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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

USA: 6 Strange Anomalies With The Virginia Earthquake

My first thought upon hearing the news of the rare 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia this week was that it was not a natural occurrence. After all, no one has ever felt or even heard of such a powerful temblor happening in this area in a lifetime. As is usual for my cynical instincts, I hoped that I was wrong. However, several anomalies indicate that something is not normal with the Virginia quake.

First, I spend a lot of time in the "Ring of Fire" zone and have experienced numerous earthquakes. By no means does this make me an expert, nor scientifically qualified to analyze earthquakes. But, as enthusiasts, we looked up every quake we felt over a five-year period -- the size, epicenter location, depth, and so on, to get a general sense of placing how it "felt" relative to the official data.

I can categorically state that, of the dozen or so earthquakes that I've experienced, including a powerful 6.2, all of them started gently, none of them were over 50 miles away, all of them had depths of several kilometers, and the big ones seemed to have multiple aftershocks reported. Again, I say this as an observer, not as a scientist, and I'm only providing this background simply to qualify my immediate skepticism.

Furthermore, curiously, the "Great Virginia Quake of 2011," unprecedented in size and scope, should have grabbed the media headlines and discussion for weeks, but Hurricane Irene has all but wiped the earthquake off the weather map. Even as all the storm measurements for Irene show that it will likely be a minor nuisance, maybe some flooding and power outages, multiple states of emergency have been declared, mandatory mass evacuations ordered, and the media is all too eager to spread the panic. You'd think the east coast of the United States was being invaded. It feels like a distraction, or perhaps a large but manageable live drill of some kind to make heroes out of our politicians, and FEMA look like a successful agency.

Global Warming: Parts of Britain suffer coldest summer for nearly two decades

Much of Britain suffered the coldest summer for almost two decades, Met Office statistics show.

As Britons return to work today after a soggy Bank Holiday weekend, official weather data reveals that average temperatures were significantly down on recent years. The UK’s average temperature from June 1 to August 15 was only 57F (13.9C) – the lowest for 13 years. For central England the average was 59F (15C), making it the coolest summer since 1993.

Helen Waite, a Met Office forecaster, said: “The average temperature for central England this summer has been just 15C – this sort of temperature is normally typical of September.

“Generally speaking, you would expect to see temperatures of at least 17C for this time of year.”

USA: Silver and Gold Liberty Dollars Can be Confiscated

So it has begun.

The Federal government has determined it can and will confiscate all Silver and Gold Liberty Dollars that are displayed openly and not for educational uses only in displays. In other words all the Liberty Dollars in stores on Ebay for sale can/will be confiscated by the federal government.

There was a trial earlier this year in North Carolina against Bernard von NotHaus, the founder and creator of the Liberty Dollar. He was convicted by a jury for creating an alternate currency. The Liberty dollars are now considered counterfeits, contraband and subject to seizure.

This is so totally outrageous! This is simply an excuse for the government to try and get as much silver and gold they can from the public and desperation on the part of the government.

The Liberty Dollars did not resemble any coin in the U.S. nor did it bill itself as an alternate currency. It has and was a collectors coin of pure silver and gold.

UK: Britain’s new brain drain: A million of our best-qualified citizens now live abroad

More than a million of the highest-qualified and best-trained Britons have gone to live abroad and are contributing to the wealth of other countries, a report found yesterday. They have made up more than half of the British emigrants who have gone abroad over the past 14 years to work in countries including America, Australia, or, increasingly, Germany, it found.

The report from the immigration think tank MigrationWatch warned of a new brain drain and said that no other country loses as many university graduates through emigration. But at the same time British immigration rules are offering entry clearance to the country to engineers and other highly qualified technicians because the country is suffering from shortages.

The analysis of who is going abroad comes at a time when numbers of people leaving the country to live abroad have plummeted, mainly thanks to the recession. At the same time levels of immigration have remained at sky high levels.

NATO Style 'Liberation'

Wherever it goes, NATO slaughters, ravages, lays waste, incinerates, contaminates, devastates, conquers, colonizes, plunders, exploits, impoverishes and immiserates. Libya is its latest victim. It's now a hellish inferno thanks to NATO and its 'rebel' gangs, unleashed to commit mass murder with impunity. 

NATO calls it 'humanitarian intervention' - a responsibility to 'protect.' That's Orwellian doublespeak for war without mercy to destroy another independent state. For America, Britain and France, it's for another imperial trophy. 

For Libyans, it turned their world upside down through the barrel of a gun. They call it naked aggression, mass slaughter, and turning Africa's most developed state into a dystopian nightmare. It's why people of conscience say never forgive or forget. Watch the Libya Truth video and compare the country before and after NATO:

With independent Tripoli-based voices silenced, it's hard getting accurate daily information. Nonetheless, some mainstream sources report rebel forces are committing reprisals, revenge killings, and perhaps indiscriminate murder across the city, repeating the same pattern they followed in other parts of the country. 

On August 27, London Independent writer Kim Sengupta headlined, "Rebels settle scores in Libyan capital," saying: "The killings were pitiless." Rebels murdered people in hospitals. "Some of the dead were on stretchers, attached to intravenous drips. 

Some were on the back of an ambulance that had been shot at. A few were on the ground, seemingly attempting to crawl to safety when the bullets came." Dozens more dead were decomposing in summer heat, many with their hands tied behind their backs before being murdered in cold blood. 

Many were Black guest workers, victimized by taking employment at the wrong time in the wrong place. In rebel-controlled areas, atrocities continue against suspected Gaddafi loyalists. As a result, up to 95% of Tripoli residents are at risk. A potential bloodbath may ensue, but who'll know if coverup replaces good journalism.

USA: Congress Giving Millions of Foreclosed Homes To Wall Street Slumlords

Great news, everybody: After deliberately failing to help millions of American families stuck in vulture mortgages, the U.S. government is now giving those foreclosed homes to Wall Street for pennies on the dollar so that Wall Street can then rent the now-vacant foreclosures back to the same people pushed out during the Wall Street-caused housing bubble collapse. Wall Street stands to make an immense profit by becoming, overnight, the “largest improved real-estate owners in the world.” Who says capitalism doesn’t work, with a little help from the government by taking away the property of the working class and giving it to billionaires who pay no taxes? Who says that?

The Street/ reports on this innovative solution to the problem of millions of foreclosed homes currently not providing income for Goldman Sachs:

The largest transfer of wealth from the public to private sector is about to begin. The federal government will be bulk-selling the massive portfolio of foreclosed homes now owned by HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to private investors — vulture funds.

These homes, which are now the property of the U.S. government, the U.S. taxpayer, and U.S. citizens collectively, are going to be sold to private investor conglomerates at extraordinarily large discounts to real value. You and I will not be allowed to participate. These investors will come from the private-equity and hedge-fund community, Goldman Sachs and its derivatives, as well as foreign sovereign wealth funds that can bring a billion dollars or more to each transaction.

In the process, these investors will instantaneously become the largest improved real estate owners and landlords in the world. The U.S. taxpayer will get pennies on the dollar for these homes and then be allowed to rent them back at market rates.

Australian Propaganda - Climate Change Threatens Mental Health

The new 30-page study focuses on Australia, hit in recent years by a devastating drought -- known as "The Big Dry" -- along with severe fires and floods. Together, these events claimed many lives and caused billions of dollars in damage.

Up to now, however, few efforts have been made to assess the psychological impact of climate change-enhanced weather events, which in Australia have destroyed communities, farms and businesses. In poorer countries with less capacity to absorb such shocks, the consequences on mental health are likely to be even greater, the report warned.

"The emerging burden of climate-related impacts on community morale and mental health -- bereavement, depression, post-event stress disorders, and the tragedy of self-harm -- is large," noted Tony McMichael, a professor at Australian National University, in introducing the study.

Statistics from Australia show higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, violence, family breakups and suicide after extreme weather events, with impacts more pronounced in rural and semi-rural areas according to the report.

"Evidence is emerging that drought and heat waves lead to rates of self-harm and suicide as much as eight percent higher" when annual rainfall is at least 300 millimetres below average, it said.

Children in particular are vulnerable to pre-disaster anxiety and post-trauma illness, the researchers noted. This is due not only to direct exposure of life-threatening situations and dislocation from family and community supports, but also to "the reality of living with long term threat," noted Ian Hickie, director of the Brain and Mind Research Institute.

Climate change will also render already stressful conflicts over resource use, especially for water, even more volatile, he added.

USA: Missile Hit Pentagon on 9/11

On the verge of the 9/11 tenth anniversary, leaked videos confirm eye-witnesses' accounts that the attack was made by a cruise missile rather than a passenger plane, an editor told Press TV's US Desk.

"There were 85 videos; another video was released yesterday (August 29). Now it hasn't been carefully vetted but it appears to be quite genuine that clearly shows a cruise missile from another angle hitting the Pentagon," Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, told Press TV's US Desk on Tuesday.

Duff said that CNN reporters at the scene of the 9/11 event in 2001 said they had not seen any plane wreckage after the attack. According to "reliable reports" from airline pilots, it would be "impossible" for the plane and any pilot at all, including the top air force and navy pilots in the US, to have flown a plane in such a way the Pentagon, he added.

"We have engineers at Boeing -- the company that manufactured the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon -- that say it couldn't fly that fast, it can't fly that low, it can't make those turns and it couldn't have been there," the investigative journalist said.

The close photographs of the Pentagon also show no wreckage of the plane, although normally remains of a plane wreck sometimes cover a square of a mile. A plane crash does not create a hole 7 to 8 feet across, but it rather creates a hole where the wing hits over 120 feet across, experts say.

UK: At the third stroke... You will have wasted £2,500 a year

They are struggling with the harshest cuts in living memory while staff face widespread redundancies.

But these financial pressures didn’t stop four councils from running up a bill of almost £2,500 simply by calling the speaking clock. The spending is yet more incredible for the fact that the service – which costs 31p a minute on a BT landline – is available free of charge online.

The extraordinary spending splurge was revealed yesterday in a Freedom of Information Act request. It revealed the annual total spent by staff at Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and North Tyneside councils was the equivalent of calling the clock constantly for five full days.

Furthermore, the councils spent more than £50,000 on calling premium phone numbers – despite claiming to have blocking systems in place to prevent such calls.

UK: Now money grabbing greedy banksters ring up their cash-strapped customers

Cash-strapped homeowners are being telephoned by their banks and told to cut spending on ‘luxuries’ – or risk losing their homes.

Every week, around 2,000 customers of Northern Rock Asset Management and Bradford & Bingley are being warned to slash their outlay on mobile phones, gym memberships and even socialising, to ‘prioritise’ their mortgages.

In an extraordinary admission, the taxpayer-owned banks [Can you see the irony?] said that for the first time they were doing secret credit checks to identify high-risk customers. They expect to call 30,000 in total. Although it is standard for a credit check to be done when a loan is taken out, it is unprecedented for so many to be carried out after mortgages have been approved.

And while some would argue the action is a sensible precaution, others will condemn it as patronising and unfairly singling people out. Other banks and lenders are now likely to launch their own copycat moves.

UK Asset Resolution is the company set up to run Northern Rock Asset Management and Bradford & Bingley, which were both rescued by the Government. The company has 616,000 mortgage customers and owes £47billion to the taxpayer.

Last night Melanie Bien, of the independent mortgage broker Private Finance, said: ‘It is unprecedented. I’ve never heard of banks doing credit checks mid-way through a mortgage deal before. ‘You qualify for your mortgage and then, halfway down, they are checking up on you. It is outrageous.’

Last night, Experian, the country’s biggest credit agency, said a company must always get a customer’s permission to run a credit check. But what many homeowners may not realise is that banks often state in the terms and conditions of a mortgage that further checks can be undertaken.

Last night, the Information Commissioners’ Office, which promotes data privacy, said banks should be ‘upfront’ about the checks. If they are not, it could mean they could have breached the Data Protection Act, a spokesman said.

UK: Nine out of ten jobs created last year went to foreign nationals

Priti Patel MP
Nine out of ten people who joined the workforce last year were foreign nationals, official figures revealed yesterday. The number is far higher than had been previously thought. British nationals accounted for only a tiny fraction of the rise in employment among working age people with most new workers being immigrants.

Last night experts warned there could be a ‘jobless recovery’ for British workers unless ministers get to grips with immigration.

Chancellor George Osborne frequently points out that Britain has achieved one of the best records for job creation among developed countries in the past 12 months.

The new figures raise questions about whether the Government’s drive to get millions off benefits and into work can be achieved without further curbs on immigration. They will also increase pressure to reform the bloated benefits system.

The figures, produced by the Office for National Statistics, reveal that employment among working age people rose by 181,000 in the Coalition’s first year. Yet employment levels among British nationals rose by just 14,000, or less than 8 per cent of the total. Employment among non-UK nationals rose by 163,000 during the period – equal to more than 90 per cent of the total.

Tory MP Priti Patel [Good old British name?] said the revelations should should ‘ring alarm bells’ in Downing Street.

She said: ‘There is a very real concern about the number of British jobs which are going to foreign nationals. Clearly we have got to do something about this urgently if we are going to succeed in the aim of getting British people back into work.

UK: Rich Bitch Socialist Vanessa 'the red' Redgrave loves Travellers (As long as they're not in her back yard)

Actress Vanessa Redgrave, right, speaks to the media at Dale Farm alongside traveller Mary Ann McCarthy, second left, and Dale Farm supporter Anne Kobayashi

She has never been shy to speak up for a controversial cause. And last night Vanessa Redgrave was at the centre of a fresh dispute as she backed ‘strong, wise, warm and gentle’ travellers in their fight against eviction from Europe’s largest illegal camp.

The veteran actress arrived at the 1,000-strong settlement at Crays Hill in Essex to say that kicking out the inhabitants – who must leave by tonight under the terms of an eviction notice – would breach their human rights. 

But neighbours accused the 74-year-old of ‘interfering with something she knows nothing about’. They have complained of threats, anti-social behaviour, petty crime and fly-tipping.

Len Gridley, 52, whose land is bordered by the site, said: ‘She is an actress who doesn’t live in the real world.

‘She is like all the Left-wingers and tree-huggers who come here. If they really knew what it was like they would be on my side of the fence. She’s got plenty of property – let her have them. I think she’d have them on her land for a week and then she’d change her mind. She shouldn’t be interfering with something she knows nothing about. This is green belt land and it should stay green belt land.’

The actress, who has made more than 80 films, is a prominent Left-wing activist who has backed causes including the unification of Ireland, nuclear disarmament and opposition to the Iraq War.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Secret Recordings of Donald Rumsfeld speaking about 9-11

Rumsfeld On Tape Terror Attack Could Restore Neo-Con Agenda NWO Disaster

South Africa: 'white bitch', beaten with fist by black Vanderbijlpark cop

2011-08-25 - A black police officer at Vanderbijlpark who attempted to take a cellphone from Mrs Naomi Harmse, cursed her for a 'white bitch,' assaulted her in the charge office, sat on top of her and pummeled her in the face with a fist. Beeld journalist Riata Nel interviewed and photographed the terrified woman after her ordeal.

Mrs Naomi Harmse (28) was driving on Faraday Street in Vanderbijlpark on Friday-night with a male friend at 23:15 enroute home when rubbish on the road when she was forced off the road by a car - and this caused a burst tyre. Just as they were being forced off the road a car stopped behind them. "I thought it was the car which had forced us off the road and asked the male person why he had done this.' 

 Then a number of other unknown black men exited the car behind them - and descended on the white couple's car. They plucked her friend from her car and started dragging him away while she tried to stop them from attacking him. But the local police then showed up and arrested the Afrikaans couple. 

At the charge office she was forbidden to make any calls, even though she was being arrested allegedly for assault - and had the legal right to call her lawyer to arrange for bail. "I had hidden my cellphone so that I could call for help to get me out, but it rang and the cop at the charge office demanded that I give him my cellphone. I refused,' she said. 

 "The next moment he was on top of me, threw me from the chair to the ground, sat on me, beat me with a fist in my face, called me a white bitch,' she said. 

 Her friend dragged the black policeman off her. The couple remained in custody all weekend, and appeared in court on Monday on 'assault charges' and released on their own cognisance. She has lodged a formal charge against the police officer, confirmed warrant/officer Kinnie Steyn, who also confirmed the couple's arrest. It’s not known if a court-date was set for the ‘assault charge’.

South Africa: Skilled Boers denied work: starve in streets

Afrikaner whites have become strangers and outcasts in their own land: denied any rights to food-aid, denied government benefits, and especially denied access to the job market. Just as the nazis did to the Jews, the ANC regime also created genocidal laws denying whites all the means of survival in South Africa, the land of their birth. 

Many tens of thousands of skilled but legally-unemployable teachers, medical workers, municipal workers, electronic-engineers, mining engineers, IT-specialists and office workers are not allowed to work n South Africa at all: only because of their paler complexion: they are barred by LAW from the labour market because of the ethnic group they belong to, and because of the language they speak. 

This picture and many others were taken on August 24 2011 on the streets of Pretoria by military-analyst Pieter Oosthuizen, author of the book about the Afrikaner Genocide - he has been keeping a detailed record of the ongoing genocide of his people.

South Africa: Stage 6 Genocide!

Stage 6 of 8 stages of Genocide: PREPARATION: Victims (Mainly White Afrikaners) are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity. Death lists are drawn up. Members of victim groups are forced to wear identifying symbols. Their property is expropriated. They are often segregated into ghettoes, deported into concentration camps, or confined to a famine-struck region and starved.

Next Stop For NATO Regime Change: Syria

No humanitarian intervention to protect victims of US and British-backed tyrants in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

With western-backed Al-Qaeda rebels now firmly in control of Libya, NATO is set to move on to its next target for regime change – Syria – with Bashir Assad’s government becoming increasingly isolated as attack plans are finalized.

According to DebkaFile’s military and intelligence sources, several different blueprints for military intervention in Syria are now being considered by NATO powers and allied states in the region, including the use of Turkish and Saudi troops to overthrow Assad’s regime.

“Well-informed military sources warn that Assad will not be cowed by the international, military and economic noose tightening around his neck. He is far more likely to try and loosen it by lashing out against his enemies, starting with Israel. Iran will certainly be a willing supporter of such belligerence, starting a war which could spread like wildfire across the region,” states the report.

Earlier this month NATO powers, including US President Barack Obama, called on Assad to step down. The UN has already pulled all its non-essential staff out of the country.

Obama’s demand that Assad step aside is exactly what happened prior to the bombardment of Libya. On February 26, Obama called on Gaddafi to give up power. Three weeks later, US B-2 bombers were attacking Libyan airfields.

The establishment media is repeating precisely the same rhetoric we were bombarded with prior to the attack on Libya, where for weeks rebel troops who had seized control of fighter jets, tanks and rocket-propelled grenade launchers were described as “protesters” and “demonstrators”.

Given that the western press has proven adept at manufacturing lies to justify military interventions, whether the actions of Assad’s regime represent genuine atrocities or legitimate conduct in the midst of a civil war remains unclear. Some have claimed the abuses are being embellished, while both former CIA agent Robert Baer and ex-MI6 officer Alastair Crooke point out that the Syrian people definitely want change, but not in the form of a NATO “humanitarian” assault.

Israelis stock up on stun grenades

The Israeli Defence Force is reportedly preparing settlers for the mass uprising of Palestinians, expected after the UN votes on a Palestinian statehood in September. The preparations include handing out tear gas and stun grenades to civilians. RT's Paula Slier has more on how Israelis are bracing themselves for what they see as imminent unrest.

The "Liberation" of Libya

Extensive war crimes have been committed. NATO has blood on its hands. The heads of government and heads of state of NATO member countries are responsible for extensive war crimes

The "pro-democracy" rebels are led by Al Qaeda paramilitary brigades under the supervision of NATO Special Forces. The "Liberation" of Tripoli was carried out by "former" members of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

The jihadists and NATO work hand in glove. These "former" Al Qaeda affiliated brigades constitute the backbone of the "pro-democracy" rebellion.

NATO special forces with "boots and the ground" pass unnoticed. Their identity is not known or revealed. They blend into the Libyan rebellion landscape of machine guns and pickup trucks. They are not highlighted in the photo ops.

Special forces composed of US Navy SEALS, British Special SAS Forces and French legionnaires, disguised in civilian rebel garb, are reported to be behind major operations directed against key government buildings including Gadhafi's Bab al-Aziziya compound in central Tripoli.

Reports confirm that British SAS were on the ground in Eastern Libya prior to the onset of the air campaign. Special Forces are in close coordination with NATO air operations. "Highly-trained units, known as ‘Smash’ teams for their prowess and destructive ability, have carried out secret reconnaissance missions to provide up-to-date information on the Libyan armed forces." (SAS 'Smash' squads on the ground in Libya to mark targets for coalition jets, Daily Mirror, March 21, 2011)

Hitler's Monetary System... The Real Cause of WWII

We were not foolish enough to try to make a currency coverage of gold of which we had none, but for every mark that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark's worth of work done or goods produced. . . .

We laugh at the time our national financiers held the view that the value of a currency is regulated by the gold and securities lying in the vaults of a state bank. --Adolf Hitler, 1937 (CC Veith, Citadels of Chaos, Meador, 1949.)

In less than ten years Germany became easily the most powerful state in Europe. It worked so magically and magnificently that it sounded the death knell of the entire (Zionist) Jewish money system.

World Jewry knew that they had to destroy Hitler's system, by whatever means might prove necessary, or their own [system of usury] would necessarily die. And if it died, with it must die
their dream and their hope of making themselves masters of the world.

The primary issue over which World War II was fought was to determine which money system was to survive. At bottom it was not a war between Germany and the so-called allies. Primarily it was war to the death between Germany and the International Money Power. --William Gayley Simpson, Which Way Western Man (p.642)

Heavy Metal Putin: PM rides into bike show on Harley trike - RT

Riding a three-wheeled Harley Davidson, Russian PM Vladimir Putin has been seen leading a column of bikers into the Russian port of Novorossiysk for a grand bike show. The event is organised by one of the country's most prominent motorbike clubs, the Night Wolves. About 50,000 people have gathered to see a rock concert and stunt show on the menu.

Libya: New Tripoli: No food, no water, no law

Family members of Colonel Gaddafi have fled Libya to neighbouring Algeria. This comes as rebels claim to have killed the Colonel's youngest son. RT's Maria Finoshina reports from the Capital as people struggle for stability following the recent rebel takeover.

UK: 'Irish Travellers are part of the British heritage and need to be accommodated'. Really?

There was an especially infuriating segment on the Today programme this morning about Dale Farm in Essex, home to around 100 Irish Traveller families who are about to be evicted after a long and costly battle.

Locals are, for the most part, extremely unhappy about the Travellers being there. Local resident Len Gridley said it had been “hell for the last ten years” and that the occupation of the green field site led to everything from “bad behaviour in the road” to “death threats”. His basic argument was that no one should be allowed to ignore planning laws and occupy land that isn’t theirs.

Well, that’s obviously racist for a start, because planning laws are not part of Traveller culture. As Romany journalist Jake Bowers explained, “many people” regard the council’s behaviour in moving on the gypsies as “out and out racism”.

The Travellers, he points out, have nowhere to go and so are forced to break the law because of the Government’s failure to provide them with homes. “Why should old people [ie, old Travellers] be bearing the brunt of Government failure?” he asked. Also, the Travellers want to live in extended families and if the Government can’t sort this out for them well, then, they’ve got no option but to occupy land illegally.

Would it be out and out racism to suggest that lots of people can’t afford to live where they want to, and many people would like to live in extended families (indeed, the old pre-relativism housing list used to ensure people were housed near their parents), but there’s a thing called the law, and property rights are integral to that.

Even more bizarrely, Bowers argued that Irish travellers “have been part of the agricultural landscape for hundreds of years” and “Gypsy and traveller culture are legitimate and part of the British heritage and needs to be accommodated”. Part of the agricultural landscape? Of course, because caravan sites and scrapyards always feature in Turner’s bucolic portraits of the British countryside.

UK: And you thought that they couldn't possibly Tax us even more - Idiot Lib Dems planning 'tipple tax'

The Liberal Democrats are drawing up plans for a controversial new ‘tipple tax’ on every drink sold in a pub – despite warnings it will cripple the struggling industry.

Policy documents to be discussed at next month’s Lib Dem conference in Birmingham suggest the party should push for councils to be given new powers to levy a ‘small per drink surcharge’ in bars and pubs. The document suggests the money raised could offset additional policing and health costs that drinkers impose on councils, and therefore residents, in many towns and cities.

The plan was condemned last night by both the drinks industry and the party’s Coalition partners. Experts warned it would pile financial pressure on pubs, which are already closing at the rate of 25 a week.

Neil Williams, of the British Beer and Pub Association, said: ‘British people already pay some of the highest taxes on alcohol in the world. The last thing that struggling pubs need are further taxes.’

Tory MP Brian Binley, vice-chairman of the all-party Save Our Pubs group, said the plans suggested the Lib Dems were out of touch.

Mr Binley said: ‘Our pubs and clubs, which provide a priceless social network at a local level, are already under massive pressure and I am horrified that anyone would suggest making life tougher for them.

‘They need help, not further problems heaped on them, which is exactly what this madcap idea would do. I am appalled that the Lib Dems are even considering it.

‘I always knew when we went into coalition with them that there would be issues like this because they have a track record of suggesting crazy and damaging ideas.’

Fellow Tory Andrew Griffiths, chairman of the Commons beer group, said pubs were already struggling to compete with cut-price supermarket deals. Mr Griffiths said: ‘If you wanted a single policy to guarantee the closure of more pubs then this would be it. It is a crazy idea and extremely worrying for anyone who cares about our pubs.

Bright Idea?

Tectonic Weaponry: How to Make an Earthquake (Video)

TECTONIC WEAPONS Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, quoted as saying at a conference in April 1997, "Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanos remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves." Bill 107th CONGRESS, 1st Session, H. R. 2977 To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons

(i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;
(ii) chemtrails;
(iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;
(iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;
(v) laser weapons systems;
(vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and
(vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.

Russia, carried out an extensive "tectonic weapon" research program, a deliberate attempt to create earthquakes using underground nuclear weapons. Russian newspaper Moscow News has obtained papers showing that the program, first known as "Mercury" and later as "Volcano," was launched in 1987 and ended in 1992(?) ISTC Project 1545 MHD Induced Seismicity 

The objective of this Project is to determine physical nature of the induced seismicity under electromagnetic impact caused by the MHD generator and to develop a technology of the controlled electromagnetic impact (EMI) on the Earth crust aimed at the seismic hazard reduction. Seismicity is a process that is highly sensitive to external impacts, both natural and technogenic. 

The induced seismicity is caused mainly by human technological activity. Changes in the seismicity regime are observed during water-storage reservoir flooding; in the regions where intensive oil & gas extraction takes place; during deep-well disposal of wastes, etc. Also stated is the fact that underground nuclear explosions may effect spatio-temporal seismicity distribution and initiate its increase at separations up to 200-2,000 km. Recently, principally new results are obtained concerning the seismicity regime variation under the EMI caused by the MHD generator. 

The preliminary analysis of the EMI results shows the following principal features of such induced seismicity: Significant spatio-temporal variations of the seismicity regime are revealed: the seismic activity after the MHD runs is pronouncedly higher than before the runs. Sharp activation of local earthquakes takes place on 2th-7th day after the MHD runs, its duration being within several days. The increment of the total energy release after the MHD runs is 5 to 6 orders of magnitude higher than total energy inserted into the load from the MHD generator. 

Also noted is a tendency to spatial coincidence of the induced seismicity zones with the active areas of seismogenerating zones. The analysis seismicity variation with depth shows that the highest response takes place in the upper 5-km layer of the earth crust. The external impact is assumed to initiate release of seismic energy accumulated in the media during the tectonic processes in the form of relatively weak earthquakes thus lowering the threshold level of strong catastrophic earthquakes.

A Watershed Moment In The March To Financial Armageddon

I made a promise to my friends years ago to tell them when I saw Financial Armageddon coming. Consider yourself warned.

The Bundestag (German Parliament) will probably vote against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bailout for the banks which have been sold falsely as bailing out Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. This has been announced by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard who is one of the most widely read columnists (by billionaires) in the world. Anything he says will instantly travel around the globe.

As soon as the Germans get back from their August vacations, the Bundestag will vote on the policies of Angela Merkel which are really the policies of the European banks led by the Rothschilds. She grew up in East Germany. Her father was a Lutheran pastor but had so many privileges granted to him by the officially atheistic Communist government that we can only conclude he set an example of betrayal to his daughter at an early age.

One of the people leading the campaign against her policies is her mentor former Chancellor Helmut Kohl. She also faces stiff opposition from her coalition partners the Free Democrats a far Right party. The Free Democrats have 93 seats in the 622 member Bundestag. Merkel only has 239 party members in the 622 seat Parliament so the vote looks good for Germany and bad for the bankers.

As I explained previously in Hugo Chavez, Gold Runs, Bank Runs and Bank Holidays that each euro note is clearly marked to reveal the nation that printed it. This means that when, not if, the Italians, Greeks, Portuguese and Spaniards drop out of the euro, their people will be given lira, drachma, escudos and pesetas and their purchasing power will be cut 50% overnight. As I said, the Europeans are on vacation until next weekend. At that time, the average man in the street will realize his time is short and everyone will be trying to get out of euros. Europe will be a political and financial bedlam in September.


ALWAYS beware politicians who hit upon a cover story for higher taxes. They’ll seize it with gusto.

In 1993 the then chancellor Ken Clarke was the first to use climate change as an excuse to take your money – he invented something called the fuel duty escalator. Since then we have had three more chancellors but no change in the final result. Families are still getting hit with ever-higher taxes on everything from driving to work to lighting and heating their homes and even taking hard-earned holidays.

Green taxes have become a con that British families just can’t afford with so many other pressures on their finances. The biggest green tax is still fuel duty which raised £27billion in 2010. With VAT as well on both the fuel and the fuel duty, tax is about 60 per cent of the price at the pump – one of the highest ratios in the world.

Motorists also pay nearly £6billion in road tax. Add up all the domestic green taxes and they raise £39.3billion. If we assume it is fair enough for motorists to pay for building and maintaining roads that leaves £30.1billion of excess revenue.

Those additional taxes – on top of all the income tax and VAT we pay – are supposed to be justified by the contribution greenhouse gases make to global warming.

But even using a high official estimate of the environmental benefit of cutting a tonne of greenhouse gases, Britain’s collective carbon footprint of 582million tonnes causes harm worth around £16.9billion.

War for Africa: 'Libya key to new US bases

The rebels in Libya have rejected the possibility of staging talks with Muammar Gaddafi. The National Transitional Council says they want to see him in jail - and not at the negotiating table. Middle East expert Dan Glazebrook says NATO is using the rebels to make Libya a failed state.

Libya: The Greatest Betrayal

In handing Libya to Al Qaeda, the line has been forever crossed.

First - let's not labor under any delusions. Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy are heads of state in name only. It is the depravity and megalomania amongst the banks, corporations, and the institutions they have contrived, that are responsible for the most egregious betrayal in Western history. For 10 years the West's leadership have stirred up hatred and fear amongst their populations to justify a lengthy and very costly global war that has sent US, British, Canadian, German, French, and many other troops, around the world, into dangerous adversity, and ultimately to their graves to fight "the forces of terror."

Now, almost as if savoring the irony, the New York Times, on behalf of the corporate-financier oligarchs that presume dominion over the Western world, fully admit that Al Qaeda terrorists, men who literally killed US troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan are now in Libya and are the benefactors of billions of dollars in Western aid, diplomatic recognition, training, weapons, the lending of intelligence assets, the full unwavering support of the West's "media," NATO-member air support, and even graced with Western special forces fighting side-by-side with them on the ground. This timely confession is also in response in part to revelations that the Libyan rebel commander now filling the streets of Tripoli with indescribable horror is a hardcore Al Qaeda leader, reported first in the Telegraph months ago, and again this week on RT and covered in depth by respected geopolitical analyst Dr. Webster Tarpley.

While naive Americans are brimming with pride as the military machine bankrupting them into destitution rolls over another minute nation an ocean away, they seem ignorant or unable to wrap their minds around how egregiously they've been betrayed. After 10 years, thousands of dead troops, tens of thousands broken mentally or physically, an economy diverted to war, occupation, and "nation building" overseas while America's infrastructure rots beneath her, the corporate-financier oligarchs have decided to betray and infinitely humiliate America's armed forces in the worst manner imaginable - have them provide air cover, intel, and special operational support for blood-thirsty mercenaries that hunted and killed their brothers in arms for the past decade.

Low Tide on Main Street...

Main Street Metrics vs Wall Street Matrix more NEWS at

Syria’s WMDs: The Scaremongering Begins Anew (for another war for Israel)

Syria’s WMDs: The Scaremongering Begins Anew

What do a 1995 attack on a Japanese subway system, the crumbling security at Libyan military bases and al-Qaeda’s putative ambitions to create a “dirty bomb” have in common? They all sound scary, and therefore all fit (albeit with no small handwaving) into the latest narrative of the “threat” of Syria.

With the ink barely dried on the latest calls for NATO intervention in Syria, the Washington Post has emerged with an article brimming with unrelated factoids, most of which have not even a cursory relation to Syria, arguing that the nation’s WMD arsenal is something to be greatly feared.

The timing is brazen, being paired with another Washington Post article on rebel calls for NATO to attack the nation. It also comes just days after Dick Cheney, busily parlaying his book and the media’s notoriously short term memory into a restoration from hawkish caricature to “gravitas” wielding elder statesman, lamented his inability to start a war in Syria.

The fast and loose effort to cram anything and everything into the article is equally telling, as vague mentions of “dirty bombs” using fuel rods that Syria does not possess in particularly useful numbers combine with theories about nerve gas somehow polluting the world’s drinking water and food playing equal roles in a familiar game: frightening the public about an illusory enemy on the eve of dropping a bomb about the administration’s intentions to drop literal bombs on them.

That such a fanciful tale worked in the past was shameful enough. That it is being tried again while the occupation of the last “WMD threat” is still going on is nothing short of shocking.

UK: Housing market to become 'preserve of the rich'

A generation could be shut out of the ‘dysfunctional’ housing market over the next decade because of higher prices and miserly mortgage-lending, a report warns. Home ownership in England will fall to 63.8 per cent in 2021, according to the National Housing Federation – the lowest level since the mid-Eighties. The grim forecast predicts that many will be unable to get on the property ladder because rising rents make it even harder to save for the large deposits banks now demand.

David Orr, chief executive of the federation, which represents England’s housing associations, said: ‘With home ownership in decline, rents rising rapidly and social housing waiting lists at a record high, it’s time to face up to the fact that we have a totally dysfunctional housing market.

‘Home ownership is increasingly becoming the preserve of the wealthy and, in parts of the country like London, the very wealthy.’

Smart Meters - A Call For Public Outrage

Smart meters are the latest technological imposition of utilities generating power to force with no option to opt out a system of control of billing power consumption of consumers at peak energy time rates. This should come as no surprise, but Smart Grid is an Agenda 21 population control Carbon Tax based population TAX ! There is no Federal Law mandating Smart Meters, and even if there was it would be between the Utilities and Federal Regulators and cannot include a non-contracted third party, the consumer. It violates the Federal Wiretapping Laws and clearly builds databases for sale of private information of power usages with the electrical signature of every appliance and time use in the home. This is powerful marketing and control data in the hands of control-freak bureaucrats and marketing gurus. 

Smart Meters thus have two primary areas of contention. First, they are a bold invasion of privacy and purport to have authority to gather data and modify behavior and consumption patterns of unwitting power consumers and market data to third parties and government and policing agencies. Second, they are a Class 2b Carcinogen even by WHO standards, and the mountain of toxic data is mounting that Smart Meters are thousands of times more toxic than even cell phones, causing cancer, insomnia, and numerous medical problems. The biological basis is energy transferred to cell membranes and molecules that open calcium and other ion channels and disrupt the non-covalent Van der Waals hydrogen bonds that hold the fragile double helix of DNA intact and cause 4D enzyme active site disruption with disturbed enzyme KMax and nutrient-enzyme interactions and cellular communications. 

What is the challenge and what must we do? We must first join the first by informing our neighbors and communities that we only win if all ELF pollution is dramatically reduced resulting in elimination of ALL Smart Meter Systems, reduction of Cell Towers and eventual replacement with Fiberoptic ports for public access such as the old style phone booths, and removal of WiFi networks proliferating everywhere.

Rense & Dr Bill Deagle - Death By Smart Meter

How Smart Meters emit deadly microwave radiation bursts right through homes and every cell of the bodies of residents THOUSANDS of times a day.

USA: State paid sex offenders as baby sitters

Illinois' baby-sitting program has given rapists, molesters and other violent felons access to kids

Cornelius Osborne may not seem like baby-sitting material. He was convicted of raping two women. A succession of felonies, from robbery to failing to register as a sex offender, repeatedly sent him to prison, state records show.

But over more than two years, the state paid Osborne nearly $5,000 to baby-sit two children, before his latest conviction — for dealing drugs — put him back behind bars.

Osborne, of Chicago, wasn't the only sex offender paid by taxpayers to baby-sit, according to a Tribune investigation that found cases of convicted rapists, molesters and other violent felons given access to children over the past decade. The money comes from a $750 million-a-year program that subsidizes child care for more than 150,000 impoverished Illinoisfamilies.

The state Department of Human Services poorly vetted baby sitters for years — and when a 2009 law forced better checks, it took nearly 18 months to start them, the newspaper's investigation of the Child Care Assistance Program found.

UK: Quango bosses double their pay

Britain's highest-paid quango bosses are almost doubling their salaries with six-figure bonuses, special allowances and pension windfalls, an investigation by The Daily Telegraph has found.

They are earning as much as £700,000 a year despite the Coalition’s promise to have a “bonfire of the quangos” and freeze public sector pay. The true scale of the pay packets received by top-earning public officials is far higher than those previously disclosed because official figures omit hundreds of thousands of pounds in additional payments.

James Wharton, a Conservative member of the Commons public accounts committee, described the sums as “staggering” and called on the Government to “bring this ridiculous situation under control”. Ordinary people will be outraged that bonuses are being paid at all in the public sector when the Government has so little money to spend on front-line services,” he said.

“Some of these pay packets are absolutely shocking and equal in one year what a normal person earns in a lifetime. This can’t continue.”

UK: And the councillor for the wild party is... 23-year-old Tory politician

One of Britain's youngest Conservative councillors has been slammed for a series of Facebook photos that show her swigging from a champagne bottle and partying in a bikini. Oxbridge graduate Jodie Jones, 23, is also pictured in provocative clinches with female friends and sat drunkenly in the street clutching balloons and bottles of alcohol. Her colleagues at Cannock Chase District Council in Staffordshire, to which she was elected earlier this year, have warned her that her lifestyle could get her in trouble in the council chamber.

Labour councillor Diane Todd said: 'These pictures do not show the behaviour she should be displaying.

'That's not the behaviour I expect of a councillor. She needs to make sure that she isn't seen sat swigging from bottles like this.'

Fellow Labour member Christine Mitchell added: 'We all know what young people do. I'm sure if you go out on a Saturday you'll find the older councillors inebriated as well, but she has signed up to a code of conduct'.

UK: A plot to shatter the Union

One man will be grinning from ear to ear over the news that three students from England are to sue the Scottish government for discrimination. The trio, led by Jennifer Watts, from Manchester, will argue that it is unfair to charge students from England tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year when Scottish students get their university education for free.

The man who is grinning is Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond. True, if his government loses the case it could throw the Scottish education system into disarray, with thousands of English students applying for places north of the border.

But what is that compared with the huge propaganda victory that will come from highlighting what a good deal Scottish students enjoy?

This row comes at a time when university places are under pressure as never before. Thousands of school-leavers who received their A-level results this month have cancelled gap years in an attempt to beat the introduction of £9,000-a-year tuition fees next year. It's a fraught time for them and their parents.

Anything which raises their awareness of just how much more generous a deal Scottish students enjoy is sure to cause huge anger in England.

UK: A deeply divided kingdom

The gulf in state spending between Scotland and England has hit a record £1,600 per head.

Government spending in Scotland averaged £10,212 per person last year – £1,624 per head more than in England. The staggering figures, buried in Treasury documents, reveal the gap increased by more than 15 per cent in only a year.

Ministers were under renewed pressure to review Scotland's controversial funding formula last night – amid warnings the issue is fuelling growing resentment in England. But Treasury officials admitted that the yawning gap would continue to widen over the next four years.

Scots receive a range of services free of charge, including prescriptions, long-term care for the elderly and university tuition – all of which attract hefty charges in England. Subsidising these services costs every family south of the border £420 a year.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Commie-Style MLK Statue Goes Up in DC - Incogman

LATELY, YOU MAY have seen the expensively produced TV commercial touting the unveiling of the statue of Martin “Luther” King (Jr.) in Washington, DC on Saturday. The ad shows a noble young black lad, proudly gazing on his hero’s visage, as multicult Whites and pleasantly dressed blacks gather together at a long table in front of Lincoln memorial to break bread. The imagery is enough to make any sane person, unencumbered with Jewy brainwashing, puke.

Many are describing the thing as “Maoist” in look — not surprising considering the whole thing was carved in China (where communism meets slave capitalism — a fervent dream of Jewry). The sculptor, Lei Yixin (right), once even did a monolithic statue of the portly genocidal mass murderer Chairman Mao Zedong himself. It’s all just perfect for where AmeriKA is headed.
Before you blow me off as being a blind racist, stop and think it out: The never-ending PC/multicult/worship the black man crap has long been part of the over-all agenda to silence and cow White people so we don’t form a cohesive political threat to the real power structure — now busy turning us into Chinese-style worker drones as part of the New World Order agenda.
Regardless of where you stand on the political divide — retardican, democrap or somewhere in-between – know this: The evil globalists have been keeping us at each other’s throats as they do their thing; while we bicker and gripe, they plot and pursue long-running NWO gambits everywhere. Each day we see more and more evidence that this is the real deal – hell, everyone knows something is up.
Undoubtedly, corporations were extorted millions to the supposedly non-profit Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation (apparently, a big race scam operation). Fiscal liquidity these businesses could and should have used to create jobs in America instead of spending it on this race pride extravaganza.
Of course, multicult Whites probably made up the bulk of individual contributions. Knowing how little blacks donate to causes (like Haiti earthquake and Katrina relief funds), it’s a safe bet that liberal White people ponied up the most.
And it’s virtually certain Big Jew media contributed extra cheap, or maybe even free rates on national TV commercial time. Par for the course when it comes to anything non-White orientated.

All that contributing wasn’t the case with the greedy King family. They pocketed over $800,000 just for the use of “King’s words.” Pretty sweet deal considering his “I have a dream” speech is said to have been written by NAACP president and Marxist Jew Kivie Kaplan (right). Jews ran the NAACP (supposedly a black thing) until late in the 70′s or maybe even longer (the NAACP Legal Defense Fund is still under Jew control). King was a total creation of White-hating commie Jews and Jew media, seeking to jack-up black militancy and undermine White America – much like Obama come to think.
And it would not be so surprising the speech was written by someone else, considering MLK was proven to have plagiarized substantial parts of his doctoral thesis, sermons and books. This guy was a lying phony and loved partying down with multiple prostitutes using donated, church funds. Even his name was a big fat lie (it was really Michael King).
But Jew-controlled media is bound and determined to push race-mixing on America, plus too scared to breathe a word, or the “urban youth” might go haywire and burn down entire cities over the racist White man dissing their hero.
All this crap is going on as America is getting ripped off left and right. We’re supposed to be having a debt crisis, right? Then why are we giving away billions to countries that directly compete with the American worker? Places like Brazil, India, Mexico and even China gets foreign aid for God’s sake. Hell, the US government gives tax breaks and even funds new business in foreign lands. As taxpayers, each of us are actually paying for our own race and country’s doom.