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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Libya: The invasion of Libya is disgusting .

Total hypocrisy rules coalition of predator states; comatose Americans watch TV as radiation spikes

The real War Criminal Tony Blair is greeted by Gaddafi


The invasion of Libya is disgusting. And the people who support it are disgusting. Name me one world leader who has done more for his own people than Muammar Gaddafi. Maybe you can come up with one or two - like Aung San Suu Kyi or Hugo Chavez - but I doubt it. And all these hypocritical skunks who write on the Internet who are saying we have to go in there to protect the Libyan people, and all the while the Mossad and CIA have hired African mercenaries to foment this "revolution" in the first place, while at the same time Israel has provided us with the Stuxnet virus, the use of which is about to kill tens of millions of people.
Anybody who believes what the U.S. government says about anything is disgusting, not to mention immoral, and delusional.

And anybody who hasn't yet realized that Jewish financial power has utterly destroyed and prostituted every government on this planet is either a raving idiot or a paid liar. Yes, I'm talking to you, my gutless, immoral and drug dependent American compatriots.

The invasion of Libya is disgusting. If a truly moral republic that the USA has always claimed to be were to rescue an oppressed Arab people, it would first be the people of Palestine, who are routinely murdered and debauched by insane Israeli Jews; then it would be the people of Yemen, whose leader recently ordered his Blackwater mercenary troops to shoot his own people, while protesting, in the head. And they did.

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