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Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Big Game...

While it looks like they're trying to position Obama as some sort of mythical world leader, I can't see him taking this very far. He's just way too lightweight. 

It's surreal the way they're managing this puppet mouthpiece. It's as if they want Obama to appear so aloof and disjointed that the hoodwinked world is forced to think he really must be something special.

I mean, c'mon.

Going to Brazil during the Japan disaster and Libya invasion?  Again announcing his sweet 16 picks during international emergencies?

Remember, it's always deliberate and well thought out
In reality it's just more cognitive dissonance, shutting down the minds of a drugged and dumbed down world. They can't process the disjointed insanity. Perfect. Roll on over the masses with your program. They're asleep anyway.

But then again, all they need is a human laptop to execute their programs. Maybe he is the perfect empty multinational-looking vessel after all to work through...

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