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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I have just tried to set up a 'Petition' on the Puppet Governments e-petition site, you know the one that Cameron says that if it gets over 100,000 electronic signatures, it will have to be debated in Parliament. Regarding the enforced detention of Emma West see: Here, here & here . I of course know that this Petition has no fucking chance of appearing on the Internet.

After confirming my email address and details, this is the HM GOVERNMENT message I received:
Thank you.

You have now confirmed your email address.
Your e-petition will now be checked to make sure it complies with the terms & conditions for creating an e-petition. Checking can take up to 7 days, so we'll send you an email once this is done.
The Petition is addressed to the Department of Justice and entitled: 'FREE THE CROYDON ONE' 

Where it asks for Petition details I have put:
After much provocation Emma West finally cracked and stated in no uncertain terms said what a lot of us true Brits think. For this she has been charged with committing a racially aggravated public order offence and remanded in custody for a week pending psychiatric reports. She is due to reappear in court on Tuesday December 6. (They have probably took her child into care too)
I know for a fucking fact that this Petition has no chance of seeing the light of day but I just did it for the 'crack' 

The original YouTube video of this event has been taken down and the main stream media is no longer mentioning it. You think you have freedom of speech, you think you live in a democracy, think on suckers!

That 'old Etonian' wanker Osborne stood up today in the house of traitors and told us that WE have to endure even more hardship to further the aims of Globalist Power Elite otherwise known as the New World Order. 

Well I got news for them, from now on I intend to make my own rules. I have not got a TV licence, I do not intend to pay my energy bills and I intend to break their laws at every possible opportunity. Fuck 'em. 

Look at who rules these (once) Green and pleasant lands? Is it our forefathers who invented, discovered, grafted their balls off and died for Queen & Country? Is it fuck. Its the Jew boys and their lackey's that are reaping the greatest transference of wealth from the poor to the rich in the history of the world.

I do this Blog because it keeps me sane (just about) but I am beginning to think that their is no hope when I look at the sheeple who either do not understand or do not wish to.

A old friend of mine once said: "Don't worry about Hell Johnnie, this is Hell" and maybe he's right. So keep on watching the bullshit on TV and pay no attention to me I'm probably insane like the woman on the train... or was it a Tram!

John Hardon


  1. Most depressing thing about it was all the white middle class fuckers lining up to say they hope she dies, is stabbed etc, sickening, still they will get theirs and they may change their minds when they are stood behind a Somali in the dole office.

  2. I was looking for petition to sign, I agree with all you say ...

  3. Forlorn Hope, Yes the stupid middle class fuckers think we are stupid because it has not really effected them yet.... Wait 'till it does then they will come running to us to help them!