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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


A group that makes Pinocchio look honest. TSA officials are seemingly unable to the tell the truth. The lies against Rand Paul following his most recent encounter with TSA goons only serves as yet another example of blatant lies and rampant corruption from the Homeland Security-branch agency dedicated to disavowing the Bill of Rights and dismantling the economy and spirit of America-- all under the pretext of fighting a foreign enemy.

From lies about the harmful radiation of the body scanners, to the dishonesty about groping children and the elderly, to lies about the false flags that dictate future policy, to the disregard for employee and passenger safety and much more, TSA has used deception at every turn to undermine travel, tourism and the American way.

US war-murders end when US War Criminals arrested

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi’s 4-minute speech powerfully communicates what US wars are: criminal Wars of Aggression.

The US mass-murders of millions of our brothers and sisters ends when critical mass of Americans understand anddemand the arrests and removal from power of US War Criminals.

The wars of today are all based on lies. The wars of yesterday are all based on lies. They are not close to lawful.

The war of tomorrow in Iran is hyped on lies (here, here) and a history of US War Crimes on Iran (helpful analogy here). It has no basis in law, and likely will be foisted upon Americans under the lie of a false-flag attack.

It can end now. US military can, and should, take a leadership role to restore the US to the ideal of unalienable rights under just law.

“Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals engendered by both. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”
– James Madison, "Political Observations" (1795-04-20); also in Letters and Other Writings of James Madison (1865), Vol. IV, p. 491.
Note: legally, the crime of US wars is Crimes Against Peace, or War of Aggression; the initiation of wars of choice and in violation of US treaties authorized by the US Constitution as US “Supreme Law.” The term, “War Crime” has a legal meaning of criminal acts during war. I choose terms that I feel most efficiently and effectively communicate the US’ 1% mass-murdering in order for the 99% to recognize and end these crimes.


They didn't listen to the people.

Well, Israel certainly wants war! But that is Israel. Why would the US Congress, which supposedly exists to serve the will of the AMERICAN people, be obeying the will of Israel?

Well, maybe because Israel's PACs, including lobbying/spying organization AIPAC, are PAYING THEM TO!(And may have used money looted from American investors by Bernie Madoff to do it!)

You heard me. Members of AIPAC, the organization suspected of spying for Israel, donate vast sums of money to the members of US Congress. And the US Congress has sold our young men and women in uniform to go off and fight and die in wars Israel has created.

So, here is what you need to do. You need to call all of your congressional representatives and tell them they can either work for AIPAC, or they can work for you, but you will not tolerate a Congress that accepts money from suspected spies of a foreign government and then quite obviously proceeds to serve the will of that government. Tell them that not only will you never again vote for any Congressman that accepts money from Israeli agents but that you intend to work for and support their opposition next election. Tell them better no government at all than a government that serves a foreign power.

Get angry.

Who is Congress listening to? It is time to make certain Congress listens to you!

"If The Government Calls You A Terrorist They Can KILL YOU & The Rest Of Us Take Their Word For It!" - RT

The Billionaire Boychik Behind Newt Gingrich

The rat-faced little Jew with
Bibi Netanyahu  in the country
where Adelson's true loyalty

ALTHOUGH IT ALWAYS sounded kind of gay to me, “Boychik” is the funky, yiddishy term of endearment that fellow Jews have for their rich-as-hell billionaires. One of the wealthiest Jew boychiks out there is a smiling, liver-spotted old Jew rat named Sheldon Adelson. Forbes called him the third richest man in America back in 2008/09 and is now currently rated the 8th richest “American,” but that’s surely a nebelous description when it comes to Jews.

Adelson is spending tons of his moolah pushing Newt Gingrich right now. Hell, the self-described historian and major league phony ”conservative” Gingrich would be be history without this creep. And it’s not only him – Adelson’s wifey-poo, Miriam (an Israeli Jew, on the left above), ponyed up another 5 million smackers, too. The woman sure must get some hell of an allowance.

Sheldon is a psycho Zionist who fully appears to want to kill off all the Palestinians, by himself, if he could. Like most subversive and Zionist Jewry nowadays, he’s a traitor to America, telling an Israeli audience that he regrets wearing the uniform of an American soldier instead of Israel’s army (the IDF). Chances are, the little old Jew creep only served in some safe place way behind the lines when he did his stint, anyway.

He has one daughter who has already served in Israel’s army and one son on the way. Adelson hopes the boy will grow up to be a sniper for the IDF since his hobby is shooting. And you know he just has to hate the Palis as much as dear old dad — some murderous, richy rich traitor family, huh?

Adelson says another possibility for the boy would be piloting drones since he’s so good at video games, too. Typical. Another stinking coward Jew pushing a button to kill a Palestinian family from out of the blue with a Hellfire missile, all the while safely ensconced somewhere clean and comfortable back in Tel Aviv. I’ll look for a picture of the son and drop in here if I can find one. In the meantime just imagine a snarling, little rat-faced brat.

Boychik Adelson’s dough is why the republican primaries are now so effed up. No doubt whatsoever. Adelson is paying the expensive freight for super PAC TV commercials touting Newt, while kicking Mormon Mitt in the balls. Newt is kissing major Jew ass for it all; telling everyone America is going to kick Iran’s ass just as soon as he sits his fat ass down in the oval office on January 20th, 2013.

Of course, all this tough talk out of Gingrich, means equally hopped-up tough talk out of Mitt Romney and Rick Roll Sanitorium. The only guy not playing along is the only real patriot running, Dr. Ron Paul, but the media is hardly ever mentioning him, except to openly hope he drops out.

Last week, Zio suckup, Eric Bolling of FOX, had on Goy Boychik, Jack Welch (former CEO of General Electric) and his Jew wife handler, Suzy Strumpet (nee Wetlaufer), to talk about “what to do with” Ron Paul. What a sickening, condescending piece of crap Jew media moment.

It was so disgusting on so many levels. Basically, the two suggest “gently letting down” Paul, lest his fanatical supporters get too bunged up. To head off trouble at the convention, they kindly offer that Paul should be allowed a speech during prime time. And if that’s not enough, maybe even give him an “advisory” position in the newly-won republican White House. Wow. Surely any politician would love that!

Adelson loves it when Gingrich talks dirty. A few weeks ago, Newt created a bit of a stir-up when he declared (probably the day after Adelson’s check cleared), the Palestinians were an “invented people.” That’s all so rich since Adelson is an Ukrainian Jew, certainly an Ashkenazi Khazar — ironically, a truly invented people, never having a real nation until they stole Palestine and NOT even descended from the Israelites of the Old Testament, as they try to tell everyone.

Adelson spends tons on all the Jew stuff. He donated 25 million to Yad Vashem, Israel’s sacred shrine to the holocaust hoax and where all US politicians eventually have to make a pilgrimage to, so they can act all tearful and sad. He gave 100 million to Taglit-Birthright Israel, an organization that pays for already rich American Jew kids to have really nice summer vacations in Mother Israel, just so they can learn to be good traitors for the rest of their parasitical lives back in America.

He’s also best buds with Likud right wingers in Israel, like Bibi Netanyahu.

You might think this guy would be a “conservative” back here. But no, like virtually all your subversive Jews, Adelson’s a big pinko when it comes to liberal social issues (except for profit-destroying worker unions that him and Newt worked to bust up back in the 1990′s).

And you might think there’s a disconnect going on since Gingrich goes around telling everyone he’s the only true conservative running; truth of the matter is that Newt is one giant-sized phony, lying his ass off left and right, going along with democrats on everything from Obama’s health care, to amnesty efforts for illegals, to NWO globalization — stealing jobs from American citizens.

Sheldon Adelson’s a big pro fag, too, marketing his hotels to homos and gay groups so they can get all buttered up back their rooms after blowing wads of cash downstairs in the casino.

Adelson is also corrupt, but that pretty much goes without saying, being a stinking rich rat Jew. His Sands Casino corporation, probably the largest gambling operation in the world, is under investigation for a wide variety of things, like bribing Chinese officials to look the other way as Chinese mobsters, the “Triads,” have big time gambling and sex vacations at his swanky casino on Macau island near Hong Kong.

Evidently the place is swarming with hookers. They once busted the place and arrested over a hundred high priced whores (no, Gingrich wasn’t one). One of Adelson’s Jew managers, Steven Jacobs, reports Adelson told him to keep his mouth shut and is now suing to get his Jew beek a little wet.

Now, just stop a second if you’re new to the “Jew Question” and have enough backbone to think something out here: What if anyone not a Jew just dropped 10 mill on a political campaign and had so much dirt — don’t you possibly think we would hear about it in the media? Just imagine if the guy was a Muslim?

I mean really. Doesn’t all this prove to you the extent of control these lousy Jews have over America?

Man, I can’t stand these lousy Jews.

– Phillip Marlowe

Canada bends over and spreads them for Israel

Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, lays a wreath at the Hall of Remembrance at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, in Jerusalem, Monday, Jan. 30.

JERUSALEM—Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird kicked off his first full day in Israel by attending the opening of a new Holocaust education facility in Jerusalem. Baird says the new seminars wing of the International School for Holocaust Education at Yad Vashem will play a key role in ensuring humanity doesn’t forget the lessons of genocide. And he says Israel has no better friend in the world than Canada.

Baird and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will spend the next several days visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories.

The campus holds seminars each year for educators from 55 countries around the world and Israel, and develops country-specific and custom-made tools for different age groups in more than 20 languages.

Jewish philanthropist Joseph Gottdenker, himself a  [yet another] Holocaust survivor, says Yad Vashem gives a voice and a name to each person who perished, “and restores to them the dignity of living history. “Holocaust education enables us to remember the lessons of the past and provides guidance to a more tolerant, hopeful and brighter future,” Gottdenker said.

In 2011, the school hosted 67 seminars for educators and lay leaders around the world, twice the numbers held in recent years.

Baird, a black skull cap perched on his head, emphasized the importance of Yad Vashem and its new 4,100-square-metre facility in documenting and teaching the lessons of the Holocaust.

“There is no better friend to Israel than Canada,” Baird said. “We shall always be there for you, and in front of you.”

Canada: Corporations Have No Use for Borders

What happened to Canada? It used to be the country we would flee to if life in the United States became unpalatable. No nuclear weapons. No huge military-industrial complex. Universal health care. Funding for the arts. A good record on the environment.

But that was the old Canada. I was in Montreal on Friday and Saturday and saw the familiar and disturbing tentacles of the security and surveillance state. Canada has withdrawn from the Kyoto Accords so it can dig up the Alberta tar sands in an orgy of environmental degradation. It carried out the largest mass arrests of demonstrators in Canadian history at 2010’s G-8 and G-20 meetings, rounding up more than 1,000 people. It sends undercover police into indigenous communities and activist groups and is handing out stiff prison terms to dissenters. And Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a diminished version of George W. Bush. He champions the rabid right wing in Israel, bows to the whims of global financiers and is a Christian fundamentalist.

The voices of dissent sound like our own. And the forms of persecution are familiar. This is not an accident. We are fighting the same corporate leviathan.

“I want to tell you that I was arrested because I am seen as a threat,” Canadian activist Leah Henderson wrote to fellow dissidents before being sent to Vanier prison in Milton, Ontario, to serve a 10-month sentence. “I want to tell you that you might be too. I want to tell you that this is something we need to prepare for. I want to tell you that the risk of incarceration alone should not determine our organizing.”

The Isles of Wonder

Written by Southwest Nationalist

The opening ceremony for the London Olympics is to be called "The Isles of Wonder", and apparently artistic director Danny Boyle was inspired by a quote from Shakespeare's Tempest, "Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises".

With that in mind, here we present a possible preview of the film to accompany the event, a piece of cinematography which cannot but fail to represent what Britain has now become and leave people to indeed wonder about these isles.

[There'll Always Be An England plays as the film opens]
The camera pans along a shopping area, some shops still boarded up and showing fire damage from the recent riots. We zoom along a bustling street, rich in diversity - someone with good eyesight can count 7 white faces among thousands of people from all corners of the earth. 
Swiftly panning left, we see a Victorian terraced house, and the camera passes through the overgrown garden and in through the front window. Up the stairs and we pass over a frail white lady lying on the floor. She appears not to be breathing. 
Zooming in on a thermometer on the wall we see the temperature is 2 centigrade.
Out of the bedroom window, over a weed tangled garden, through the garden gate and along a long alleyway strewn with uncollected refuse bags where flies buzz and vermin roam until we're back on a main street. 
We fly by a 'Sharia for UK' march, witnessing police harassing some white passerbys who are heckling whilst the marchers burn a poppy and chant "British soldiers burn in hell".
Fading out, we come to a large hospital. Through the main doors, a packed casualty waiting room, drunks stagger randomly, a nurse speaking broken English is trying to explain that there is an 8 hour wait.
[Music changes to Land of Hope and Glory]
Along wards the camera passes, taking in a panorama of pensioners left lying in their own filth. A sobbing pensioner is ringing the help bell but nobody comes. Through the rear doors, past the ambulance bays, across a field littered with burned out cars, over a travellers site, and into a car park.
Here in the car park we see cars full of Pakistanis, plying young girls with drink and drugs. Some drive off with a girl who can't be more than 13. 
Watching, a policeman does nothing - he's got his eye on the middle class looking couple who his eagle vision has detected have no road tax disk displayed. 
On we fly, now past a job centre. The queue is so long it snakes around the corner. A number of small children, mostly of Eastern European appearance, walk up and down the queue, hands outstretched. We can hear a babble of dozens of different languages being spoken.
Quickly we pass by a street mugging, a pack of yoof descending on a boy and snatching his phone. We just have time to see a knife brandished, then we're passing a boarded up pub, a derelict church, and heading along another street. 
A mosque, green minaret looming against the skyline, passes by on our right. Worshippers kneel outside blocking the street.
Up now, up, up.....we see the city spread out below us, at the centre of the camera is the 2012 Olympic stadium. Up, up, ever higher, we now see the whole of the UK. 
The camera fades, and the music ends - the caption on the screen reads "The Isles of Wonder".
It's unlikely of course that this will be the film accompanying the Olympics - but isn't a far more honest portrayal of what our nation now is than anything the Olympics will ever show us? All the wonder that is left is to wonder how we ever came to this, and the "isle full of noises" is the sound of many tears for what our once great nation has become.

These isles once of wonder, now isles of decay, discord, and despair.

UK: God help you if your home is on fire

Written by Green Arrow

You know you have to be a very special kind of person to be a fireman or firefighter, as they must now be called these days. In the old days it was an easy calling, you had to be fit, courageous and compassionate but times have changed and you now need to be a very different kind of creature.

You have to be strong enough mentally to ignore for over six hours the pleas of a woman begging for help before watching her die.

You have to have the patience to stand on the bank of a shallow ditch and wait until a man lying in 18 inches of water is really dead before doing anything.

Yes you have to be a real special kind of person. You need to have the same attributes as someone like Group Commander Paul Stewart who saw the death of the woman as a "successful outcome" because they retrieved the woman's dead body.

Or someone like Dany Cotton, the Fire Services most senior female firefighter, who said:
"the role of the fire service is changing, and it's no longer simply about attending emergencies. In fact, the work we do now isn't just complemented by a diverse workforce, it demands one"
Really special kind of people I think you will agree. Now one thing you may disagree with me over is what I write next.

I have nothing but contempt for the firefighters of today because they may have the courage to go into a burning building or stand and watch someone die but they do not have the courage to put a stop to what is being done to a once efficient and effective Fire Service.

In this article linked to here, you will read that the Fire Service now intends to employ non english speaking immigrants as fire fighters and will use flash cards and sign language to communicate with them during emergencies.

They will also be employing deaf and disabled people and of course more people from what they call, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual community, for which they will be spending tax payers money in setting up a support network for the perverts and paedophiles they are hoping to employ.

A pieced of human excrement named Dave Chappell who is the fire safety officer for theFire Brigades Union sees the above as a good thing whilst another idiot, Lee Howell, who is a Chief Fire Officer says:
"Our goal is to prevent loss of life and injury and the principles of equality and diversity are intrinsic to the way we work, from understanding the needs of different people, assessing risk and delivering services, to recruiting and developing our employees."
Well there may be one or two real firemen still out there but they are becoming fewer each day as the Common Purpose madmen in control of the Fire Services work to destroy it and alienate it from the British Public.

Iran War Reality Check; U.S going to war with Iran, what to expect.

Russia and China have armed Iran to the teeth, Iran also have advanced domestically made missiles anti ship missiles, torpedoes, and high electronic warfare capabilities. An attack on Iran will lead to a huge world disaster.

TYRANNICAL Joe Lieberman US Needs China-Style Kill-Switch Of Internet, Pretext Of Cyber Threats

Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite

Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America

Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite. Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today's problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are very similar to Ron Paul's positions today. This is proof that there are plans in place by the elite to systemically disassemble US sovereignty. I wonder who those elite are? [Could they be the 'chosen ones?]

Israel Warns Time is Running Out Before it Launches Strike on Iran

Growing body of opinion suggests that Iranian response to an attack would be muted
Economic sanctions by the European Union and the United States can only be allowed a limited time period to prevent Iran from attempting to acquire a nuclear arsenal before a military strike must be contemplated, Israeli leaders have declared.

The tough public stance from Tel Aviv comes amid conflicting reports on the readiness of the Israeli military establishment to carry out an attack on Iran.

One account claims that Israel’s security agencies have concluded that the turmoil predicted from a strike, and the likely response from Tehran, has been widely exaggerated. However, a senior British official told The Independent that the hierarchy of the intelligence service, Mossad, and the armed forces continued to have deep trepidation about conflict in the region.

Read More @

Massive US Military Buildup on Two Strategic Islands: Socotra and Masirah

While quietly casting lines to draw Tehran into talks on their nuclear dispute, President Barack Obama is reported exclusively by DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military and Washington sources to have secretly ordered US air, naval and marine forces to build up heavy concentrations on two strategic islands – Socotra, which is part of a Yemeni archipelago in the Indian Ocean, and the Omani island of Masirah at the southern exit of the Strait of Hormuz.

Socotra is situated 80 kilometers east of the Horn of Africa and 380 kilometers southeast of the Yemeni coastline. It lies athwart the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. A military base there is in a position to oversee the shipping moving in and out of those strategic naval waterways.

Lushly verdant, Socotra is approximately 120 kilometers long by 40 kilometers wide. Its population of 55,000 has its own distinct language and culture. Since 2010, the US has been quietly building giant air force and naval bases on Socotra with facilities for submarines, intelligence command centers and take-off pads for flying stealth drones, as part of a linked chain of strategic US military facilities in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf.

The Socotra facilities are so secret that they are never mentioned in any cataloguelisting US military facilities in this part of the world, which include Jebel Ali and Al Dahfrain the United Arab Emirates; Arifjan in Kuwait; and Al Udeid in Qatar – all within short flying distances from Iran.
Additional US forces are also being poured into Camp Justice on the barren, 70-kilometer long Omani island of Masirah, just south of the Hormuz entry point to the Gulf of Oman from the Arabian Sea.

US military facilities were established there after the signing of an access agreement with Oman in 1980.

Proof that the cancer industry doesn't want a cure - even if it's a pharmaceutical

A safe and effective cure for cancer has been discovered with a drug that was once used for unusual metabolic problems. Yet, the cancer industry shows no interest with following up on dichloroacetate (DCA) research from University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, reported in 2007. That's because DCA is no longer patented. (1)

That research also confirmed cancer as a metabolic malfunction, not a weird mutation of cells often explained away as a genetic issue. But the medical mafia doesn't want you to hear about it.But it confirms what most alternative cancer therapists already know.

Since Nixon declared the "war on cancer" in the 1970s, the cancer industry has succeeded with raising money for researching very expensive chemo substances at $50,000 to $100,000 per round or more for toxic therapies that rarely work. (2)

Chemo drugs usually lead to demanding more business with drugs to ease terrible side effects ( Meanwhile, more are getting cancer and more are dying from it, mostly because of the toxic treatments.

Explaining DCA research results

Evangelos Michelakis and the Alberta University research team tested DCA on human cancer cells outside the body and in cancerous mice with profound success. DCA was once used for unusual metabolic disorders. The worst side effects, which rarely occur, include some numbness and an affected gait.

The mice were fed DCA in water, and in weeks they had remarkable tumor shrinkage. This indicates DCA can be taken orally. DCA works by restoring the cells' mitochondria. Michelakis and his team had discovered that the mitochondria in cancer cells are not permanently damaged and irreparable. This is what mainstream medicine thinks.

With mitochondria malfunctioning, cancer cells use glucose fermentation for survival energy. This fermentation occurs when glycolysis (glucose conversion) occurs in an anaerobic cellular environment, which can be created by benign tumor masses, toxins, and low pH levels.

DCA restores mitochondria in cells to make them function properly. Another function of normal mitochondria is signaling apoptosis, or cellular self destruction. Normal cells die and become replaced constantly. But with cancer cells, the apoptosis signal is nullified, making cancer cells "immortal." (3)

The Alberta University researchers also realized that glycolysis fermentation in cancer cells produces lactic acid. The lactic acid breaks down the collagen holding those cells together in a tumor. This allows cancer cells to easily break away from a tumor shrinking with mainstream therapies.

The researchers reasoned this is why cancer metastasizes or spreads to different parts of the body or reappears after remission from chemo.

Tragic hypocrisy 

Alternative cancer therapies have little or no problem with metastatic cancer or even cancer reoccurring after remission. Most alternative cancers simply cure cancers completely.

DCA offers the cancer industry an opportunity to come up with a pharmaceutical cure that is much cheaper and safer than their current standard of care. Yet the cancer industry is ignoring this opportunity. Instead, DCA is a homeless orphan begging for research funds to avoid legal issues with off label use on cancer. (4)

Alternative cancer practitioners have always simply tried out and when they succeeded shared them with others who cared more about healing than money and power.

The medical mafia has created a matrix that demands big bucks to make big bucks for sick care instead of curing. Everyone in on the scam makes out financially. The cancer industry accuses alternative cancer therapists of quackery and taking advantage of the desperately ill for financial gain.Accusing others of your motives and crimes is called projection.

The medical/pharmaceutical complex is crony capitalism that doesn't want a cure for cancer from anywhere.

Sources for this article include:






US: Black Teen Thugs In Racist Attacks In Philly

IN A HORRIFIC assault in Center City on Saturday night, three teenagers who were spouting racial slurs pulled a man out of a cab to beat him. And when the cabdriver intervened to stop the assault, the teens turned their rage on him, police said yesterday.

About 8:25 p.m., a cab was stopped at a red light at 15th and Chestnut streets when two 17-year-old boys and a 15-year-old boy approached and started calling the male passenger in the back seat racially derogatory names, police said.

The boys then threw an unknown liquid at the cab before they opened the door, pulled the passenger out and started to pummel him, police said. When the cabbie got out of the car to see what was going on, the passenger ran away and the teens turned on the cabbie. They punched him in the face, kicked him and threw a liquid on him, police said.

Despite being outnumbered, the cabbie grabbed a tire iron from his trunk, at which time the teens ran away. The driver flagged down a police officer, and the three boys were arrested. They were charged as juveniles with aggravated assault and related offenses.

The cabbie suffered an injury to his right eye and had abdominal and side pain, police said. The passenger remains unidentified. Police said the three teens were black and the cabbie and passenger were white. Police did not immediately know whether the teens would or could face hate-crime charges. [typical, if they'd been White it is a certainty they'd be facing hate-crime charges]

According to police records, the cabbie worked for Liberty Taxi Co., but a dispatcher working there yesterday was surprised none of the drivers he'd spoken with were aware of the assault. Police declined to provide the name of the driver, so the dispatcher could not confirm whether he was an employee. "This would be something that would be big news," the dispatcher said. "It would have been a highly charged moment that drivers would be talking about."

China Hiding 3,000 Underground Nuclear Warheads

EU to spend 3 million Euros to promote eating insects

The EU will spend three million Euros to research 'the potential of insects as an alternative source of protein.'

Research projects will be selected this year. Food experts agree that insects would probably have to be disguised for European audiences, so the insect 'food' could be used as an additive in burgers and other fast food.

The UN's Food Standards Authority says of the research: 'While insects have not traditionally been used for food in the UK or elsewhere in the European Union, it is estimated that about 2.5 billion people across the world have diets that routinely include insects.

'While many insects are regarded as pests, the UN's Food and Agriculture authority is interested in promoting edible insects as a highly sustainable source of nutrition.'

Some worms contain three times as much protein as beef per ounce, while four crickets have as much calcium as a glass of milk.

Daniel Creedon, a chef who serves ants, locusts and bees in honey at the London Archipelago restaurant, said: 'If insects start coming into the food chain they are probably going to have to be disguised. Food producers will probably get away with describing it as animal based proteins. Not many people will buy a locust burger.'

Website Treehugger said: 'It is not hard to imagine the development of an insect-based food additive that enriches burger and nugget protein levels. Burgers with processed insect meal could be sold by chains under claims such as "higher in protein", "healthier fats", and "eco-burger"'

UK: Taxpayer still funding trips for Airmiles Andy

Prince Andrew is continuing to jet around the world on taxpayer-funded trade missions despite standing down as Britain’s global trade ambassador following a series of scandals.

Palace records yesterday revealed that the Duke of York has met numerous foreign heads of state and senior ministers for talks on trade since standing down as UK Special Representative for International Trade and Investment last July.

Labour last night called on ministers to ‘come clean’ over his continuing role, particularly in the Middle East, where he has previously been accused of cashing in on his contacts with wealthy oil sheikhs and unsavoury dictators.

The Prince, nicknamed Airmiles Andy, announced he was quitting the specially created role following scandals culminating with revelations about his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

He said the job, which he held for a decade, had ‘served its purpose’. But records suggest he continues to play a remarkably similar role. In the past six months he has carried out 17 engagements in Saudi Arabia and China for Government trade body UK Trade and Investment.

On other trade trips, he held meetings with the Emir of Qatar, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, the prime minister of Malaysia and the presidents of Panama and Mongolia.

UK: Bosses recruit thousands in Romania

British bosses are offering thousands of jobs to Romanian workers as unemployment in the UK soars. Just days ago, officials revealed that the number of British unemployed had reached a 17-year high of 2.68million. But more than 2,400 vacancies, including roles for nurses, engineers, chefs and other skilled workers, are being advertised by an online recruitment agency in Bucharest.

The firm says that British companies are trying to fill 2,434 new jobs with Romanian workers – making the UK a better bet for migrant workers than Germany, which is advertising 2,387 positions. Many of the posts in Britain are for medical positions, tourism professionals and skilled staff, with 25 per cent being offered to labourers and unskilled workers.

Earlier this month, UK unemployment hit 8.4 per cent, its highest level since 1994. But official figures show that nine out of ten jobs created in 2010 went to foreign nationals.

The Romanian website, TjobsRecruit, cheerily greets prospective job seekers with ‘New year, new job, new life!’ The vacancies, advertised in English, include 28 taxi driver jobs located all over the UK, nursing roles in care homes for £12 an hour, sales positions promising a minimum salary of £750 a month, junior doctors and aircraft engineers.

There are also 80 vacancies at gastropubs, three-star and four-star hotels in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Sussex and Surrey. These include opportunities for waiters (£12,646 a year), housekeepers (£6.20 an hour), receptionists (£14,500 a year) maintenance workers (£7.28 an hour) and various kitchen posts from porters to head chefs.

In 2010, the British Medical Association put the number of unemployed junior doctors in the UK at around 3,000. Yet the Romanian website is advertising for the junior doctor’s position of residential medical officer at hospitals across the UK.

TjobsRecruit was founded in 2009 by Calin Stfanescu and Sebastian Niezgoda. According to its website, it is the largest recruitment ‘system in Central and East European. The ‘T’, it says, stands for ‘trusted’.

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Putting Israel First

The campaign to lure the US into attacking Iran has one big problem to overcome before the War Party can taste success: the rather obvious fact that such a war would benefit Israel, and not the United States. This is why Israel’s partisans in the US constitute the spearhead of the pro-war agitation, why AIPAC has made this aconsistent theme for the past few years, and why the billionaire Sheldon Adelson, aside from funding the Newtster, has poured untold millions into the same project. Hardly a day goes by without some Israeli government official reiterating, once again, that Iran represents an “existential threat” to the Jewish state, and threatening to strike the first blow if Uncle Sam fails to wake up in time, while Israel’s amen corner dutifully echoes the same line.

Israel and its more vehement partisans in this country havedemanded the US attack Iran, even going so far as to raise the specter of another Holocaust if America fails to act. However, one argument they have failed to make is significant by its absence – they have failed to show how it is in America’s interest to launch a military strike. Indeed, they have neglected this part of the equation rather ostentatiously, and yet one can hardly blame them for this oversight for the simple reason that such a case would be impossible to make. An attack on Iran would deprive the world economy of a significant portion of its energy needs, and would likely result in an economic catastrophe in this country – to say nothing of the costs of the war, in blood and treasure. War-weary Americans are not in the mood for another invasion and occupation in search of nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction.” This is the War Party’s Achilles’ heel.

How to get around this is the problem at the heart of the War Party’s current project, and in order to do so they are employing the deadliest weapon in their well-stocked arsenal: the accusation of “racism,” the most toxic accusation anyone can make about someone in the current political climate. Specifically, they are accusing war opponents of “anti-Semitism.” After all, if Israel is the Jewish state, and that state’s very existence is threatened by the specter of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program (which US intelligence has stubbornly failed to detect), then opposition to US military action is “anti-Semitism,” pure and simple.

Today’s war propagandists have figured out a way to make the issue of American interests, as opposed to Israeli interests, go away, and that is by policing the language of the debate. Are you calling someone who wants to pursue Israeli interests over and above those of his or her own country an “Israel firster”? Well, then, you are “anti-Semitic,” you are employing the oldest “anti-Semitic tropes” and echoing “neo-Nazis,” who – James Kirchick assures us – are the originators of the phrase. This is the argument made by “progressive” Spencer Ackerman in a recent issue of the Tablet, in which he joins the neoconservative assault on Glenn Greenwald, M.J. Rosenberg, andfour bloggers over at the Center for American Progress who got slapped down for daring to wield (or imply) this supposedly “toxic” phrase.

Nanny State of the Union (remix)

Israel ‘master of puppets’ in US Iran onslaught - RT

America’s frenzy over “diabolical” Iran has its roots not on the Potomac riverside, but rather on the banks of Tel Aviv’s Yarkon River: appeasing the US Jewish community has become an inevitable idiosyncrasy of the US presidential campaign. When America beats the drums of war over Iran, it may not always be driven by the Islamic state's alleged nuclear intentions. 

Would-be US presidential candidates aren't shy when it comes to voicing their anti-Iran rhetoric in front of America's influential Jewish community. And America almost never misses an opportunity to praise its best ally.
“Our iron-clad commitment, and I mean iron-clad, to Israel’s security has meant the closest military cooperation between our two countries, in history,” announced US President Barack Obama from a rostrum in Washington.

And the American President did not forget to point a proverbial punch at Israel’s greatest adversary.

“Let there be no doubt: America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal,” Barack Obama insisted.

However, for many American Jews and Israeli supporters, Obama’s war of words against Tehran doesn't go far enough.

The President of the Zionist Organization of America Morton A. Klein shared with RT that “It’s not enough to simply state you’re committed to Israel’s security. You have to promote policies that show that you’re serious about the security of Israel.”

“Israel, through his actions, feels that Obama is not committed to doing everything in his power to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons. Iran is an existential threat to Israel, and Obama should be saying so publicly, that he will support Israel in any military action necessary,” laid down Klein.

Klein says an unprecedented number of American Jews and Israelis share his animosity, a feeling arguably underscored by the Israeli government. According to published reports, Tel Aviv would only give Washington 12-hours’ notice if deciding to strike Iran.

“I believe his [Barack Obama’s] policies are among the most hostile Israel has ever experienced out of any [American] president in my lifetime,” Morton A. Klein confessed.

Recently, it was the life of President Obama itself being threatened in a column written by the owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times.

In an article titled ‘What would you do?’ the newspaper’s publisher Andrew Adler listed the assassination of President Obama as one way to ensure Israel’s security.

“Give the go-ahead for US-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States' policy includes helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies,”  he writes.

Mark Glenn, journalist of shared with RT: “I think the threat made to Obama, either play along with us, or we are going to kill you politically or literally, I think that it is a serious threat we have to take seriously.”

“The American president depends on money in order to get re-elected along with all other members of Congress and AIPAC [The American Israel Public Affairs Committee] is the largest lobbying group in the United States. It is the king maker and the king breaker,” Glenn concludes.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee declined RT's request for an interview. In the meantime, Obama finds himself facing another election and a slew of Republican opponents banging war drums against Iran – much louder than he does.

“With regards to Iran, which perhaps represents the greatest existential threat to Israel, we have to make it abundantly clear, it is unacceptable for Iran to become a nuclear nation,”  proclaims Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“If we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon,”  declared Romney. “And if you elect Mitt Romney, Iran will not have a nuclear weapon.”

“When Rick Santorum is president, Iran will not get a nuclear weapon because the world as we know it will be no more,” promises another Republican candidate, Rick Santorum.

The third Republican presidential aspirant, Newt Gingrich, said to CNN “I am a clear ally of Israel. I am very close to [Israeli President Benjamin] Netanyahu. I've said publicly, I would rather plan a joint operation conventionally, than push the Israelis to a point where they go nuclear.”

At a time when the US bears the burden of a broken economy, growing social unrest and ongoing military conflicts, many experts insist starting a war with Iran would not be in America's best interest. But in order to keep a best friend, many believe President Obama will be forced to put Israel's national security first.

‘War in Iran would mean WWIII’ - RT

Published: 30 January, 2012, 12:53

The military build-up and economic sanctions against Iran are designed to unleash a global war from the Mediterranean to China with unpredictable consequences, warns Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

Tensions between Iran and the West are close to crisis level. With massive help from the western media, Iran has firmly become embedded as the root of all evil in the minds of many westerners.

The author of the book Towards a World War Three Scenario, The Dangers of Nuclear War told RT that “The issue of Iran’s nuclear weapons is a red herring, but this red herring could lead us to a WWIII scenario.” He also recalled all the American military bases with nuclear weapons close to Iran’s borders.

Michel Chossudovsky recalled that a couple of weeks ago, America’s Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta quite categorically stated to CBS that Iran neither possesses, nor is developing nuclear weapons. Panetta did not rule out that there are still diplomatic means to cut Iran’s Gordian knot.

But considering the US military preparations around Iran, this statement rather looks like a deceptive maneuver.

Last week, EU nations adopted an unprecedented set of sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

These include a complete embargo on oil supplies from Iran, and are expected to come into force in July.

“What we are witnessing here is a build-up towards a military confrontation. These sanctions constitute the staging of a military agenda,” feels Michel Chossudovsky. “In turn, we have massive deployment of US military hardware, troops going to Israel to be stationed in Israel, more troops go to Kuwait, [American] naval forces are entering the Persian Gulf.”
Michel Chossudovsky believes that “What the United States wants now, including its allies, is some kind of a green light which will give a human face to a war.”

On Monday, the UN nuclear inspectors started a three-day mission to examine Iran's atomic activities. Tehran says the talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the first in more than three years, will prove its nuclear program is purely peaceful.

With the visit of the IAEA inspectors, Iran is playing a diplomatic card, believes Chossudovsky. The IAEA is not politically controlled, so once it confirms Iran’s nuclear program has peaceful purposes, this should undermine the aggressive intentions of the West.

The US needs a contrary statement from the IAEA to use this for transition to a new – military – stage in the Iran drama.

“This war has already started. There are drone attacks, there are special [American] forces inside Iran and there is financial warfare,” considers Michel Chossudovsky.

Plans to invade Iran emerged immediately after the invasion of Iraq, Chossudovsky informs, with military preparations begun around 2005, so by now everything should be ready and in place for a full-scale military conflict.

“The WWIII scenario is unthinkable. This war would extend from the Meditarranean to the Chinese border. It could possibly include Russia and China,” Michel Chossudovsky concluded. “We could find ourselves at a very critical crossroads.”

No Exit For Bilderbergers – Why War Will Not Work Anymore

Michael Hudson wrote Super Imperialism in 1972 describing how the United States paid for its wars of aggression by printing dollars. Recently Dr Hudson said Brazil, Russia, China, India and Iran (The Gang of Five) met two years ago and devised a financial strategy to end forever America’s ability to make people outside the United States pay for the invasions and occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya not to mention threatening World War III over a non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Russia and China have been dumping US Treasury bonds and buying gold. The Gang of Five has been setting up trade with each other and with other nations bypassing dollars. China devised a trade agreement with Africans so black people do not have to fund imperialist and racist wars that solely benefit Israel and the banks of New York and London. I recently wrote that in 16 months the dollar will be devalued and the wages of American workers will be cut in half. At that point, America will cease to exist as a Super Power killing unarmed civilians for Israel. She will continue to exist as a military power by renting out its military as mercenaries to foreign nations. It is even possible that firms like Blackwater could buy American weapons systems at a discount after the USA goes bankrupt and rent out former military personnel and equipment to Fortune 100 corporations and to foreign nations like Israel to kill poor people overseas. Blackwater could also make money trafficking women and children as sex slaves and by selling drugs. They are already doing all of the above but I foresee it on an even grander scale as early as 2013 or 2014. Blackwater could even make money by selling these organized slaughters on Pay Per View cable TV.

The United States Senate has gone more than 1,000 days without passing a budget. The US military will be cut significantly this year. This is at a time when America has already dropped from an ability to wage 2 wars simultaneously to zero ability to wage a conventional war against Syria and its 22.5 million people. And that is without Iran but with Hezbollah’s 3,400 fighters and their missile force.

So really all we are talking about in terms of the Bilderbergers using American wars to solve their problems is an attack on Iran in the next 16 months. Iran has no nuclear weapons program. And President Ahmadinejad never said he would destroy Israel. What he said is that just like the Old Soviet Union being replaced by Russia so should Israel be replaced by a non-racist state where Palestinians and Jews would share power. As for Palestinians refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist as an exclusively Jewish state, Israel is a racist war mongering nation with Apartheid laws that no person of conscience should recognize.

The bankers manufactured this current confrontation with Iran to distract the world from the ongoing economic collapse caused by their theft of tens of trillions of dollars. As I have said many times in the past, the bankers want America to lose World War III thus plunging all of humanity into a thousand years of darkness with Bilderbergers as divine and absolute rulers. Simple minded Zionists do not comprehend that by attacking Iran as Israel told them they must do they will be irrevocably dooming America to Third World banana boat republic status.

State of Denial in Coming War Catastrophe

Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

The world economy is in the tank, and the Federal Reserve’s decision to extend its zero interest rate policy to, at least, the end of 2014 proves it. What will happen if the fragile world economy also has to deal with a war with Iran?

That should have been the big headline coming out of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, but what was reported was concern over slow or no growth in the world.

All the signs are that the West is careening towards war with Iran, and there is not a peep about it from world leaders. Are they in a state of denial in a coming war catastrophe? I say yes.

One of the first shots fired by the EU was in the form of increased sanctions to boycott Iranian oil in about five months.

The second shot looks like it will be fired by the Iranians who won’t wait for sanctions to kick in and will move to cut off oil exports of around 600,000 barrels a day to the Eurozone. (Click here for more on this story.)

The Iranians have not yet cut off the oil.

MSNBC reported yesterday, “The Islamic Republic declared itself optimistic about a visit by U.N. nuclear experts that began on Sunday but also warned the inspectors to be “professional” or see Tehran reducing cooperation with the world body on atomic matters. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection delegation will seek to advance efforts to resolve a row about nuclear work which Iran says is for making electricity but the West suspects is aimed at seeking a nuclear weapon.” (Click here to read the latest CNBC story.)

The immediate cut off of oil to the EU would be a disaster, and the Iranians do not have to close the Strait of Hormuz to do it. This would cause major pain to a European economy teetering on the brink of collapse. How well do you think the Eurozone would perform with a spike in energy prices? Talk about no growth, how about a giant contraction and an implosion of some of the biggest banks on both sides of the Atlantic. This is not all out war, mind you, just an immediate cut of Iranian oil to Europe.

Some say this is all just a high stakes game of poker with both sides saber rattling and jockeying for position., global intelligence experts, said in a report last week, “It is in this context that the possibility of negotiations has arisen. The Iranians have claimed that the letter the U.S. administration sent to Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that defined Iran’s threats to Strait of Hormuz as a red line contained a second paragraph offering direct talks with Iran. After hesitation, the United States denied the offer of talks, but it did not deny it had sent a message to the Iranian leadership.” (Click here to read the complete report.)

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Uncovering the Jewish Mafia.

Interesting interview with John Alan Martinson

The message is spreading to all people no matter their race, background, or ideology the human race has but 1 enemy.

Do you get bored with reading about Moslem Rapists?

Written by Green Arrow

I have just added another two reports of moslem child rapists to our sister site, The UKEnrichment News and was wondering if you people were fed up with this kind of information being passed on to you.

Some people it seems, have the belief that we should not really bang on about the moslems all the time but to concentrate on other issues and to some extent I can see the logic of their argument.

As they rightly say, we should not blame the moslems for being in Our Country but should be blaming the politicians and that is correct.

However my argument is this. If your house is on fire, do you put out the fire and then look for the firestarter or leave your home to burn whilst you pursue the people who set fire to it? I think we actually have the ability to do both.

Now I realise that I and this site are not very popular with the "Say Nothing, Do Nothing"brigade of so called nationalists and that is fine by me.

However I see no reason why they should not point out on their sites The UKEnrichment News [I have now embedded the UKEnrichment link on this site (right columb). J.H.] which attempts to give people a glimpse into just some of the horrific crimes being committed by the colonisers of Our Country. I suspect though, that they put their hatred of me before our noble cause and not bother.

A big hat tip to Britain First who have organised a campaign to have the evil creatures that commit the crimes reported on The UKEnrichment News deported.

SWEDEN: 20 Muslim invaders gang rape 11-year-old Swedish girl in public bathhouse

MUSLIM immigration has turned Sweden into the rape capital of the world. Yet only 3% of Muslim rapists are ever convicted. Even worse, politicians continue to insist that more of these uneducated, uncivilized refugees are needed.

MUSLIM GANG RAPE They were mainly Arab and African so called “child refugees”. However they are in most cases adults lying about there age to obtain better benefits. In some cases they are in the high 20′s and 30′s while claiming they are teens. Almost 100 % of them show false id’s or no id’s at all, therefore they are never truly identified.

Police didn’t seem very concerned, and said, “The (bathhouse) is a place where temptations are great.” Swedish taxpayers spend $150,000 per year per refugee to support these good-for-nothing Muslim invaders from the Middle East and Africa.

The government claims “we need more refugees” and similar mantra. The politicians have for many years forced mass immigration of biblical proportions. The voters have never given permission for the destructive immigration policy bringing in 100,000 mostly illiterates mostly from the Muslim world.

Even worse, Swedish public TV has started a new indoctrination series to teach the Swedes how to become good Muslims. Its called, “Islam for beginners”.

1917: J.P. Morgan bought US corporate media to be 1%’s lying sacks of spin?

Congressman Oscar Callaway lost his Congressional election for opposing US entry into WWI. Before he left office, he demanded investigation into JP Morgan & Co for purchasing control over America’s leading 25 newspapers in order to propagandize US public opinion in favor of his corporate and banking interests, including profits from US participation in the war.

Mr. Callaway alleged he had the evidence to prove Morgan associates were working as editors to select and edit articles, with the press receiving monthly payments for their allegiance to Morgan.

One of the leading papers, The New York Times, printed the story of Congressman Callaway’s call for investigation from Washington, D.C., but the editor chose a curious obfuscating headline:
FOR PRESS INVESTIGATION Moore Asks Inquiry Into Chargeson Preparedness Campaign.
The US eventually followed “opinion leaders” into the war, despite no national security risk from the sinking of a British ship (Lusitania) carrying over four million rounds of ammunition to kill Germans, and Germany’s offer to Mexico to attack the US with an empty promise of German help if, and only if, the US declared war on Germany first (Zimmermann telegram; Mexico rejected the offer immediately as a military impossibility and a ploy for Americans to busy themselves killing Mexicans instead of Germans). The US then imprisoned people who questioned the war, including US candidates for President.

Both of my grandfathers risked their lives in the American Expeditionary Force, as did your relatives, in a war media-fed to the public with lies of commission and omission.

Congressman Callaway joined Congressman Abraham Lincoln in being deposed from Congress for challenging lying war rhetoric and being branded as “unpatriotic.”

I found no follow-up report of Mr. Callaway’s request for investigation. However, we have abundant evidence that US corporate media is controlled for propaganda in our world of the present to cover-up the US’ history of unlawful wars.

Consider this as one example:
The Church Senate Committee hearings had the cooperation of CIA Director William Colby’s testimony that over 400 CIA operatives were controlling US corporate mediareporting on specific issues of national interest in what they called Operation Mockingbird. This stunning testimony was then confirmed by Pulitzer Prize reporter Carl Bernstein’s research and reporting. Of course, corporate media refused to publish Bernstein’s article and it became the cover-story for Rolling Stone.
Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher in economics, government, and history. His hobby is research, education, and lobbying for improved public policy. A principal project of his 30-years’ experience working with US “leadership” in government, economics and corporate media was to grow the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, that led to two UN Summits (1990 World Summit for Children - the largest meeting of heads of state in world history - and the 1997 Microcredit Summit - topic of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize). Because US political leadership of both parties reneged on each and every public and private promise to end poverty, and US corporate media behaved as their political propagandists, Carl shifted his hobby to "follow the money." His conclusions are explained and documented in these two articles (academic/professional voice, and more passionate citizen voice):

Open proposal for US revolution: end unlawful wars, parasitic economics
Common Sense for new American Revolution: revolt from US government by dicts

Inward Revolution Creates Outward Revolution

Funny thing about the way we were indoctrinated. If you were raised in front of a TV set, as I was, as most of us were, you learned that life is about waiting to be entertained or seeing what you are going to get. Our minds move like sharks you cannot stop, with sharp teeth ready to devour the next shiny thing and the next. Each shiny thing is a false promise that you will find satisfaction, but want is an endless pit....

Inward revolution starts with having the courage, honesty and humility to be able to recognize such indoctrination. Most people would prefer to insist they are already indoctrination-free, rather than to take at fresh look, an honest look. But to overcome this delusion and really take a fresh look will actually set you free. Consumerism and entertainment addiction is bondage. It is also the social norm. The social norm is bondage.

At first breaking free may seem like a lonely path, but as one declares an inward revolution, we see that what we are leaving behind was in fact the lonely path. To declare inward revolution is to violate every social code. To declare inward revolution is more powerful than signing a petition, carrying a sign, shaking your fist, chanting, voting, all of it combined.

For the one who is engaged in deep inward revolution, all outward expression is by nature truly revolutionary. All other forms of revolution end where they began. A brief look at history will show us that.

Inward revolution is the only true revolution and it is, not surprisingly, taboo, easily dismissed, attacked by linear minds desperately lacking in imagination. Not to engage in inward revolution is to endorse the social norm, to back the violence, to stand by passively as the human race devours itself. To move away from the herd takes so much courage. To remain with the herd is to join them as they mindlessly jump off the cliff like lemmings, insisting that their way is normal. There has never been a better time than now to break your social vows.

Very few people yet understand that this so-called 1 Percent does not just consist of the psychopathic power elite, but it also includes violent religious theologies, dogmatic political ideologies, failed economic policies, corrupt political Ponzi schemes and materialistic ideas about the American Dream. To live outside that scene you must be sane. The 99 Percent are those with the courage and clarity to see the fallacy and break free of a totally rigged game. The way that we, the 100 Percent have been living is something we can no longer sustain. The only way is up and the only way out is to change.

This article first appeared on the blog of Eric Allen Bell. Please visit his website and Facebook page to support his work.