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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Myth Or Madness - Race Does Not Exist?

Does this picture make you feel sick? Well it does me!

Whenever a skeleton is found, the Police will call in a specialist Forensic Pathologist, who is able to, amongst other things, identify what race the skeleton belonged to. For example, there are (apparently) 19 identifying structures in a Human skull which can tell a specialist, with a high degree of accuracy, what race that the original owner of the skull belonged to. So, the question is: if race does not exist, why are Forensicist's so good at identifying them?.


Written by Southwest Nationalist

Race does not exist. That's Deborah Orr's great revelation and conclusion, writing in the Guardian.

"....nationality actually exists, while race, let's face it, doesn't" she says in an article titled "The myth of 'race' was invented by racism, and racism keeps it growing".

We're all one big, happy, human race. Individual races are merely artificial constructs to divide us. Best we just ignore such obvious perils as physiological or intellectual differences, not to mention other inconvenient facts such as certain racial groupings being susceptible to/carrying certain diseases in their genes.

To support this theory, bring on the wisdom of John Barnes. Yes, that John Barnes, the one who was sorely wasted on the football pitch when he should have been writing deep and enlightening treatises on race which would no doubt have revolutionised current thinking.

His gems, quoted in the Guardian article, include "Race is not a scientific reality", and that race was created "by governments, backed by the Church, to validate slavery and colonialism, to justify treating some people as less equal than others".

It's all just a conspiracy to keep a brother down, eh John?.

At any rate, the gist of Deborah Orr's article seems to be that racism created race and that in order to eliminate racism we must desist "from talking as if we accept the racist's idiotic premise, that there's a single soul on the planet of a different "race" to ourselves".

Race, which does not exist, is to be abolished to get rid of the racism which created the racist concept of race. D'oh, there's a confusing mishmash of madness straight out of the idiot liberal handbook.

Tempting as it is to just dismiss all this as the insane rantings of a liberal, it's actually worth considering what would happen if it gained credence. After all that's quite possible in a society hysterical about race, even if it would actually not result in all races being abolished but would be far more selective.

We've been told a lot recently by various mainstream sources that the white race, the indigenous British, don't really exist. We're energetic mongrels, the product of immigration, blah de blah. You don't see any mainstream outlet presenting such dubious and questionable theories as facts about any other racial group, do you?

Our existence, yours and mine, as a racial group is already called into doubt and under attack.

What we'd see with the abolition of race as an accepted reality is the forcing on to white people of the concept that the white race does not exist. Of course it would be executed more subtly than that, but that's what it would amount to. Whites would be expected to lead by example and abolish themselves - as indeed it seems we are doing right now.

Whilst that goes on, we'd still continue spending a fortune promoting the interests of other races in the UK, and they'd still - of course, and quite wisely - continue to wish to remain a race, and seek to further their race and their own interests.

It's easy to see where that ends up - it ends with the end of the white race.

No other race on earth would be as idiotic as to first of all put all other races before its own interest, and then to abolish itself in the interests of some insane equality drive. No race other than us that is, being danced into extinction like a puppet on a string.

Even were Orr's idiot assumptions regarding the non-existence of race utterly true, the end result of adopting them would be the same - no race other than us would be idiotic or suicidal enough to delete itself from existence in the name of some mono-racial world where race and racism are to be eradicated in some horrendous melting pot which, if realised, would destroy all peoples.

We'd abolish ourselves, and that vacuum would be seized upon and occupied by another racial group with more sense, and less crazed liberal ideas than those which have been foisted on us. Then again it could well be that this is the true goal, ably assisted by useful idiot white liberals like Deborah Orr.


Hardons comment:

Race mixing between Caucasians and Negroes is tantamount to bestiality. 

Would you be happy if your daughter married the guy on the right? To produce half-caste kids and destroy your genetic code which took thousands of years to develop. No of course you wouldn't unless you were one of 'Gods chosen ones' that adheres to fact that this is all part of the plan.

The children of such unions have no real identity or belonging, they are lost, in some ways they are the victims of this vile NWO experiment.

Make NO mistake they want a world of 'Mud' slaves to serve the super rich that sit in judgement in their Ivory Towers, they do not want any racial identity among the masses, no National Pride just a hoard of of 'muds' that will shortly become slaves to them.

You thought you had problems when they mass induced Indians and Pakistani's into Britain? Well that was just the beginning, now they are flooding our country with Somalians and other sub-human species from the continent of Africa to finally wipe the White race out. 

Its no good blaming the worthless arse holes that come here tempted by our glorious Benefits System that is slanted in their favour while true Brits suffer, its all part of the plan. Anyone that votes Lib/Lab/Con is prescribing  their own destruction.

John Hardon

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