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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Original Video of the Emma West Tram rant reuploaded plus A message from 'BRITAIN FIRST'

Everyone has watched in amazement as the drama of the young, white, English mother, Emma West - now dubbed by the press as the ‘Racist Tram Lady’ - has unfolded into major media frenzy of ‘Brit bashing’. What she said on that tram was harsh, coarse and very unladylike, no doubt about that, but what abuse had she been subjected to before the camera phone was switched on? She should never have been flung in prison for mouthing off!

How many rioters have been released on bail recently?
How many murders, burglars and violent criminals have been released on early parole recently?

How many foreign criminals (including paedophiles and sex attackers) have been released recently because we can’t deport them?

We must also remember that Emma West is an English woman who recently watched her area, Croydon, being burned and looted by ethnic gangs a few months ago.

Is it any wonder she now resents those from the same ethnic background who caused so much destruction, pain and hardship to her area? Many people in Croydon have been deeply disturbed by the riots and hundreds have received Post-Traumatic-Stress counselling - has Emma?

Locking this feisty English working class mother up in jail only reinforces the suspicion that if you are British, and working class, then you are a second class citizen in your own country.

This kind of frustration exhibits itself all over our country on a daily basis by native British people who are fed up of watching their country being colonised, bled dry and destroyed by people we never asked to come here in the first place. The ‘multicultural experiment’ is not fair on anyone and needs careful addressing, not draconian penalties imposed on the victims who, after years of suffering, finally snap.

Emma West is a British VICTIM of the political elite’s forced mass immigration/colonisation policy. Is it any surprise that some of our people simply will not take it anymore?

The political elite should take note: many long-suffering Brits don’t act like Emma but many are seething with resentment and while the elite can easily squash one poor English women’s act of desperation, they may struggle to deal with a nation of inflamed patriots who will do far more than spout a few choice words on a tram!

Locking up a mother in prison without bail because of something she said (and that no one, except the Transport Police, complained about, after seeing the video on You-Tube) brings shame on our nation, especially when we treat all manner of other criminals (including violent criminals) with kid gloves.

It also shows that being British, white, poor and female makes you an easy target for the PC fanatics. Well I say: NO MORE!

We want YOU to complain directly to the Home Secretary, right NOW!

We demand her immediate release from prison and an assurance of her personal safety while she remains in custody. Lock up the rioters who destroyed Croydon, or the bankers who have destroyed our economy, or the politicians who have flooded this country with foreigners, not English working class mothers!

Click on the link below to visit our special complaints page:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Campaigns Coordinator

USA: Senate Approves to let the military disappear US citizens

Lieberman, and 60 other US Senators, just voted to let the military disappear US citizens without charges for as long as it likes, anywhere in the world, including the US. They are obviously panicking, because they know that they are traitors who deserve to be executed, and they know the people are waking up and will soon be calling for, and working for, their executions.
"If the American people knew what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." George H.W. Bush
The irony is that by voting for such a grotesque act of treason against the Constitution, these 61 Senators have sealed their own fates. Their votes are clearly acts of treason. Any real Americans left out there - and there are more than a few - will have no choice but to work for the trial, conviction, and execution of these 61 treasonous Senators. Storm the Senate, and bring on the people's tribunals!

It won't happen today. It probably won't happen this week, or this month. But it will happen.

USA: Meth-For-Sex Arrest of Colorado VIP Highlights Power of Alternative Media

Criminal elite panics as alternative media expose their crimes and set the stage for mass executions

Just a few minutes ago, Denver's channel 3 broke the story: Former Arapaho Sheriff Patrick Sullivan - an extremely well-connected member of the Colorado political elite - has been arrested in a meth-for-sex scandal allegedly involving underage partners of both genders.

But there might have been no arrest - and therefore no mainstream story to break - if it hadn't been for Jonathan Elinoff and yours truly.Elinoff, a scourge of the New World Order and alternative media powerhouse, came on my radio show exactly two weeks ago to publicize the extremely credible allegations, naming Sullivan for the first time as the alleged perpetrator.

At that point, Elinoff was seemingly being ejected from his post at a mainstream Colorado radio station, despite his stellar investigative work, including his on-air arrangement of an accused criminal's surrender - an episode that busted the ratings meter. Some suspected that station management might be feeling political pressure from high-powered friends of Patrick Sullivan. Word on the street was that the lives of Jonathan, and the witnesses against Sullivan, were in danger.

By naming-and-shaming Sullivan and his friends on my radio show, Elinoff may have forced the issue, leaving local law enforcement little choice but to do its job. (If only the 9/11 truth community's naming-and-shaming of the 9/11 perps could get such quick results from national law enforcement!)

The Patrick Sullivan episode, which I will discuss with Jonathan today from 4 to 5 pm Central on Truth Jihad Radio (listen here) illustrates the growing power of alternative media. Two weeks ago, no mainstream outlet would have allowed Jonathan to name Sullivan as a credibly-accused drug-pushing pedophile - just as they won't publicize the equally credible allegations of Cheney's involvement in 9/11. At Truth Jihad Radio, and here at Veterans Today, we aren't afraid to air credible accusations against powerful people.

A Three-Step Plan to Save the Euro with Gold

History shows us that all fiat money (just paper, or base-metal coins; no precious metal ‘backing’) always fails by losing its purchasing power, usually due to excess creation of new money; this is called ‘monetary inflation’ (which leads to ‘price inflation’ because the currency becomes worth less).

We saw it recently in the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. Germany did it in 1919, and France in 1716 and 1793, and there are many others. Now the Euro currency is failing due to excess spending and borrowing of many European Union (EU) members, but especially Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Greece, and Spain (the PIIGS!). Governments and bankers love fiat money and central banks because they can spend and bail themselves out with new money or loans, rather than use unpopular taxes or suffer defaults.

Since the USA cut all ties to gold in 1971, all nations have ‘gone fiat’ (‘floating’ exchange rates) and borrowed and spent to excess.

The endless supply of money funds the welfare-warfare state (wars are expensive) and creates a ‘moral hazard’ (perverse incentive) for greedy bankers and Wall Street firms to take excessive risks (including 40 to 1 leverage, rather that 5 or 10 to 1) because they know they will be ‘bailed out’.

This casino mentality also fosters corrupt deals with falsely-labeled debt offerings (AAA ratings for junk) and bizarre, risky derivatives and Credit Default Swaps.

All of the above have combined to fund:
1. Excessive government spending for ‘social services’, wars, and other projects. 
2. Bankers willing to lend the ‘protected’ sovereign debt.
This has gone on since the Euro currency started in 1999, and crashed along with the US (they are interlinked) in 2009. Now the finance ministers are worried that the Euro bank and currency will fail, and are grasping for ‘more government’ solutions to fix it. They are short of money for bailouts, so 'Fiscal Integration' is the new favorite (and last resort?), where spending for each nation is controlled by the central EU authorities, at a great loss of sovereignty! {this was the plan all along]

Questions To Ask Zionists About A Mideast War

Do you even understand what a fuel air explosive is? All explosions and fires require oxygen. A fuel air explosive pulls its oxygen pulled from its surrounding atmosphere so a 500 pound (227 kilogram) fuel air bomb in a warhead is the same as a 2,000 pound (907 kilogram) conventional munition.

Iran has announced that if Israel attacks them or Syria, they will fire 150,000 missiles at Israel. The vast majority will act as a screen to allow thousands of fuel air explosives to hit targets in Israel. What will 2 or 3 thousand fuel air explosives do to a small country like Israel? What would happen to Israeli defenses after 200 of their largest bases ceased to exist?

What would be left of metropolitan Tel Aviv (Gush Dan) and its 3.2 million people if it were hit by 500 fuel air explosives? Hint: There are only 585 square miles (1,516 square kilometers) in Gush Dan which contains more than 42% of Israel’s population. Fuel air explosives cause massive damage to human organs to people on the fringes of the blast area. A follow up question would be: What would happen to Haifa metropolitan area and its million people if it were hit by 250 fuel air explosives?

I do not want to belabor the point but what would happen to the US Central Command if every NATO military base in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Kyrgyzstan were hit by 3 or 4 fuel air explosives? Hint: Pakistan has already cut off supplies to American troops in Afghanistan. Slow witted people like Congressmen and TV pundits might want someone to read to them my essay ‘The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III.’

Iran has rocket artillery with a 92 mile (150 kilometer) range. Iran has Russian made N-22 Sunburn and N-26 Onyx anti-ship missiles which were designed to sink American aircraft carriers. The Iranians also have NATO and Chinese made anti-ship missiles to throw into the mix. The question is how many minutes will it take for the entire US Persian Gulf Fleet to sink?

The real American unemployment rate is 23% and the real inflation rate is 13%. The M2 annualized growth rate is 29%. Brad DeLong of UC Berkeley has said Ben Bernanke to create enough money at the Federal Reserve to buy trillions of dollars in bad European bonds. The US taxpayer is already on the hook through the FDIC to pay for any losses to the 250 trillion dollars in fraudulent Credit Default Swaps sold by the big six banks. The question is this: How long will it take for the world economy to implode sending unemployment over 30% and inflation over 50% in the US and Europe if the Iranians are forced to cut off all Persian Gulf oil exports?

Do you understand that any war against Syria or Iran will destroy Israel and that Israel will have to use nuclear weapons to destroy all Muslim nations in the Mideast including Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. This will risk a nuclear war with Russia and China?

Do you understand that even if Russia and China are not drawn into the war and if Israel only detonates 200 hydrogen bombs on the Muslims, that the radiation will kill millions of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and agnostics all over the world?

The one question above all others I want answered is this: How can millions of people be so deluded to believe that God wants them to fight a war and kill billions of real human beings?

Note: If you want to slowly read ‘The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III’ to a Zionist, you can find it here:

RT - Nomi Prins: Banks are like "Government-Sponsored Mafias"

Minescape (Video)

"China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third World War" (subtitles)

Denmark: Fears of vigilantism after rape of young girl

Somalian teen arrested for rape of 10-year-old girl after week of fear of reprisals against small town’s immigrant community

The rape of a ten-year-old has shocked the residents of a small town in Jutland, and led to fears residents would seek revenge against the suspect – a 16-year-old boy of Somalian descent. A week ago last Saturday two girls were threatened at knife-point by a boy and led into a forest. While the nine-year-old girl managed to escape and sound the alarm, the ten-year-old was raped.

It took over a week for the police to make an arrest, and in the meantime the description of the culprit – an 'African-looking' male between the ages of 16 and 18 and with black curly hair – was circulated.

Some 40 percent of the town’s residents are immigrants and several boys and young men fit the description given by the girls. While the police began collecting evidence, rumours started circulating that groups of residents were looking to take matters into their own hands and young immigrant men were warned to stay indoors.

To help calm nerves, a meeting was held the following Tuesday in which a family member of one of the two girls urged residents to let the police do their job in apprehending the culprit. One of those in attendance was Kaj Mortensen, the manager of a local housing association, who told the press that fears of a vigilante mob forming were overblown, though it was worth reminding residents of the consequences of vigilantism.

“It’s something we want to avoid, it’s the police who have to handle these things. We shouldn’t do anything ourselves,” Mortensen said. “Broadly speaking we discussed the need to talk to each other, regardless of which ethnicity you might have.”

While it seems residents did allow police to conduct their investigation in peace, a right-wing political organisation used the incident to spread their anti-Islamic agenda.

Twenty members of the Danish Defence League (DDL), were spotted in the nearby town of Herning on Thursday night on their way to Gullestrup, where the next day posters could be found declaring the town an ‘Sharia Free Zone’ and signed by the DDL.

The DDL admitted on its Facebook page to hanging the posters and called the act a ‘good effort’.

The group is tied to the British organisation English Defence League, which is made up largely of white males linked to the football hooligan community and who are responsible for violent anti-Islamic rallies across the country.

In a press release, the DDL declared it was prepared to take on the role of the police at times when they felt the Danish people were not being protected.

Battlefield: America - Have the Terrorists Won?

Nov 29, 2011 - Sen. Rand Paul, (R-Ky.), explains why he is fighting to stop a bill that would codify the detention of American citizens indefinitely by the U.S. Military.

Churchill And Hitler...And History

Winston Churchill was knighted after World War 2 and buried from Westminster Abbey, perhaps the highest tribute that could be paid to him, while Adolf Hitler has been accorded the status of perhaps the most evil politician in human history.

"When I look around to see how we can win the war I see that there is only one sure path. We have no Continental army which can defeat the German military power.. Should [Hitler].. not try invasion [of Britain].. there is one thing that will bring him back and bring him down, and that is an absolutely devastating, exterminating attack by very heavy bombers from this country upon the Nazi homeland. We must be able to overwhelm them by this means, without which I do not see a way through. We cannot accept any aim lower than air mastery. When can it be obtained?" [Extract from Winston S Churchill The Second World War (Volume 2 Their Finest Hour Appendix A), Memo from Prime Minister to Minister of Aircraft Production, 8.July 1940].
ADOLF HITLER in May 1940 

Britain and France declared war on Germany, not the other way around. Hitler actually wanted peace with Britain, as the German generals admitted (Basil Liddell Hart, The Other Side of the Hill 1948, Pan Books 1983) with regard to the so-called Halt Order of 24 May 1940 at Dunkirk, where Hitler had the opportunity to capture the entire British Army, but chose not to. Liddell Hart, one of Britain's most respected military historians, quotes the German General von Blumentritt with regard to this Halt Order: 

"He (Hitler) then astonished us by speaking with admiration of the British Empire, of the necessity for its existence, and of the civilization that Britain had brought into the world. He remarked, with a shrug of the shoulders, that the creation of its Empire had been achieved by means that were often harsh, but 'where there is planing, there are shavings flying'. He compared the British Empire with the Catholic Church ­ saying they were both essential elements of stability in the world. He said that all he wanted from Britain was that she should acknowledge Germany's position on the Continent. The return of Germany's colonies would be desirable but not essential, and he would even offer to support Britain with troops if she should be involved in difficulties anywhere.." (p 200).

According to Liddell Hart, "At the time we believed that the repulse of the Luftwaffe in the 'Battle over Britain' had saved her. That is only part of the explanation, the last part of it. The original cause, which goes much deeper, is that Hitler did not want to conquer England. He took little interest in the invasion preparations, and for weeks did nothing to spur them on; then, after a brief impulse to invade, he veered around again and suspended the preparations. He was preparing, instead, to invade Russia" (p140). 

David Irving in the foreword to his book The Warpath (1978) refers to "the discovery.. that at no time did this man (Hitler) pose or intend a real threat to Britain or the Empire."

Hitler saw the tremendous danger posed to Germany by Communism. He appreciated the desperate need to eliminate this threat, a fact that earned him the immense hatred and animosity of the Jewish organisations and the media and politicians of the west which they could influence. After all, according to the Jewish writer Chaim Bermant, although Jews formed less than five percent of Russia's population, they formed more than fifty percent of its revolutionaries. According to the Jewish writer Chaim Bermant in his book The Jews (1977, chapter 8): 

'It must be added that most of the leading revolutionaries who convulsed Europe in the final decades of the last century and the first decades of this one, stemmed from prosperous Jewish families.. They were perhaps typified by the father of revolution, Karl Marx.. Thus when, after the chaos of World War I, revolutions broke out all over Europe, Jews were everywhere at the helm; Trotsky, Sverdlov, Kamenev and Zinoviev in Russia, Bela Kun in Hungary, Kurt Eisner in Bavaria, and, most improbable of all, Rosa Luxemburg in Berlin.

'To many outside observers, the Russian revolution looked like a Jewish conspiracy, especially when it was followed by Jewish-led revolutionary outbreaks in much of central Europe. The leadership of the Bolshevik Party had a preponderance of Jews.. Of the seven members of the Politburo, the inner cabinet of the country, four, Trotsky (Bronstein), Zinoviev (Radomsky), Kamenev (Rosenfeld) and Sverdlov, were Jews.' Other authors agree with this:

"There has been a tendency to circumvent or simply ignore the significant role of Jewish intellectuals in the German Communist Party, and thereby seriously neglect one of the genuine and objective reasons for increased anti-Semitism during and after World War 1.. The prominence of Jews in the revolution and early Weimar Republic is indisputable, and this was a very serious contributing cause for increased anti-Semitism in post-war years.. It is clear then that the stereotype of Jews as socialists and communists.. led many Germans to distrust the Jewish minority as a whole and to brand Jews as enemies of the German nation." (Sarah Gordon Hitler, Germans and the 'Jewish Question' Princeton University Press (1984) p 23).
"The second paroxysm of strong anti-Semitism came after the critical role of Jews in International Communism and the Russian Revolution and during the economic crises of the 1920s and 30s Anti-Semitism intensified throughout Europe and North America following the perceived and actual centrality of Jews in the Russian Revolution.. Such feelings were not restricted to Germany, or to vulgar extremists like the Nazis. All over Northern Europe and North America, anti-Semitism became the norm in 'nice society', and 'nice society' included the universities." (Martin Bernal, Black Athena vol. 1 pp. 367, 387). "The major role Jewish leaders played in the November (Russian) revolution was probably more important than any other factor in confirming (Hitler's) anti-Semitic beliefs." (J&S Pool, Who Financed Hitler, p.164).
Hitler came to power in Germany with two main aims, the rectification of the unjust provisions of the Versailles Treaty, and the destruction of the Soviet/ Communist threat to Germany. Strangely enough, contrary to the mythology created by those who had an opposing ethnic agenda, he had no plans or desire for a larger war of conquest. Professor AJP Taylor showed this in his book The Origins of the Second World War, to the disappointment of the professional western political establishment. Taylor says, "The state of German armament in 1939 gives the decisive proof that Hitler was not contemplating general war, and probably not intending war at all" (p.267), and "Even in 1939 the German army was not equipped for a prolonged war; and in 1940 the German land forces were inferior to the French in everything except leadership" (p104-5). What occurred in Europe in 1939-41 was the result of unforeseen weaknesses and a tipping of the balance of power, and Hitler was an opportunist 'who took advantages whenever they offered themselves' (Taylor). Britain and France declared war on Germany, not the other way around. Hitler wanted peace with Britain.

Press TV On Ron Paul Opposing US Support For Israel

World holds breath over impending financial apocalypse

Allow me to begin this article with a single paragraph published yesterday on Yahoo Finance:
"The world is watching Europe, waiting upon a solution. It's not just the euro that's at stake. If the euro fails, so too does the 27-nation European Union. Bank lending would freeze, stock markets would likely crash, and Europe's economies would follow. Nations in the euro-zone would see their economic output decline, though temporarily, by as much as 50%, according to UBS forecasters. That economic meltdown would then spread to the U.S. and Asia, who would find themselves caught up in the credit freeze while their exports to Europe would collapse."(
If you had read these words just 12 months ago, you would have thought it to be fear-mongering conspiratorial nonsense. Words like "collapse" and "crash" and "meltdown" aren't normally tossed around the mainstream media, even when their use is justified. To actually see these words in print is strongly indicative of the severity of the global financial crisis our world now faces -- a crisis, by the way, which is nothing less than a global economic coup that has seen entire nations virtually taken over by criminal banksters.

It's truly a global phenomenon now. As the paragraph above explains, it's not merely that the very existence of the European Union is threatened by the current crisis, but that the "economic meltdown would spread to the U.S. and Asia," says the report. What Yahoo's finance article doesn't explain, however, is that this is technically not even a scene of a failed fiscal policy... it's actually a global crime scene.

Russia activates early warning radar system

Russia took its first retaliatory step in response to America's missile defence shield build-up on Tuesday by activating an early warning radar system in a Russian enclave bordering the European Union.

President Dmitry Medvedev announced the inauguration of a radar station in Kaliningrad that would track incoming missiles. The Kremlin has taken a belligerent approach to American plans to defend against the growing Iranian missile threat by demanding thatRussia is included as a full partner or it will go on its own.

Mr Medvedev heralded a four-stage response to the American plans in a speech last week. By taking the first step so quickly the Kremlin is demonstrating its determination not to be outflanked by America. Further measures include strengthening defences around Russia's strategic missile stockpiles, upgrading its missiles to penetrate the missile shield and deployment of anti-missile batteries on the borders of America's European allies.

Russia fears that the American system will eventually neutralise its own short-range and intercontinental nuclear missiles.


Hardons comment:
If I was 30 years younger I would learn Russian, emigrate to Russia and set up an Electronics and Automation business. Russia and some of the former Soviet Union Balkan States are the only countries that are not controlled and owned lock, stock and barrel by the Zionists, the Rothschild's et al who have flooded Europe, the USA and the Antipodes with turd world immigrants. Destroyed our economies and made the indigenous people of our lands 'second class citizens'

If the Zionists use their NATO foot soldier slaves to push Russia to war, I know who's side I'll be on. Just like I was on the side of the Serbs when NATO forced their perverted agenda on them by bombing them to hell, killing thousands of our brethren WHITE men, women and children.

RT - George Orwell’s guide to the news

George Orwell’s '1984' wasn't meant to be a guide...

The Western mainstream media falsifies the news resorting to euphemisms, half-truths and lies in the best (worst) style of George Orwell’s novel 1984. We all live in the unreal world of “Newspeak” used by the Global Power Elite to control our minds.

Man gets confused when things that happen around him and to him, or which are done in his name, cannot be properly grasped, understood or made sense of. Normally, such confusion leads to inaction. If you’re lost at night in the middle of a forest but you can still see the stars, then a bit of astronomical knowledge will at least quickly tell you which way is north. But if it’s cloudy or you’re ignorant of the constellations in starry heaven, then you might as well light up a fire and do nothing until dawn…. You’re Lost!

Today, mainstream media coverage uses programmed distortion, confusion, even outright lying when its Money Power masters order it to support the “official story” on any major political, economic or financial process. When looked at closely, however, the “official story” of things can be seen to be inaccurate, misleading, often hardly believable if not downright stupid.

Examples of this: Iraq’s inexistent WMD’s leading to the invasion and destruction of that country; global mega-banker bail-outs with taxpayer money; irrational US diplomatic, military, financial and ideological alignment to Israeli objectives; “we-killed-Osama-Bin-Laden-and-dumped-his-body-into-the-sea”; and the wide array of “whodunits” surrounding 9/11 in New York and Washington, 7/7 in London, the AMIA/Israeli Embassy attacks in Buenos Aires in 1992/1994, and – of course – that all time favorite: who shot JFK…?

These are but a few of the paradigmatic cases that have at least served to trigger millions of people to wake up and think with their own minds instead of the mainstream media’s! But unfortunately the vast majority of such cases are not so clear-cut. The vast majority of Newspeak lies are like knots, difficult to untie as they carry built-in complexity resembling Gordian Knots. And, as with all Gordian Knots, you need to cut right through them, and this requires swift and precise action plus a good measure of intellectual courage.

To give an example of what we say, let’s take a quick look at how a “Newspeak” operation works. It requires sequential planning, it requires time, it requires proper logistics, it requires “credible” spokespeople in public and private sectors, it requires choosing the right words and images at the right time and in the right circumstances.

So, let’s say the Global Power Elite – working through the governments of the US, UK, EU into which they are deeply embedded, and joint-venturing with a wide array of media outlets, defense companies, oil companies, security and construction companies, and powerful lobbies – decide that they wish to overrun and destroy a specific country… Libya, for example…

How do they ensure that “the international community” will just quietly look on (except for the still relatively small minority of voices that are increasingly raising hell against them)?
The Seven Step Mainstream Media Country Destruction Guide
1. First, they start by targeting a country ripe for “Regime Change”, and brand it a “rogue state”; then…
2. They arm, train, finance local terrorist groups through CIA, MI6, Mossad, Al-Qaeda (a CIA operation), drug cartels (often CIA operations) and call them “freedom fighters”; then…
3. As mock UN Security Council Resolutions are staged that rain death and destruction upon millions of civilians, they call it “UN sanctions to protect civilians”; then…
4. They spread flagrant lies through their “newsrooms” and paid journalists, and call it "the international community’s concerns expressed by prestigious spokespeople and analysts…” then…
5. They bomb, invade and begin to control the target country and call it “liberation”; then…
6. As the target country falls fully under their control, they impose “the kind of democracy that we want to see” (as Hillary Clinton before visiting Egypt and Tunisia on March 10, 2011), until finally…
7. They steal appetizing oil, mineral and agricultural reserves handing them over to Global Power Elite corporations, and impose unnecessary private banking debt and call it “foreign investment and reconstruction.”
Their keynotes are: Force and Hypocrisy, which they have used time and again to destroy entire countries, always in the name of “freedom”, “democracy”, “peace” and “human rights”. Utmost force and violence is used to achieve their ends and goals.

Their Elders recommended this many decades ago in a blueprint for World Domination written on a hoary manuscript of old…

“What did you say…? That you don’t want to be ‘liberated’ and ‘democratized’?!?”

“Then, take this Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hanoi, Berlin, Dresden, Baghdad, and Basra!! Take that Tokyo, Gaza, Lebanon, Kabul, Pakistan, Tripoli, Belgrade, Egypt, El Salvador and Grenada!! And take that, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Somalia, Africa!!”

Always bombing people to smithereens… Always, of course, in the name of “freedom”, “democracy”, “peace” and “human rights”

Adrian Salbuchi for RT

Zionism Is Nobody's Friend

"I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."  The New Freedom. Woodrow Wilson, 1913
What was this power to which Wilson referred? Why was it talked about in hushed tones and behind closed doors?

Our public has been and continues to be duped. It is a process which begins early and is unrelenting. It begins in homes and schools. It begins on the radio and television. It begins in the print media. And, ultimately, a Pavlovian reaction occurs; man is no longer a critical thinker. Man has become a machine. I know the process all too well; I was a part of it for more years than I care to admit. And now that I am able to see beyond the curtain, even if only partially, I want nothing more then to alert people to the game that is being played at their expense.

Jews have played an important role in this duping drama and yet, the average Jew remains ignorant of what is transpiring. The average Jew has been effectively brainwashed by cries of anti-Semitism and pictures of the Jewish Holocaust The average Jew lives in a state of fear and anxiety and feels a part of the victim class. No matter how much power is amassed, the average Jew feels one step away from extinction. There is always a threat hanging over his head. Another swastika appears on a Synagogue. Another "suicide bomber" manages to get through the labyrinth of checkpoints in Israel. (if you know anything about the checkpoints, you will find this a bit difficult to believe ) Well placed occurrences keep the average Jew vulnerable to this "power." And what is this power? ZIONISM.

"Zionism is a political movement that arose in the latter part of the 1800's. Initially it referred to the effort of certain Jewish people to establish a Jewish nation in the land of Palestine. But that term has changed over the years. Today it applies to those who want to expand the borders of what was already established. It refers to those who think nothing of putting their own interests ahead of the interests of any nation in which they reside." Stranger Than Fiction by Dr. Albert D Pastore
It is unfortunate that there are those who believe that all Jews are supporters of Zionism. The truth is that there are an increasing number of Jews who have spoken out and continue to speak out against this dangerous geo political movement. Included among them are John Sack, Alfred Lilienthal, Benjamin Freedman, Israel Shamir, Israel Shahack, Norman Finkelstein, Henry Makow, Ralph Schoenman, Lenni Brenner, Victor Ostrovsky, Henry Klein and Jack Bernstein. In addition, many other Jewish voices have risked loss of family, friends and jobs. And, they have suffered vicious attacks from groups like the "Anti-Defamation League" (ADL) which, despite its appealing name, specializes in slander and defamation.

Dr.Albert D. Pastore quotes Jack Bernstein:

"I am well aware of the tactics YOU, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone who attempts to expose any of your subversive acts. If the person is gentile, you cry "you're anti-Semitic," which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide your actions. But if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics:
First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution. If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the person giving the information. If that doesn't work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn't been involved in sufficient scandal, you are adept at fabricating a scandal against the person or persons. If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks. But NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong. " (from The Life Of An American Jew in Racist-Marxist Israel. By Jack Bernstein, 1984)"
Bernstein challenged the ADL to an open debate on television. Not surprisingly, the challenge was declined.

The Nuturei Karta is a group of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who refuse to recognize the existence of the "State of Israel" In their literature they write:
"Zionist propagandists are always given to bullying tactics and censorship. It is very helpful in this regard to read former Congressman Findley's book, They Dared to Speak Out. It is the sorry record of the immense resources that the Zionist lobby invested in destroying the careers of politicians all across the United States who had voiced some qualms about this nation's subservience to Israel.
Of course, anti - Zionist Jews of all political and religious orientations have long experienced the lash of the Zionist movement. In 1924, a scholarly Dutch Jew, Dr. Jacob Israel de Hahn, who functioned as a secretary of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld (1849 - 1932 ) Chief Rabbi of Palestine, (may their memories be blessed) was murdered as he returned from evening prayers outside Shaarui Zedek hospital in Jerusalem. His crime was that he had been involved in discussions with Arab leaders that offered an alternative to Zionist hegemony. His murderers were members of the Haganah, a Zionist, so - called "defense organization." In fact, Dr. de Hahn may well be described as the first victim of Zionist violence in the Holy Land. Yet, outside of a limited circle of anti - Zionist Jews, this cowardly and cold blooded murder is completely unknown "

RT - UK embassy stormed in Tehran

Several dozen Iranian students have stormed the UK embassy in Tehran, chanting "death to England" and bringing down the British flag. Students clashed with riot police as they climbed over the embassy's gate, rushed into the building and started throwing documents from the windows. The protesters chanted "Down with Britain", "Down with America", "Down with Israel" and "Students are Awake and Hate Britain," according to Fars news agency.

EU: The gathering storm

Wake up, Europe, and smell the treachery.

USA: Seriously? Senate Considering Repeal of Anti-Torture Measures

Yesterday, the ACLU and over 30 other organizations sent a letter to the Senate asking them to oppose an effort in Congress that threatens to revive the use of torture and other inhumane interrogation techniques. If passed, an amendment introduced by Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) to the Defense Authorization bill would roll back torture prevention measures that Congress overwhelmingly approved in the 2005 McCain Anti-Torture Amendment, as well as a 2009 Executive Order on ensuring lawful interrogations. It would also require the administration to create a secret list of approved interrogation techniques in a classified annex to the existing interrogation field manual.

In a related development, republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmannrenewed her attack on the prohibition of waterboarding and other forms of torture in her claim that the ACLU runs interrogations. But in fact, the director of the CIA, General David Petraeus and the Secretary of Defense (and former CIA Director) Leon Panetta have both said that the 2009 Executive Order applying the Army Field Manual government-wide and the 2005 McCain Anti-Torture Amendment work and are consistent with good national security.

Such a move to undermine these protections in the Senate would fly in the face of American values and U.S. legal obligations, and would obstruct U.S. military missions and endanger troops deployed abroad. The ACLU is far from alone in opposing the use of torture. Senior military officers and interrogation experts agree that U.S. interrogators need not and should not resort to so-called enhanced methods of interrogation because they are unnecessary and counterproductive. Even the Bush Defense Department opposed the inclusion of a secret annex to the military’s interrogation manual because such secrecy would inhibit training and obstruct collaboration with our allies in the field.

Our letter argues that we “cannot afford to return to practices that degraded our country in the eyes of the general public,” and asks the Senate to oppose the Ayotte Amendment. You can join our call by asking your Senators to oppose Amendment 1068.


BRITAIN'S public services ground to a halt this morning as schools, hospitals, courts and transport were hit by the biggest strike in decades.

Teachers, nurses and civil servants joined weather forecasters, botanists and nuclear physicists on picket lines in today's mass national walkout which threatens to cripple the country.

Unions said early indications were that the walkout was being solidly supported and predicted that November 30 would go down in history as the biggest day of industrial action since the 1979 Winter of Discontent.

Hospital employees and workers on the Mersey tunnels were among the first to take action from midnight, setting up picket lines and holding up banners attacking the Government's pension reforms.

Early Government figures suggested that almost three in four schools were affected by the walkout, although that number could rise.

The Department for Education (DfE) said it believed that more than half of England's 21,700 state schools (58%) were closed, with a further 13% partially shut. Around 13% are open, the DfE said, while the rest are unknown.

Occupy LA eviction begins as police move in

Police in riot gear enter Occupy movement camp outside Los Angeles City Hall after mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's deadline

Police in riot gear have moved into the Occupy LA encampment outside City Hall to enforce the mayor's order to evict protesters who have been camped out for the past eight weeks. Hundreds of activists, joined by supporters streaming into the area in a show of solidarity, crowded the lawn, sidewalks and streets around City Hall as helmeted officers moved into the encampment.

Local television news showed large numbers of police, patrol cars, buses and other vehicles at Dodger stadium, a few miles away, in what appeared to be a major police staging operation.

The Los Angeles encampment, which officials had tolerated for weeks even as other cities moved in to clear out similar compounds, is among the largest on the west coast aligned with a two-month-old national Occupy Wall Street movement protesting economic inequality and the excesses of the US financial system.

Protesters began arriving at the City Hall park on 1 Octctober, and within weeks the encampment had grown to include as many as 500 tents, with 700 to 800 full-time residents.

Obscene: Using the Holocaust to Justify War With Iran

The drums of war with Iran will be beating loudly in the three months leading up to AIPAC's policy conference early next March. The Republican candidates for president (with the exception of Rep. Ron Paul) will try to outdo each other in professing devotion to Israel coupled with calls to inflict more "crippling sanctions" on Iran while pledging to keep the war option "on the table."

The White House will dispatch deputies throughout the country to assure Democratic donors that the president is as hawkish on Iran as any Republican and that the war option is on his table, too.

The AIPAC conference itself, with more than half the Congress in attendance, plus the president, will be all about the Iranian threat. Speaker after speaker will claim that Iran is on the verge of possessing nuclear weapons that would be used to finish the work Hitler began. (See this typical AIPAC speech by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor which hits heavily on the Iran/Holocaust theme).

As I noted in a column a few weeks ago, the Iran war claque is comprised almost entirely of neoconservatives/right-wing "pro-Israel" activists and opinion leaders (from AIPAC and its associated organizations) joined by politicians seeking campaign contributions.

For a politician, being an Iran hawk can be very lucrative while favoring diplomacy is a sure ticket to AIPAC purgatory. (Every candidate for the House and Senate must fill out an AIPAC questionnaire on attitudes toward Iran and the Palestinians. Providing the "wrong" answers or not responding means trouble).

Writing in Salon last week, Gary Kamiya, long-time executive editor of the publication, noted that the people promoting war with Iran are many of the same people who led the charge into Iraq.

Kamiya asks how it is that anyone would pay any attention at all to people who not only were wrong about Iraq but fixed the intelligence (e.g, Undersecretary of State Douglas Feith) to get the bloody result they wanted. Of course, Kamiya knows the answer.

USA: Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars

Scott Pelley brings "60 Minutes" cameras back to central Florida to document another form of family homelessness: kids and their parents forced to live in cars.

Ending The USA

"Does the Government work for us or do we work for the government? What if the Constitution no longer applied? What if the whole purpose of the Constitution was to limit the government. 

What if Congresses' enumerated powers in the Constitution no longer limited congress but were actually used as a justification to extend congresses' authority over every realm of human life. What if the president who was meant to be an equal to congress has instead become a democratically elected, term limited Monarch?

What if the president assumed that everything he did was legal just because 'he's the president'? What if he could interrupt your regularly scheduled radio and TV programming for a special message from him? What if he could declare war on his own? What if he could read your emails and your texts without a search warrant? What if he could kill you without warning! 

What if Supreme Court Justices no longer looked to the Constitution to determine the constitutionality of a law, but rather simply to what Justice's who preceded them thought about it? What if the rights and principles guaranteed in the constitution have been so distorted in the past two hundred years, as to be unrecognizable by the founders? 

What if the fifty states were no longer sovereign entities, equals to each other, and 'parents' to the federal government they federally constituted. What if the states were mere provinces of a totally nationalized and fully centralized government. What if the Constitution was amended stealthfully; not by Constitutional amendments dully ratified by the states but by the constant and persistent expansion of the Federal Government's role in our lives?

What if the federal Government decided if its own powers were proper and constitutional? What if the Constitution were no longer the Supreme Law of the Land? 

What if you needed a license from the government to speak, to assemble or to protest against the government? What if the government didn't like what you planned to say and so it didn't give you the license? What if the right to keep and bear arms only applied to the government! 

What if Posse Comitatus, the federal law that prohibits our military from occupying our streets were no longer in effect! What if the government considered the military an adequate dispenser of domestic law enforcement? What if cops looked and acted like troops and you couldn't distinguish the military from the police? What if you are not secure in your person and your papers and your property? What if Federal Agents could write their own search warrants in defiance of the Constitution?

What if the government could decide when you were or were not entitled to a jury trial? What if the government could take your property whenever it wanted! What if the government could continue prosecuting you until it got the verdict it wanted? What if the government could force you to testify against yourself, simply by labeling you a 'domestic terrorist'! What if the government could torture you until you said what the government wanted to hear? 

What if people running for president actually supported 'torture'? What if the government tortured your children ­ to get to you! What if government judges and government lawyers intimidated juries into convicting the innocent! What if your government can send you to your death and your innocence meant nothing so long as government's procedures were followed. What if America's prison population; the largest in the world was a cruel and unusual way for a country to be 'free.' What if half the prison population never harmed anyone but themselves?

What if the people had no rights except those the government chose to let them have? What if the states had no rights, except to do as the Federal Government commanded? What if our elected officials didn't really 'live among us' but instead all had their hearts and homes in Washington D.C.! What if the government could strip you of your rights because of where your mother was when you were born. What if the Income tax was unconstitutional? (1) 

What if the states were convinced to give up their representation in congress? What if the government tried to ban you from using a substance in your body that is older than the government itself? What if voting didn't mean anything anymore because both political parties stand for Big Government?

What if the government could write any law, regulate any behavior and tax any event-the Constitution be Damned! What if the Government was the reason we don't have a constitution anymore! What if you could love your country but HATE what the government has done to it? What if sometimes, to love your country, you had to alter or abolish it! What if Jefferson was right! What if 'that government is best which governs least' What if I'm right, what if the government is WRONG? What if it is dangerous to be RIGHT when the government is WRONG. 

What if it is better to perish fighting for FREEDOM than to live as a slave? What if freedom's greatest hour of danger is NOW! (2)

Today we're still waiting for the vote in the Senate on S-1867 which will officially end the entire USgovernment as it was constitutionally created. This is true because everything in the above quote is true and much, much more. With troops instead of cops, and Posse Comitatus dead, and with this government-gone-wild; this is no longer a nation it's just a police-state that is only waiting for the Senate to create the change formally! IF this happens (see below) that will be the official end of the United States! 

"This bill was written in secret and approved by committee without a single hearing. Senate Republicans support the bill and enough Democrats support it to give it a great chance of passing.This provision does have opponents. President Obama has threatened to veto the bill and even Ron Paul is concerned enough to bring it up during one of the GOP debates. An amendment called the Udall Amendment has been offered by Democratic Senator Mark Udall that would delete the dangerous provision.

If you are an American citizen, protect your constitutional rights. Call your senator and tell them to approve of the Udall Amendment. No American citizen should be arrested by the military and held indefinitely without charge or trial. It's not conducive to American values and would give the military and the government more power over the American citizenry. The last time Americans had to deal with an overreaching military was during the Revolutionary era. Because of that, the Founders included the 3rd Amendment to ban the quartering of troops during times of war and peace. Once again, Americans are under threat of dealing with a military that has more power than it should have. And it could cost us most of the freedoms we tend to take for granted. 

America is NOT a battlefield. America is a free country and American citizens should not ever be arrested by the military and certainly not without being charged or getting a trial. This provision would cast aside the Constitution and put the liberties of American citizens here at home and around the world at serious risk. Please call your senator or visit this link, because this is a risk Americans cannot afford to take." (3) 

BTW who gave us the right to rule the world-by force! Who appointed 'Amerika' over all the other peoples of the earth? What right did we ever have to slaughter the people of Libya, (or for Israel to slaughter the peoples of Palestine for 60 years) and soon the population in Syria as well and then on to Iran? The ARROGANCE of the idea that this country gets to decide for the world who shall run it illegally and unilaterally for ISRAEL and most of this just to create the Greater State of pathetic and illegal Israel!

I know it's been tough being as distracted as so many were by the OCCUPY movement, while the real actions were being put into place.But here's the truth about Soros and his pirates that have been funding these creatures since 2003 (4) 

For over ten years I've been one of the thousands that have been warning about the possibilities inherent in this nightmare; and now there are only hours left to stop this from happening. If you chose to do nothing AGAIN, then that military-prison shall become your prison as well. Except that the HELL you will have to live with is that you and your friends could have prevented this from ever happening, by simply having paid attention, instead of choosing to believe these lying traitors to this nation, because it was easier not to make waves! 1) Documents Explaining What has happened to us 2) 11-24-11 

Freedom Watch ­ The Plain Truth 3) US Senate to Vote on Bill That will Allow the US Senate that will allow the Military to arrest Americans on American Soil.
allow-the-military-to-arrest-americans-on-american-soil-and-hold-them-indefinitely/ 4) Jon Stewart 

Reveal That Occupy Wall Street Had a Ghetto Section

USA: Senate wants martial law in America

There is a bill in the US Senate called the National Defense Authorization Act and it could be voted on as early as this week. This bill gives the president the authority to indefinitely imprison American citizens without a court hearing, both domestically and abroad. Senate Bill 1867 is bringing the battlefield to the homeland. Alex Jones, radio host of The Alex Jones Show, tells us what this could mean for America's future.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


In the last few days: Dr David Duke Arrested in ZOG Germany, a British woman arrested and detained for speaking her mind. Our history, our culture our future. What about us?

The destruction of our race and our people is well under way, no descent will be tolerated. While our leaders order death and destruction in far off foreign lands and your kids arrive home in body bags. You happy with that?

Valhalla 14/88

Praise be to Odin and all the Germanic heroes and Kings and the true Celtic Brit Gods and Leaders that ruled before we the true 'chosen ones' resisted to the death the alien religions from the continent of Africa, namely the Middle East. Judaism, Islam and Christianity (Though the latter has some salvation for our race) 

Jews are the Devils chosen people, you can see that everywhere you look. They arrogantly proclaim that they are a separate race, when in fact they are not. Certainly the ones ruling Israel are not, look at Prime Minister Netanyahu does he look Semitic? 

No, because he is an Askenazi Jew who's forefathers originated from Khazar an old Eastern European Thiefdom that invented 'usery' and spawned the Rothschild's which in turn, never flinching from their plan laid out over a hundred years ago, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' 

Does he look like an Arab (true Semitic?) No does he fuck. He is actually Satan personified. Listen to this ridiculous speech by 'Bibi' It is total crap, he is trying to say that he is doing America and the rest of the world a favour. He has the nerve to say that thanks to Jews we have freedom. Just listen to the shit he comes out with below:

Oh how gracious of him to lie like the devil he is and how fucking stupid for those well off Americans to cheer him while their own people are demised to the scrapheap. But I guess they know where their breads buttered and without the Jewish Lobby that control everything, they'd have fuck all.

It is unbelievable that the most powerful country in the world worships a piece of shit like Netanyahu. and his fascist regime.

Like the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad I would like to see Zionism wiped off the face of the Earth (Which is what he actually said) And I would also like to see this cunt swinging from a lamppost. Everyone knows he lies, even Obama and Sarkozy, Cameron does too but he is too under the thumb of the Rothschild's to be caught out.

Americans are not stupid but the ones who get rich from letting the Jews give them one up the arse are. Because when the day comes they will surely die for there shallow, blind ignorance to the bullshit that rules the USA.

For Fucks Sake Wake up America. The Jews are destroying your country.

John Hardon  


I have just tried to set up a 'Petition' on the Puppet Governments e-petition site, you know the one that Cameron says that if it gets over 100,000 electronic signatures, it will have to be debated in Parliament. Regarding the enforced detention of Emma West see: Here, here & here . I of course know that this Petition has no fucking chance of appearing on the Internet.

After confirming my email address and details, this is the HM GOVERNMENT message I received:
Thank you.

You have now confirmed your email address.
Your e-petition will now be checked to make sure it complies with the terms & conditions for creating an e-petition. Checking can take up to 7 days, so we'll send you an email once this is done.
The Petition is addressed to the Department of Justice and entitled: 'FREE THE CROYDON ONE' 

Where it asks for Petition details I have put:
After much provocation Emma West finally cracked and stated in no uncertain terms said what a lot of us true Brits think. For this she has been charged with committing a racially aggravated public order offence and remanded in custody for a week pending psychiatric reports. She is due to reappear in court on Tuesday December 6. (They have probably took her child into care too)
I know for a fucking fact that this Petition has no chance of seeing the light of day but I just did it for the 'crack' 

The original YouTube video of this event has been taken down and the main stream media is no longer mentioning it. You think you have freedom of speech, you think you live in a democracy, think on suckers!

That 'old Etonian' wanker Osborne stood up today in the house of traitors and told us that WE have to endure even more hardship to further the aims of Globalist Power Elite otherwise known as the New World Order. 

Well I got news for them, from now on I intend to make my own rules. I have not got a TV licence, I do not intend to pay my energy bills and I intend to break their laws at every possible opportunity. Fuck 'em. 

Look at who rules these (once) Green and pleasant lands? Is it our forefathers who invented, discovered, grafted their balls off and died for Queen & Country? Is it fuck. Its the Jew boys and their lackey's that are reaping the greatest transference of wealth from the poor to the rich in the history of the world.

I do this Blog because it keeps me sane (just about) but I am beginning to think that their is no hope when I look at the sheeple who either do not understand or do not wish to.

A old friend of mine once said: "Don't worry about Hell Johnnie, this is Hell" and maybe he's right. So keep on watching the bullshit on TV and pay no attention to me I'm probably insane like the woman on the train... or was it a Tram!

John Hardon

Sanctions Against Iran are Definite Steps Toward a US Attack

These fuck wits won't be laughing when the American people finally realise what they are really up to. No they'll lying in their Brown Beds up on Boot Hill

Many people have the misconception that sanctions are an effective means to encourage a change of behavior in another country without war. However, imposing sanctions and blockades are not only an act of war according to international law, they are most often the first step toward a real war starting with a bombing campaign. Sanctions were the first step in our wars against Iraq and Libya, and now more sanctions planned against Syria and Iran are leading down the same destructive path.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) latest report, just out this month, there is no evidence that Iran has diverted enriched uranium from the peaceful and lawful generation of power toward building a nuclear weapon. According to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has every right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Unfortunately, US foreign policy has boxed Iran into a corner where they may view development of a nuclear weapon as the only way to maintain sovereignty. They are surrounded by unfriendly nuclear powers and history has shown that having a nuclear weapon is the best way to avoid being bombed or invaded. The unintended consequences of our confrontational policies toward Iran may be to actually encourage them to seek nuclear weapons capabilities. We should be using diplomacy rather than threats and hostility.

Fortunately there is another way. Nothing promotes peace better than free trade. Countries that trade with each other generally do not make war on each other, as both countries gain economic benefits they do not want to jeopardize. China is a massive nuclear power yet it does not seek military confrontation with the United States. Trade is much more profitable. Also trade and friendship applies much more effective persuasion to encourage better behavior, as does leading by example. Alarmingly, tough new sanctions are under consideration that would also punish Iran's trading partners, including China, Russia, and possibly our NATO allies such as Germany.

Conversely, sanctions allow regimes to blame their shortcomings on foreigners, thereby maintaining a hold on power. They rarely even inconvenience elites in the target countries. They simply provide a common enemy to rally the people against and undermine internal dissent. Consider how well the embargo has worked against Cuba. Fidel Castro and his regime may be annoyed by the inability to trade with their neighbors just 90 miles away, but American businessmen also lose out in the bargain. That means less jobs and less freedom at home.