Keeping mission for national, global food security, where we planted a free heart-shaped food garden on Parliament Hill, at which point the RCMP stomped on the plants and threatened arresting people, we removed the plants and relayed the sod.

Thanks so much for your time and help,

In Peas, Lovage & SOILidarity!

Jacob Kearey-Moreland
647 379 2324

Brother Nathanael Interview in Times Square

Brother Nathanael Interview in Times Square
I had the pleasure of interviewing Brother Nathanael in Times Square and had the chance to ask him some questions that are very important to me and should be important to all of you. This man has no fear and I must admit, as an activist, I was very starstruck. 

Running in to Brother Nathanael in my hometown of New York City, I truly believe nothing is coincidence and everything happens for a reason. We talked about hot button issues such as Zionism and a new Weimer Republic. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel

US Military Owning The Weather - Ultimate Mass Destruction

Weather Warfare

The significant expansion in America’s weather warfare arsenal, which is a priority of the Department of Defense is not a matter for debate or discussion. While, environmentalists blame the Bush administration for not having signed the Kyoto protocol, the issue of “weather warfare”, namely the manipulation of weather patterns for military use is never mentioned.

The US Air Force has the capability of manipulating climate either for testing purposes or for outright military-intelligence use. These capabilities extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes. In recent years, large amounts of money have been allocated by the US Department of Defense to further developing and perfecting these capabilities.
Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, … and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power. (US Air Force, emphasis added. Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report,  (emphasis added)
While there is no firm evidence that the US Air Force weather warfare facilities have been deliberately applied to modify weather patterns, one would expect that if these capabilities are being developed for military use, they would at least be the object of routine testing, much in the same way as the testing of new conventional and strategic weapons systems.

Needless to say, the subject matter is a scientific taboo. The possibility of climatic or environmental manipulations as part of a military and intelligence agenda, while tacitly acknowledged, is never considered as relevant. Military analysts are mute on the subject. Meteorologists are not investigating the matter, and environmentalists are strung on global warming and the Kyoto protocol.

Ironically, the Pentagon, while recognizing its ability to modify the World’s climate for military use, has joined the global warming consensus. In a major study (pdf) , the Pentagon has analyzed in detail the implications of various global warming scenarios.

The Pentagon document constitutes a convenient cover-up. Not a word is mentioned about its main weather warfare program: The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) based in Gokona, Alaska –jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy.

There are several mainstream explanations on weather and climate change, none of which fully explains, within their respective terms of reference, the highly unusual and erratic weather occurrences, not to mention the human toll and devastation, which have led to the destabilization of entire agricultural and eco-systems. Needless to say these explanations never address the issue of climate manipulation for military use.

Unsurvivable - Thermonuclear War And Its Consequences

A dark, gruesome, but wholly true depiction of the threat of thermonuclear war, the consequences, and Obama's deployment of a major portion of the U.S. thermonuclear capabilities in multiple theaters threatening both Russia and China.

Republican versus royalists: a very civil war

Despite the jubilee, anti-monarchists say their support is rising. Conal Urquhart joins their leader as he tries to rouse a revolution in the west country

On Tuesday, it was the spiritualists, Wednesday the Liberal Democrats and on Thursday it was the turn of the republicans to use the Friends Meeting Room in Taunton.

Outraged by the revelation that the Queen had questioned the home secretary in 2003 on why the Muslim cleric Abu Hamza remained free, eight republicans from Taunton and its surrounding villages gathered to hear Graham Smith, the chief executive of campaign group Republic, outline his plans for the overthrow of the monarchy.

It might seem that the last two years of royal pageantry mark a low point for British republicans, but paradoxically the organisation has grown from 9,000 supporters on the eve of the announcement of the royal wedding to 26,000 today. Blanket coverage of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen's jubilee produced emotions from excitement to warm indifference to the monarchy to opposition.

A Guardian opinion poll conducted earlier this year found that 69% of Britons thought that Britain would be worse off without the monarchy while 22% thought it would be better off.
"Most people put up with them unless it's rammed down their throat. The wedding has been brilliant for us. The royal family has a higher profile and that helps us," said Smith.
Republicans view the uncertainty surrounding an ageing monarch as a great opportunity to raise the profile of their cause. 
"Let's say the Queen lives for another 20 years – that's a big opportunity there. The older she gets the more debate there will be about what happens next. When will the succession take place? Do people want Charles or William? It's all a bit morbid and weird and it will heighten the absurdity of it all," said Smith. "The succession will be huge. There were no questions asked in 1952. This time people will ask why is this person being handed this job without being voted for."
The issue is not yet popular with the young. At the meeting house, seven of the supporters are in their 50s or older, at least two are teachers and one is an engineer at the AgustaWestland helicopter factory in Yeovil.

The Zionist Puppets Pantomime

Coming soon: the GOP's St Valentine"s Day massacre

This week it was announced that Mormon supporters of Mitt Romney are promoting a day of mass fasting and prayer to seek divine help for the Republican candidate in the upcoming Presidential debates. He’ll need it.

The question is no longer whether Mitt Romney loses the election. The really interesting conundrum is: what will happen to the Republican party when he does?

When Barack Obama’s reelection is confirmed – at an increasingly early hour – on the night of 6 November, it will mean the GOP has managed to secure a popular majority only once in the past quarter of a century. When the Democrats had a similarly disastrous run from 1968 until 1992 they were seen to be flirting with extinction.

Let’s glance a little deeper into the crystal ball. This election was held against the backdrop of a struggling economy. None of the predictions I have seen suggest the global or US economy is likely to still be teetering on the edge of recession in four years' time. Which means that the next Republican candidate is probably going to have to try wresting the White House from the grip of a Democratic party that can point to a strong and sustained record of growth. Given Mitt Romney’s abject failure to capitalise on an economic downturn, how confident are Republicans that their next candidate will prevail when it really is morning again in America?

Peer deeper. If the Republicans were to lose in 2016, they then face the challenge of defeating an incumbent in 2020. By that point no sitting president would have been unseated for the best part of 40 years. Even George W Bush managed to hang on in there. If they can’t defy history, then by 2024 the Republicans will have won the popular vote once in eight elections. At that point they’re not in a political hole: they’re a Saturday Night Live punchline. Or even more of a punchline than usual.

OK, that’s a lot of misfortune-telling. But don’t underestimate the extent of the shock wave this defeat is going to send through Republican ranks.

For one thing, they’re not just going to lose the presidency: it looks like they’re going to lose the Senate as well. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report gives the GOP a 45 per cent chance of retaking the Senate, after reporting it at a 65-70 per cent chance at the beginning of the campaign. In fact, Republican officials are becoming so worried at what’s happening to their Senate that there are rumours that they’re about to start pulling money and resources from Mitt Romney’s floundering campaign and sending it “down the ticket”.

Make no mistake, Romney is being lined up as the fall guy for this fiasco. And that in turn will create a round of internal bloodletting not seen since St Valentine's Day, 1929.

Incredible as it may seem to most outside observers, Mitt Romney is actually what currently passes for a moderate in today’s Republican Party. Remember, this is a man who had to overcome front-runners including Newt Gingrich, who wanted to build a permanent colony on the moon; Herman Cain, who ran a campaign ad depicting a farmer being eaten alive by his own chickens, and Michelle Bachman, who said Hurricane Irene, which killed 26 people, was God’s way of getting the politicians' attention.

Romney was sold – in the teeth of opposition from a significant section of the Republican grass roots – as the pragmatic choice, the compromise they had to make with ideology to secure victory. And when he loses, those activists are going to go as vengefully crazy as Cain’s Rhode Island Reds.

Anyone who doubts the reaction of the GOP stalwarts to Romney’s impending defeat should bear in mind this single, if chilling, fact. Most of them still think he’s going to win. They genuinely believe the polls are fixed. They seriously think the surge in support for Obama is nothing more than an "MSM" conspiracy. Some of them clearly even believe the good Lord himself will appear in the spin room at the University of Denver next Wednesday.

And when non of these things turn out to be true, the reaction will be truly terrible to behold. It will be like what happens inside one of those doomsday cults the morning after they all wake up and realise the world hasn’t ended after all. First the shock, then the denial, then finally the anger and retribution.

The pinko, Marxist, Obama-loving side of me can’t wait for the fireworks to begin. But there’s another part of me that’s quite disheartened at the thought of the last few moderate elements of a once great political party vanishing beneath a tidal wave of post-election Tea Party hysteria. The majesty of Lincoln, boundless optimism of Reagan, dignity of McCain – swept from the pages of history by a bunch of moon-colonising, carnivorous chicken-touting, hurricane-summoning fruit loops.

The last thing America and the world needs is President Romney. But when his final election poster has been consigned to the dustbin, America and the world are still going to need a sane and electable Republican party. Sadly, I suspect we won’t be getting one of those for some time.

How the BBC denies Israel’s occupation


No occupation to see here, according to the BBC.

There is international law, and there is the world as Israel and the BBC see it. And if Israel claims the whole of Jerusalem as its territory, contrary to international law, then it is not for the BBC to dispute this — or so its coverage would have us believe.

In its country profile for Israel, the BBC’s website lists statistics including Israel’s size in square meters, its major languages and its main exports. Shying away from giving a capital, as it does for all other recognized countries featured in such profiles, the BBC’s online editors have opted instead to give Israel a “seat of government” (“Israel profile,” 11 September 2012).

And this seat of government, according to the BBC, is Jerusalem. All of it. This is despite the fact that international law is quite clear that East Jerusalem is Palestinian territory, illegally occupied and annexed by Israel. Israel, however, refuses to accept UN resolutions on Jerusalem and continues to claim it all, undivided, as its own. The BBC, it would appear, is backing Israel up on this.

This is how Israel’s claim to Jerusalem is presented on the BBC website: “Israel profile. Seat of government: Jerusalem, though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.”

The Israeli government does not recognize Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, and so the BBC obligingly does not give a capital for Israel in its country profile — noting, instead, in its specially-created “seat of government” category, that “most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.”

The website also runs a profile for “Palestinian territories” and this gives an “intended seat of government.” Under this category, BBC editors have written “Intended seat of government: East Jerusalem. Ramallah serves as administrative capital” (“Palestinian territories profile,” 31 August 2012).

Saturday, 29 September 2012

EDL - Walsall - Police Use Batons to Attack EDL Supporters at Today's Demo (29-09-2012)

EDL - Walsall - Police Use Batons to Attack EDL Supporters [but do nothing to control violent UAF and Muslim mobs] Photographs

Story from the Marxist BBC: 28 arrests

Canada: MultiCultural Madness

Ricardo Duchesne

Since Canada was officially designated a “multicultural nation” during the prime ministership of Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the 1970s, the age-old British character of this nation has been under relentless assaults.

[See: Canadians Duped by Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism promulgates the equality of all races, religions and cultures; accordingly, it demands a Canada in which no particular ethnic group has a privileged position in the nation’s history and culture. Will Kymlicka, the most prominent scholar and salesperson of Canadian multiculturalism, sums up succinctly what it all entails: ‘Adopting multiculturalism is a way for Canadians to say that never again will we view Canada as a “White”’ country … as a “British” country (and hence compel non-British immigrants to relinquish or hide their ethnic identity).’ Non-British immigrants can retain and affirm their ethnic identity; they have a ‘distinctive group identity’, which must be protected ‘from the impact’ of the ‘dominant’ White culture.

See – The Snub Heard round the World

Of course, multiculturalism is always presented to the public through rose-tinted glasses as a pluralistic philosophy dedicated to the prevention of discriminatory acts and xenophobic feelings. Immigrants should have the opportunity to celebrate their heritages and religious beliefs as well as being encouraged to see themselves as members of a wider liberal-democratic culture. But multiculturalism contains a negation within its very essence. It protects the group rights of non-Western peoples (NON-whites) while simultaneously denying the host (Western) nation any group rights of its own.

The host culture is seen as a neutral site characterized by its provision of individual rights, which apply to everyone, and of group rights, which apply only to non-whites. The Anglo-French founders are mandated to be ethnically neutral and historically “disinterested”; representatives of certain deracinated values that belong to ‘humanity.’ While multicultural ideologues implicitly recognize that minorities have deep attachment to their ethnic backgrounds, and, in this vein, recognize that humans do have a natural love of their own heritage and ethnicity; they call upon Whites to practice historical amnesia and pretend they were not the creators of Canada’s institutions, parliamentary traditions, and common law. The historical fact that Canada was built as a nation state around a founding ethnic core must be discarded, and hidden from students.

A Traditional Viewpoint from almost 80 years ago during the 1930s:

Children were once taught that Canada was a unique nation founded by two peoples, the French and the English; later they were taught that the ‘Aboriginals’ were founders as well; now they are (being taught) to include Asians and other new immigrants in the founding narrative. Newcomers (foreigners) are coming mostly from Asia; therefore Canadians should redefine their ‘roots of citizenship’ to reflect this new reality.

In a 2002 publication, A Newcomer’s Introduction to Canada, released by Citizenship and Immigration Canada ‘for new immigrants,’ it was announced that ‘Canada is a land of many cultures and many peoples’. Other than the Aboriginal people, everyone is an immigrant to Canada: ‘We have all come from somewhere else.’ The lack of unity or a national culture in Canada is presented as a positive trait: ‘Through Canada’s history, millions of immigrants have helped to build this country.’ The heritage of the English and French amounts to no more than a set of procedural laws and institutional templates – a market economy, equality under the law, democratic representation – which belong to everyone. Minorities stand for authentic traditions celebrated for their colour and vibrancy.

Our esteemed liberal elites are also hard at work ‘exposing’ the colonizing activities of the first settlers, their use of a ‘white supremacist’ ideology as a nation-building tool, their imposition of the Chinese Head Tax, their anti-Asia immigration laws, and their continued existence as the ‘historically dominant majority’. They fashion themselves as liberators uncovering the suppressed histories of minorities and correcting ‘the mythology that Whites built Canada’.

The savviest user of the media in the advancement of Asian interests against Canada’s British heritage is Henry Yu. A history professor at the University of British Columbia,Yu accuses Canada of being ‘systematically racist’ and in need of reparations through massive immigration from the non-Western world. He is the recent recipient of two huge grants, a $1.17 million project entitled ‘Chinese Canadian Stories: Uncommon Histories from a Common Past,’ which will seek a major ‘re-interpretation of Canadian history through the lens of Chinese Canadians,’ as well as $950,000 from the Federal government to document the ‘ignored histories’ of one of the ‘founding peoples’ of Canada.

In an Op Ed piece in The Vancouver Sun (February 2, 2010), ‘Vancouver’s Own Not-So Quiet Revolution’, Yu claimed that the English language ‘stunts diversity’. Calling it a‘colonial’ language, he demanded that Asian languages, long silenced’ by ‘white supremacists’, be given the same official status. He even equated the presence of a high number of Whites in leadership positions with ‘the legacy of a long history of apartheid and white supremacy’. Elsewhere he added that the old bilingual Canada ‘no longer makes sense’. Canada has ceased to be a Western-Atlantic nation. Between 2001 and 2006, the top four places of births for immigrants were in Asia; the five largest Canadian cities are heavily populated by Chinese ‘migrants’. ‘In Vancouver — Canada’s third largest city — the visible minority is White.’ This ‘new Pacific Canada’, he observed, marks a return to a Canada originally Pacific. The ‘dominance of white supremacy in immigration policy’ between the 1920s and 1960s disrupted this founding “Pacific orientation“.

(See more on this Opposing Editorial by Henry Yu: Embolden Minorities Eye Canada)

Yu relies on two meagre facts to support these claims: Asians built portions of the transcontinental railroad in the late 19th century, and the Chinese proportion of the population in British Columbia in 1901 was 10 per cent. The truth is that Chinese immigrants have played a microscopic role in Canada’s history.

In 1901 — 96% of the Canadian population was European in origin; there were only 17,043 Chinese immigrants (born outside Canada) relative to a population of 5.3 million people.

Vancouver – with the highest Chinese proportion throughout Canada’s history — was virtually a White European city from its beginnings in the 1870s up to the 1980s. In the 1950s, when the city had been fully developed into a metropolis, the British accounted for about 75% of the population, and other Europeans accounted for about 18%, whereas the Asian proportion (Chinese and Japanese) accounted for only 3 or 4%.

Vancouver, British Columbia circa 1950:

Patricia Roy’s Vancouver, An Illustrated History (1980), exhibits a city that was overwhelmingly British in its architectural landscape, notwithstanding its Chinatown and Little Tokyo. The sports, the education, the legal system – every institution was British. The Founding Fathers, the Mayors, the magistrates, the school trustees, the chief constables, the physicians, the presidents of the Board of Trade were all British descendants.

The famed British sociologist Anthony Giddens calls Canada ‘quintessentially an immigrant society’. This is totally untrue. The British and the French were settlersnot immigrants. They did not move from one country to another; they were the creators of a new country ex nihilo, out of a wilderness. The Aboriginals were here first, but they did not create Canada.

Canada’s aboriginal population, living in tribal groups, reacted to, rather than participated in, the creation of a new civilization in a massive continental landmass barely occupied. Indeed the nation-state called Canada is British. The French certainly created the colony of New France (Quebec), but the Canadian nation-state with its economic infrastructure across the country, and the majority of settlers and homestead farmers, were British. All Canadians, regardless of ethnic origin, are the beneficiaries of a British civilization.

‘The city (Vancouver) has changed irrevocably in the last 20 years’, Yu says. It has. The total number of Chinese in Vancouver in 1951 was still a meagre 8,729, in a population of roughly 345,000; in 1971, it had increased to 30,640. During the 1980s — the entire Third World was invited to come to Canada. Consequently, by the mid-1990s, the Chinese population in Vancouver suddenly shot up to 300,000, out of a total population of 1.8 million. The population with British ethnic origins was reduced to 35.9% by 2006, whereas the Asian population climbed to 42 per cent. ‘In Vancouver’, Yu says euphorically, ‘you can’t go to a neighbourhood now where Chinese aren’t living in significant numbers. It’s incredible.’

Before this invasion, Vancouver was a jovial city, with a strong sense of community and family life. YouTube videos show Vancouverites enjoying life in the city’s parks in the 1940s or 1960s; harmoniously, with occasional pictures of (happy) Asian children – those days are gone. ‘Vancouver is clearly an Asia Pacific city now’, says pollster Angus Reid, Canada’s most prominent public opinion surveyor. The landscape has undergone a massive transformation — unprecedented in the history of cities.

However, the legacy of the past is still visible, creating a bi-polar atmosphere, with a purely market-driven Asian side, dictated by external forces and controlled by (foreign) Chinese millionaires, and a European side standing for tradition(al) Britishness, and Vancouver — as it once was. The controversy over the ‘monster houses’ associated with Chinese real estate activities in the 1990s – a phrase prohibited in polite talk – accurately represents the huge, uniform and soul-less houses that replaced the old European-style homes.

Yu describes present-day Vancouver as ‘a global city that is one stop within the Pacific world, with two-thirds of male “Canadians” of Hong Kong origin between the ages of 25 and 40 living and working outside Canada.’ For these Pacific trotters, Canada is a place in which alien businessmen have equal rights to make use of its better educational opportunities, exploit advanced medical treatment, and avoid the pollution they create back home. Coming from a background in which corruption is endemic with officials operating like Mafia dons, regularly embezzling funds and sending the money to family members abroad, these migrants covet Canada’s fresher pastures. A 2011 survey showed that more than half of China’s millionaires are either considering emigrating or have already completed their immigration applications, of which 37 per cent of the respondents wanted to emigrate to Canada.

Our immigrants generally come from cultures which — by our standards — are not merely il-liberal but vulgarly racist. The works of Frank Dikötter on Chinese racism are worth considering. In The Discourse of Race in Modern China (1992), he reveals how traditional Chinese notions about inferior ‘barbarians’ intermingled with Nazi forms of ‘scientific’ racism to form a distinctively Chinese racial consciousness in the 20th century. In Imperfect Conceptions: Medical Knowledge, Birth Defects, and Eugenics in China (1998), Dikötter references government publications calling for eugenics as a vital tool in the enhancement of the ‘biological fitness’ of the nation, and heralding the twenty-first century as an era to be dominated by ‘biological competition’ between the ‘white race’ and the ‘yellow race’. M Dujon Johnson’s Race and Racism in the Chinas: Chinese Racial Attitudes towards Africans and African-Americans (2007), focuses on a series of incidents during the 1980s and 1990s, including one in which thousands of Chinese students set about destroying the dormitories of African students in Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, shouting ‘Kill the black devils!’ Johnson writes, ‘[my experience] demonstrated how life in Chinese society is racially segregated and in many aspects similar to a system of racial apartheid.’ Recently, NBC News reported (May 16, 2012) that ‘racial discrimination is a harsh reality within China’s ESL (English as a second language) industry’, where having a White face is a near-absolute requirement.

Ethnic minorities in China are treated as 2nd-class citizens. Tibetans are routinely described as lazy, ignorant, and dirty. Han migration to Tibet is destroying their heritage; Han companies dominate the main industries, and the Chinese get the best jobs. The province of Xinjiang – nominally an autonomous region — is likewise being flooded with Han migrants. In 1949, Han Chinese amounted to only 5% of Xinjiang’s population; today they are up to 41 per cent. Urumqi, the capital city, consists of 75 per cent Han Chinese, of the 2.5 million inhabitants. The average Chinese views the natives from Xinjiang as backward and as ungrateful for not appreciating the modern infrastructure bestowed upon them by the Han. In the summer of 2009, this region saw violent riots by 2,000 to 3,000 thousand Uighur workers and Xinjiang separatists, in which approximately 150 Han Chinese were killed. The Communist reprisals were swift; the policy of Sinicization was intensified; in May 2010 Beijing announced a new development strategy to pour $1.5 billion into the region, encourage the migration of more Han Chinese businessmen, together with a ‘love the great motherland, build a beautiful homeland’ patriotic education campaign that aimed to indoctrinate the Uighurs that ‘ethnic minorities are inseparable from the Han’.

^See: Racist Chinese Attack Minority Child

Multiculturalism calls upon Canadians to ‘never again view Canada as a White [or] a British country’. This command has been thoroughly implemented in Vancouver. No one is allowed to call the city British. Anti-racist campaigns, regularly directed at Whites, are enforced in the schools and workplaces. While the founders have been dispossessed, the Chinese migrants have been encouraged to celebrate their ethnic identity.

How about some answers to these run of the mill questions: How can one argue that Han Chinese migration into Canada — is a wonderful act of diversity — when most of the ‘migrants’ come from places where diversity is suppressed and Han supremacist ideas are officially sanctioned? Why are ‘Anglo’ people the only ones disallowed from retaining their ethnic identity and ancestry? Why is the dismemberment of Anglo heritage, history, and ancestry in Canada viewed as progressive, and its affirmation as xenophobic? Can we interpret Han migration into Vancouver — in combination with multiculturalism and the continuous campaigns against white racism — as a form of Sinicization? Why are Whitesthe only people on the planet – expected to accept diversity and massive immigration? Why is everyone assuming that pride, loyalty, and affection for Canada’s European heritage are incompatible with the liberal-democratic values Europeans developed?

(Is Burlington TOO White?

WHITE Males Need NOT Apply!

Canadian City Abhors “White Privilege”)

Indeed, why is it that — not just within Canada, but across the world — the greatest intellectual movement in history, the European Enlightenment, that extraordinary flash of moral vision which rescued billions (of people) from ignorance, hunger, disease, slavery, anarchy and despair, (thus) creating the very opulence and freedom its critics (now) bask in — has become the latter’s target? Perhaps in their hearts, like all colonialists, they are terrified of democracy — the voice of the people. H/T >

Ricardo Duchesne, is Professor of Sociology at the University of New Brunswick (Canada), and author of The Uniqueness of Western Civilization (2011)

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Gay-centric high school proposed

Toronto is proposing a gay centric school.

A new, gay-centric high school could be in the works as members of Toronto's LGBT community considered the plan on Wednesday evening.

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They already have an Afro-Centric school:

It’s small — only six Grade 9 students so far instead of the 60 it was hoping for — but the province’s first public Africentric high school program has started at Winston Churchill Collegiate in Scarborough

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