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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Russia activates early warning radar system

Russia took its first retaliatory step in response to America's missile defence shield build-up on Tuesday by activating an early warning radar system in a Russian enclave bordering the European Union.

President Dmitry Medvedev announced the inauguration of a radar station in Kaliningrad that would track incoming missiles. The Kremlin has taken a belligerent approach to American plans to defend against the growing Iranian missile threat by demanding thatRussia is included as a full partner or it will go on its own.

Mr Medvedev heralded a four-stage response to the American plans in a speech last week. By taking the first step so quickly the Kremlin is demonstrating its determination not to be outflanked by America. Further measures include strengthening defences around Russia's strategic missile stockpiles, upgrading its missiles to penetrate the missile shield and deployment of anti-missile batteries on the borders of America's European allies.

Russia fears that the American system will eventually neutralise its own short-range and intercontinental nuclear missiles.


Hardons comment:
If I was 30 years younger I would learn Russian, emigrate to Russia and set up an Electronics and Automation business. Russia and some of the former Soviet Union Balkan States are the only countries that are not controlled and owned lock, stock and barrel by the Zionists, the Rothschild's et al who have flooded Europe, the USA and the Antipodes with turd world immigrants. Destroyed our economies and made the indigenous people of our lands 'second class citizens'

If the Zionists use their NATO foot soldier slaves to push Russia to war, I know who's side I'll be on. Just like I was on the side of the Serbs when NATO forced their perverted agenda on them by bombing them to hell, killing thousands of our brethren WHITE men, women and children.

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