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Monday, 23 September 2013


I watched a program on the JewBox TV tonight and the conclusion I got was that Manson was very intelligent, (not academically but after all academia  just a sign of how well you absorb JWO brainwashing).

Whilst looking through my archives I found this article posted on this blog on April 23, 2011. Now Manson may be a crazy psychopath but is he any worse than the psycho's in power? They kill kids with Drones (No blood on their hands) they use proxies, mercenaries to bring about death and destruction on a far greater scale than Manson ever did. I know his idea was to start a Race War and why do you think that was? Manson seems confused to the point of insanity with his bullshit 'Global Warming' outburst. But just think 'Helter Skelter' and you will realise that is what we are heading for. J.H.

AT the gym this morning, where television is unavoidable,  I saw they've made Charles Manson this week's celebrity.  The initial interview was by phone from the Spanish edition of VANITY FAIR to Manson in Corcoran State Prison in California.  This morning the entire mainstream media machine broadcast this 70 year old psychopath's telephone rant on Global Warming and endorsement of one world government.
"Everyone's God and if we don't wake up to that there's going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we're doing bad things to the atmosphere."
"We've got to put everything in one world now.  If it doesn't come to one world now, there will be no life on the planet."
Media's excuse for this latest revival of Manson's celebrity status is the 40th anniversary of Manson's conviction and sentencing for the 1969 Manson 'family' killing spree in the Hollywood Hills.

For those who don't know the story, it's too long to recount here, so start with this bio 

Bastard son of a Cincinnati prostitute, he grew up in orphanages where he was raped and abused.  His first violent act was fracturing the skull of a bully who taunted him, at 12 years old. He spent his adolescence in juvenile jail schools, graduating to car thief and burglar.   In prison he apprenticed himself to notorious pimps and petty con men to learn the arts of manipulating people. 

In addition to his psychological damage from a brutal childhood, his adult height was 5 foot 2 inches tall, what he lacked in brute physical brawn he made up for with viciousness and deceptive charisma.  On the phone to Vanity Fair for this interview Manson reiterated, "I don't play. I shoot people. I'm a mal hombre.  I'm a mean guy. I'm an outlaw. I'm a criminal. I'm everything bad.'

When he was paroled from ten years of hard prison time in 1967 Manson was 33 years old.  He had a plan. He headed for the Haight Asbury neighborhood in San Francisco in the persona of a peace and love Hippie and environmental activist.  At that time "the Haight" was saturated with runaway naive teenagers from all over the country.  It only took Manson a couple of hours off the bus from prison to find two girls to move in with. 

That's how the 'Family' began and grew to over two dozen disciples of Charlie's 'movement'. Manson's ideas were carried on by members of the original Manson 'family' who hadn't been directly involved in the murders.    This year they issued a press release to the media, "

On January 27, 2011, prominent defense lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for the immediate release of American prisoner Charles Milles Manson.


  1. Yes and before anyone tries to inform me that Henry Makow is Jew, I already know that, that's why you never see any of his articles re-published on this blog after 2011.

    1. John.

      Is he being Jewish alone, the sole reason for not reposting his material after 2011? The reason I enquire is that many NS and White Nationalist sites and blogs, seem to have no problem with Real Jew News.
      Am I being disloyal to the cause by admitting to
      enjoying Brother Nathaniel's info?
      He, and Ben Freedman back in the day, seem to be totally honest, and very reliable sources in our battle for our freedom from the Asiatic tribe of parasitic oppressors we hate.