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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full (Order it at

End of Liberty (Full Version)... I know that this film run time is over an hour but please watch it when you have the time

Dov Zakheim...The Money Master and Mastermind of the 911 Terror Attack

Dov Zakheim...The Money Master and Mastermind of the 911 Terror Attack

 Facts not Fairies. The Money Master and Mastermind of the 911 Terror Attack Zionist Architects of the war are the Architects of 911 Part 1 Wolfowitz

Bush Makes Him The Pentagon ComptrollerAfter the Lavi swindle, Zakheim faded from public view until Bush decided to make him the Pentagon comptroller from 2001 to 2004.

Dov Zakheim is a Rabbi, and a Zionist fanatic, who George Bush made the Pentagon comptroller (money master). He is an Orthodox Jew, trained at Yeshiva University, with neglible real accounting background. In his early career he acted as an Israeli agent, he gained notoriety for his involvement in protecting Israel and their failed IAI Lavi fighter program.

The 911 Terror Attack Mastermind
Of all the Zionists in Washington - Zakheim is considered the King

Zakheim, who is a dual Israeli/American citizen and a Shul Rabbi, has stalked the halls of US government for 25 yrs. He has set defense policy which influenced Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush Sr. and Jr. This rabid Zionist was the controller of the Pentagon when an audit discovered over a trillion dollars was missing.

Most of Israel's armament was obtained thanks to him. Squads of US
F-16 and F-15 were classified as military surplus and sold to Israel at a fraction of their value. Israel, a country of 4.8 million Russian and Polish Jews sits on one of the largest Air Forces in the world.
Grandfather Was Born In 1870
Julius Zakheim (Zhabinka), born in the Ukraine, was a Russian rabbi who married a relative of Karl Marx. He was a Menshevik/Bolshevik and played a leading role in the 1905 turmoil that paved the way for the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. The Bolshevik master plan called for state of Israel. Israel was chosen for it's location to the world's oil and the aura of the religious significance.

Father ...Rabbi Jacob I. Zakheim Born 1910 The Father was born and reared in Poland's hotbed of Zionist assassins and bombers. He was from a Polish town near Bialystok - same as Yitzhak Shamir. The family numbered Menachem Begin and Moshe Arens as friends. Dov's father was an active member of Betar.

Betar was formed in 1923 Riga, Latvia, and it's goal was control of the Mideast (and it's oil). Jabotinsky knew the Jews needed their own country and they chose Palestine and claimed it as a Jewish state "on both sides of the Jordan."During his tenure as controller at the Pentagon from May 4, 2001 to March 10, 2004, over one trillion dollars was unaccounted for. Military information is jeopardized, military contractors billed the US for Israeli items, $50 million fighter jets are classified as surplus and the list goes on and on. As the scandal of the missing trillion dollars surfaces the Rabbi quickly resigns. Israel is given the finest fighter jets in the US inventory while 15% of US jets are grounded for lack of parts.

The Missing $2.6 Trillion
The Zionists not only steal military intelligence. They also take scientific info, such as about weapons systems, and fund projects. When Congress demanded to know where the missing $2.6 trillion went, Zakheim quickly resigned from his Pentagon Comptroller position.



Of course, Obama claimed exactly the opposite, which left the BBC struggling to placate the President while not allowing themselves to look like they were changing the original story to do it!

Obama’s “scare the Americans into voting Democratic” plan is already in trouble. The official story on Friday October 29th was that an unnamed ally issued a warning for British authorities to be on the lookout for a suspicious package sent from Yemen to Great Britain on a UPS flight. A search of the UPS flighty on the ground in Britain yielded a package containing a printer toner cartridge sprayed with a white substance that looks like plastic Christmas tree snow.

To make the “toner cartridge of death” look even scarier, a circuit board was attached to the outside with wires. Careful analysis of the card itself suggests it is a circuit card from a TV set, most likely the tuner, circa 1980's. Note carefully there is no battery to power this object, nor were any detonators found.


Hanan al Samawi, woman busted in Yemen for role in cargo plane bomb plot, was 'set up': lawyer

According to NBC News, Hanan al Samawi's lawyer claims she was nabbed by authorities because her telephone number was on the packages loaded with explosives. However, the attorney argues that the fifth-year computer science student was not involved and the phone number was intentionally left to make her a suspect.

Yemeni female students protest the arrest of female computer engineering student Hanan al-Samawi, 22, a student of the University of San'a, at the gate of the campus of the university.


What is really insulting is that whoever set up this hoax really thought that it would never occur to us that an intelligent woman, sharp enough to be a computer engineering student, would probably not put her own phone number on such a package. They really did think you are that dumb! 

This is what they are up to, say goodbye to life as we knew it!

Agenda 21 For Dummies

Comment on YouTube:

 I hope you are ready to do your part by eliminating your need to consume anything, including oxygen. Be sure to fall into an already burning fire so as not to add to that problem.

Scarey stuff!


The guy with the headphones on looks and sounds as though he is suffering from Alcohol withdrawal

"C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy."

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

For decades in Washington, D.C., a secretive group known as The Family has been working behind the scenes to empower a few select politicians, and to influence the decisions that shape our country. Not only has this group operated in almost complete secrecy, but they've also skewed Christianity to the point where they believe that God wants us to take care of the rich and powerful more than the poor and hungry. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talks about this secret Family in Washington with Jeff Sharlet, author of the new book "C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy."..

Amazing 3D Digital Display - Mind Control Potential

Lights projected onto a building make for a cool light show with 3D like special effects.I have no idea how this is done but it’s certainly very unique and fun to watch.  The Grand Finale is done with simulated Fireworks. If you like this be sure to check out Prague Astronomical Clock.

What the hell are they doing to our kids?

Girls Now Reaching Puberty at Age Nine, Thanks to Chemicals in the Food Supply (Milk and Plastics)

'The average age of puberty in girls is now nine, in a phenomenon increasingly being blamed on rising obesity and exposure to hormone-disrupting pollutants in the food supply.

The study was conducted in 2006 by researchers from the world-renowned Department of Growth and Reproduction at University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark. The researchers found that among 1,000 girls, the average age of breast development was nine years and 10 months, a full year earlier than when a similar study was conducted in 1991.
"We were very surprised that there had been such a change in a period of just 15 years," researcher Anders Juul said.'

The US is to boost its military role in Yemen on the strength of a lie. Even the British Police have stated that their were no explosives present in the printer cartriges!

UAE Rejects US Claims on Flight 201

'The United Arab Emirates' Civil Aviation Authority has rejected claims that a US-bound Emirates' flight from Dubai contained "suspicious" parcels from Yemen. Emirati authorities, however, said flight 201 carried no 'suspicious' cargo from Yemen as claimed by US-Canadian military agency NORAD. UAE officials rejected the claim and said the plane was not a source of threat.

"The Emirates plane that arrived today in the United States from Dubai did not contain any packages from Yemen," the official Emirati WAM news agency quoted an unnamed source with the country's civil aviation body as saying.

Meanwhile, the US president hinted at boosting the US military role in Yemen following reports about the "suspicious packages".'

There would be outrage if a Jewish synagog was attacked like this in the UK

Israeli Settlers Burn Church in Jerusalem

'A hundred year old church was burned Friday by right-wing Israeli settlers, who broke a number of windows of the church and hurled Molotov cocktails inside. The damage to the church was substantial, with burn damage throughout the first floor of the building.

The church was built in Jerusalem in 1897, and housed the Palestinian Bible College until 1947, when parishioners were pushed out by Jewish armed gangs during the violence accompanying the creation of the state of Israel.'

People are at last waking up and seeing through the smoke and mirrors

The Apocalypse is One of Your Best Friends.

'They’re not just arrogant. They’re not just clumsy. They’re not just drunk or taking their own bad  pharmaceuticals. They are transparent. In our minds an apocalypse has a negative connotation… uh huh… if we happen to be negative. If you did kill a lot of people for personal gain and have been at pains to suppress it then ‘apocalypse’ is not a happy meal and Jack the Ripper is wearing a Ronald McDonald suit.

It’s unfortunate how so much of the focus is on Iran while Saudi Arabia is getting billions to manifest bristling and massive defense systems and all of these defense systems are to defend lies. Now they keep making more lies. Their power is draining. As more and more people see the ridiculous inconsistencies between planes that never came from Yemen with printing cartridges that look like a kid’s electric, circuit board kit, I’m thinking even the committed political party materialists; Fox News, Newsmax, Peephole Magazine, Oprah Winfrey and come to Jesus funda-money, ‘rapture me with a swipe card’ people are picking up on it now.'

Internet Killed Israeli PR

They must really think we are stupid!

UK Bomb That Never Was Designed to Detonate in Flight .

'A device found in the U.K. on a United Parcel Service Inc. plane bound for Chicago on Friday was designed to go off on the aircraft, Prime Minister David Cameron said Saturday. U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May added that the device was powerful enough to bring down the aircraft.

The U.K. doesn't believe it was being targeted in the incident because the attackers couldn't have known the route of the plane.

"We believe that the device was designed to go off on the airplane," Mr. Cameron said. "We cannot be sure about the timing when that was meant to take place. There is no early evidence it was designed to take place over British soil, but of course we cannot rule that out".'

This is what they are spending our money on and the wanker Cameron has agreed to 2.9% rise in our contribution to the Marxist EU.

European Commission spent £124,000 on gay activists' conference


The European Commission has spent £124,000 on a five day conference for 200 homosexual, bisexual, transgender and "intersex" activists.

As European leaders grapple with budget pressures, one arm of the European Union is continuing to party. The European Commission has spent £124,000 on a five day conference for 200 homosexual, bisexual, transgender and "intersex" activists. The event, which culminates this weekend in The Hague, featured a series of workshops which were condemned as "politically correct drivel" by MPs.

Subjects discussed include "Liberation from infrahumanisation – a long term global strategy" and "Human rights and 'I': knowing intersex demands". Delegates at the event in the Netherlands enjoyed lavish food and hospitality as David Cameron moved to guarantee that the EU budget would not increase by more than 2.9 per cent and insisted that its largesse on dubious projects around the world must end.

A patsy?

Yemen cargo bomb plot: female student arrested

A female engineering student has been arrested in Yemen on suspicion of posting the packages containing bombs found on two cargo jets in Dubai and Britain.

US and British security officials believe Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born figurehead of Al-CIAda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was behind the foiled attack

The 22-year-old woman, named locally as Hanan al Samawi, was traced through a phone number left with a cargo company. Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen's president, said the information that identified her was provided by the US and the United Arab Emirates.

She was arrested at a house in a poor area in the west of Sana'a, where she is studying medicine at the university. Her mother was also arrested, but is not a prime suspect according to her lawyer.

This guy must be a top 'common purpose' operative!

Council chief quits £203k job on health grounds, then lands £260k job... and keeps his £50k pension

A council chief who retired on a gold-plated £50,000-a-year pension on the grounds of ill-health walked into a new publicly funded £260,000 job four months later. Yet despite sparking a fresh row over extravagant town hall salaries, Nick Johnson – who earns more than twice as much as the Prime Minister – insists his pay packet is ‘really not a lot’. Mr Johnson, 57, is eligible for the full income from his final salary pension scheme because he left his £203,000 job as chief executive of Bexley Council in South London on health grounds.

If their is a terrorist attack on the Olympic village you can bet it will be another 'inside job' perhaps thats why the Americans want a military presence to make sure it all goes to plan. They obviously haven't got much faith in Cameron and his shirt-lifting Liberal bum chums!

U.S. wants own aircraft carrier in the Thames Estuary during Olympics

The White House has offered to send a U.S. aircraft carrier to be stationed off the British coast and boost security during the London Olympics, Ministry of Defence sources claimed last night.
The suggestion is said to have been rejected by No10 because it would make the UK look ‘weak’. And last night Downing Street was silent on the claim.

But a well-placed source, with knowledge of international discussions about security for the 2012 Games, said the MoD had been offered a U.S. carrier, based in the Thames Estuary, to help defend the skies over London and eavesdrop on any terrorist ‘chatter’.

It is believed the Americans offered a 40,000-ton Wasp class amphibious assault ship, which carries up to 40 Sea Knight helicopters for the ship-to-shore ferrying of marines and equipment, as well as up to 20 Harrier II attack aircraft. It boasts a formidable battery of missiles capable of shooting down airliners in the event of an attempt to copy the 9/11 atrocities.

The source said the ‘main motivation’ for the offer was felt to have been American self-interest.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

This just in from the Yemen Post

Yemeni Government Arrest Two Females for Sending Suspicious packages to U.S.

To re-animate click on your
'Refresh/reload button

According to a senior governmental official who spoke to Yemen Post on anonymity, Yemeni security forces arrested two Yemeni women [knowingly or unknowingly working for the CIA] under suspicion of sending the packages to the United States.

The Yemeni official claims that the two women sent the packages in order to damage the reputation of Yemen and not on links of Al-Qaeda. He denied that Al-Qaeda had links to the packages that were sent.

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ." -- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

"Ana raicha Al Qaeda" is colloquial for "I'm going to the toilet". A very common and widespread use of the word "Al-Qaeda" in different Arab countries in the public language is for the toilet bowl. This name comes from the Arabic verb "Qa'ada" which mean "to sit", pertinently, on the "Toilet Bowl". In most Arabs homes there are two kinds of toilets: "Al-Qaeda" also called the "Hamam Franji" or foreign toilet, and "Hamam Arabi" or "Arab toilet" which is a hole in the ground. Lest we forget it, the potty used by small children is called "Ma Qa'adia" or "Little Qaeda".

So, if you were forming a terrorist group, would you call yourself, "The Toilet"?

United Arab Emirates plane 'escorted' into New York by US jets after 'package alert'

But why??

What were they going to do if a package 'bomb' went off in mid-air - evacuate the passengers??

It's bloody nonsense, a fairy-tale, another fake 'terrorist alert', another NO-Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Read here...

'Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. In the event of hearing a loud bang, please walk to the hole in the plane and jump onto one of the fighter jets either side of the aircraft. Thank-you, we appreciate your cooperation and thank-you for flying with Emirates Airlines, we know you have a choice.'

(I just heard a CNN 'anchor' talking about a suspicious package at the East Midlands Airport 'in London'. Well informed, then).

I have heard more baloney in the last hour watching the 'coverage' of the BBC and CNN than when Blair said that he was 'a pretty straight kind of guy' (wrong in all definitions).

Demonise Yemen, demonise Yemen, demonise Yemen (pass it on).

Yemen - the new Afghanistan

(Infiltrate, demonise, defame and then send the boys in)

Just as airline and airport authorities were questioning the unnecessary level of airport 'security' comes a 'potentially sinister' 'package scare' claimed to involve one of the US target countries - Yemen.

Oh, yes, and the mid- term elections in which Obama's 'Democrats' are predicted to suffer big losses are only days away.
Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about.

 Oh no, not Yemen?? Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Obama: He Comes, He Talks Bollocks, He Walks Away

(After reading his prepared script - written by someone else as always - and delivered in the same detached, emotionless way that he reads everything) 


Cue the Man from Manchuria ...

(P.S. Look at his eyes throughout - no-one home.)

Vinnie Paz And David Icke - End Of Days Official Video

This is subtle brainwashing, along with the threat of terrorism etc. It is designed to install in your mind that a Global Government is in fact a good idea. That is why I have embeded the old Ragen speech where the same trick is being used only here its extra terrestials, now its asteroids.

Asteroid impact warning to the world

Experts are calling on the world to recognise the "global threat" of an asteroid hit to earth.

Scientists and astronauts have been holding a three-day workshop in Germany, discussing how countries would react.

Rusty Schweickart is a former Apollo 9 astronaut and now head of the European Sapce Agency's committee on near-earth objects (NEOs):

" What we need to do is bring the world together, recognise that this is a global threat. This is not Germany or the United States or ESA or anybody else. This is a global threat."

Transcendence: The True Awakening From The Matrix

New Hidden Missile System Unknown To Feds [So they say]

'A Russian weapons company is marketing a new missile system that is hidden inside an ordinary shipping container. It can turn a ship, train or truck into a long range missile launcher. Channel Two Action News anchor Justin Farmer investigated the threat and found officials at the Port of Savannah had never heard of the Club K Missile system.'


CCTV of 'Police Attack' on Liverpool Stab Victim

Useful information

Council Tax and Lawful Rebellion

'For those who wonder what they can do as individuals to resist encroachment on their common law rights, withholding Council Tax (CT) is a lawful option. It is also, as I will show below, a legal obligation. I would not wish to encourage anyone to cause problems for the state without justification. The Powers That Be, for reasons which we can only speculate about, repealed the statutory offence of sedition early in 2010 so perhaps I can speak freely.'

We Are Change Confronts Frank Caprio, RI Candidate

This from David Icke:

And They Have The Nerve To Scream 'Racist' At Everyone Else


'In Israel, death has no dominion over them ... With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant ... That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.  

Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi [lord and master] and eat. That is why gentiles were created.'
 - Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of the Shas Council of Torah Sages and a senior Sephardi adjudicator, quoted in the Jerusalem Post.


Anyone still wonder why the Palestinians are treated like vermin?  Rothschild Zionist extremists like Josef are deeply sick and racism personified. But what do they do? Condemn as 'racist' anyone who challenges their insanity, brutality and systematic genocide.

WE should ALL refuse to pay these scandelous energy bills, what they going to do, cut us ALL off? I'm not paying them, fuck it!

Biggest squeeze on family living standards since 1982 as energy companies hike prices

  • Gas bills set to soar
  • Price of petrol rises
  • VAT hike within weeks
Families face the biggest squeeze on living standards in a generation this winter. Millions are in for a utility bill shock after Britain’s second-biggest energy firm yesterday announced a price rise of almost 10 per cent on gas. It comes on top of big increases in other ‘must-pay’ bills such as petrol, clothing and some staple foods.

The leap in the cost of living has massively outstripped pay rises. In a further blow, VAT is due to go up from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent in January. Households face the worst mismatch between soaring prices and stagnating incomes since 1982, when recession-ravaged Britain was fighting the Falklands War.

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) is putting up gas tariffs by 9.4 per cent for its 3.6million customers from December 1, ahead of what is predicted to be a harsh cold spell. The impact of the SSE change will be to add £67 to the average annual gas bill, taking it to £782. A dual fuel customer will see the annual figure go up to £1,226. The other members of the ‘big six’ – British Gas, nPower, E.on, EDF and Scottish Power – are expected to follow suit.


Migrants took 9 out of 10 jobs created under Labour

Nearly nine out of ten jobs created under Labour went to foreign-born workers, astonishing figures revealed last night. Official statistics showed the vast majority of the rise in the employment total under the last Government was accounted for by workers born abroad.

Total numbers of those in work went up by two million during 13 years of Labour. But of those jobs, 1.8 million individuals were classed as ‘non-UK born’. Just a quarter of a million declared themselves to be born in the UK. 

The figures, from the Office for National Statistics’ Labour Force Survey, are an indictment of the last Government’s failure to control the influx of migrants, train British workers and tackle welfare dependency. Just as startlingly, the figures also revealed that the proportion of the foreign-born workforce nearly doubled under Labour – from 7 per cent to 13 per cent.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think-tank, said: ‘This is stunning evidence of the need to cut back on the immigration of foreign workers. ‘As long as foreign skills can be obtained “off the shelf”, employers will have no incentive to train British workers.’ The figures were released in a written parliamentary answer to Tory MP James Clappison.

Immigrants enrich our culture... Yeah right,.

Teacher off sick for six years 'faked an injury', leaving taxpayer with £280,000 bill

A teacher was off sick on full pay for six years after lying about suffering a bizarre accident at work, an employment tribunal heard yesterday. Anna Yerrakalva said her teaching assistant had an epileptic fit and fell on top of her, pinning her to the floor. She claimed to have suffered chest, neck and spine injuries as a result. But an investigation concluded the teacher had lied and the classroom accident never happened.

Mrs Yerrakalva, who had worked at Dearne Carrfield Primary School in Bolton upon Dearne, South Yorkshire, since April 2002, went off sick after her alleged accident in November 2003. She briefly returned, only to be struck by a bus in June 2004, and she has never worked since. She was on full pay of about £30,000 a year until she was suspended last year – and was finally sacked in January.

Right on cue for the U.S. mid term election, an explosive device bearing all the hall marks of Al CIAda.

UK and US probe terror risk after Yemen cargo finds

The US and UK are investigating the extent of a terror threat after explosive material was found in packages on two cargo planes bound for the US from Yemen on Friday. The two packages - one found in the UK, the other in Dubai - were addressed to Jewish synagogues in the Chicago area.

President Barack Obama said the devices were a "credible terrorist threat".
Intelligence agencies believe the packages are linked to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, based in Yemen. The packages were found on UPS and FedEx cargo planes, triggering alerts in the US, UK and Middle East. Other planes at US airports were checked because they were thought to contain items from Yemen.


Heres a picture of the pathetic Al CIAda 'Bomb' my mate Nick reckons
he could knock something up in his garden shed
that would be more convincing

Getting Rid of the White Race

Friday, 29 October 2010

What In The World Are They Spraying? World Premiere

What in the world are they spraying?! - PT 1 of 7

What in the world are they spraying?! - PT 2 of 7

What in the world are they spraying?! - PT 3 of 7

What in the world are they spraying?! - PT 4 of 7  

What in the world are they spraying?! - PT 5 of 7

What in the world are they spraying?! - PT 6 of 7

What in the world are they spraying?! - PT 7 of 7

* Americans seem to be oblivious to 'Common Purpose' who are the NWO Administrators. If you read and watch the stuff that I am putting on this Blog you will see that everything is planned, everything is totally orchestrated to benefit the lives of the few over the lives of the many.

WE have a responsibility to overturn this Satanic Zionist control system, if not for ourselves but for the future of our children and our children's, children.

They are attacking us from all sides now (See the earlier article on the EDL) Its all about totall control by the few, the 'illuminated' ones, you know the one's that ram the holocaust down our throats everyday, you know the one's that go on about 'Global warming', 'Climate Change'. Yeah those folks who sit there watching thier ever increasing Bank Balances rise while you sit there trying to work out how to pay your Gas Bill. Yeah you know who I mean.

Well its time to take 'em down (As the Vicar said to the Prostitute)

The fourteen words By David Lane never meant as much as they do now.


Are the EDL a MOSSAD controlled front. It sure looks that way!


Last weekend so-called Englishmen managed to soil themselves for Israel. These people are traitors and not defenders of our land. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder (arse-to-arse) with homosexuals and Jews.

These photographs below are disgraceful. An American Rabbi? A banner with a quote from Peter Tatchell? Rainbow and Israeli flags?

What about the British soldiers murdered by Jewish terrorists in Palestine? What do the EDL think about that?


Carbon tax-hungry govt, media ignore true facts about climate

I put the Charlie Chaplin 'time traveller' vid on last week then accidently deleted it. Hre is the possible explanation.

The Siemens 1924 hearing aid: Apparently the answer to the Charlie Chaplin time travel mystery

The mystery of the alleged time traveler at the 1928 premiere of Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" has now been solved.

As first posited yesterday by a writer at the New York Daily News as well as other bloggers and online commenters, the device in the woman's hand definitely seems to be a 1924 Siemens hearing aid, based on the video below:

But some questions remain.

The main one, which I raised in yesterday's post about the viral video phenomenon of the week, being: If she's just using a hearing aid, why does she also appear to be talking into it? The obvious answer is that she's just chattering to herself, or perhaps trying to get the attention of someone around her. But she's probably not using a mobile phone.

And of course, there's the other big question: if it took interested parties on the Internet less than a day to solve this -- actually, if the running time on the video above is any indication, it took 25 seconds -- then why didn't Belfast filmmaker George Clarke, the man who discovered the "time traveler" footage and created the swiftly circulating YouTube clip, figure this out himself?

Did he really do this just to promote his movie work? Or he did he consider his efforts a public service that would give bored office drones something to discuss until today, when they can fully focus their lost-productivity efforts on Halloween?

I don't know. All I know is that, while the hearing aid explanation may be the most logical one, I much preferred thinking that lady was actually the Doctor from "Doctor Who." Here's the original video again, if you want to reminisce about how awesome it was when you first watched it 22 hours ago.

And if you want to keep believing that time travel is possible, you can always cling to the hope that the guy in this photo jumped back to the '40s:

Comment on YouTube:
  • All of a sudden a wider interest in time travel, UFO's and other conspiracy theories! I put this down to the fact that its 2010 and so far the future we were all promised decades ago has failed to materialise and we can only HOPE that there is something better than this pathetic excuse for a decade than what we are experiencing right now.

The only people that are fucking up the planet are the greedy bastards in power.

Biofuels: a growing evil

Vapour trails caused by aircraft: under EU targets,
10 per cent of transport fuel is to come from biofuels
by 2020

I know that “food versus fuel” is now a relatively well weathered if quite low key debate (take a look at a recent OECD and UN Food and Agriculture Commission Report for a fuller analysis), but I suspect we are going to hear a lot more about it over the next year as growing emerging market demand pushes global food prices ever higher.

The point about biofuels, which wouldn’t exist at all without massive taxpayer funded subsidies, is that by displacing agricultural land that would otherwise be used for food production, they greatly add to the pressures.

It’s reckoned that America and Europe alone are currently providing about $12bn annually in “incentives” to produce biofuels, a level of subsidy which would have to double again to meet the sort of targets governments have set for this supposedly secure and “clean” source of fuel.


If you want to understand how the media construct and manipulate your emotions, then hit the 'play' button below.

Its alright for some!

Earnings of FTSE 100 chiefs up 55% over past year

FTSE 100 company directors saw their total earnings soar by an average of 55 per cent during the past year in a startling recovery from short-lived restraint during the recession, according to research to be published today. The findings from Incomes Data Services (IDS), the pay monitoring group, are likely to reawaken controversy over executive pay.

The average FTSE 100 chief executive took home £4.9 million (€5.5 million) in total earnings in the year to June, according to IDS. That represented 88 times the average pay of all full-time workers – down slightly from a peak multiple of 94 in 2008, but sharply up on 10 years ago, when corporate chiefs earned 47 times the average wage.

"free at the start of the program" Yes, the next stage will be that you will have to buy Carbon Credits... Just another fucking rip off!

Norfolk Island Residents to be Guinea Pigs for Carbon Credit Ponzi Scheme

'A world first trial of a personal carbon trading scheme that will also target obesity, is to be conducted by Southern Cross University on Norfolk Island. The three-year project will involve giving everyone on the island a card loaded with carbon units, according to the man leading it, Garry Egger.

“Then every time they go and pay for their petrol or their power – and from the second year their food – it will not only be paid for in money but it will also come off the carbon units they are given for free at the start of the program,” Professor Egger said.

If people are thrifty and don’t buy a lot of petrol or power or fatty foods, they will have units to spare, which they can cash in at a bank.'

Charlie Veitch

Compilation of Rants for the Now - HD

Good idea, screw the Banks!

French Protesters Call for Bank Run on December 7 2010 - Goes Viral on EU-Webs

'French activists call for a Europe-wide and joint account termination on 7 December 2010. "Everyone should get his money from the account." What does this protest?

In France the last few weeks has been enough protest. Since demonstrating in the street have brought us nothing we understand that the real power lies in the hands of international banks and corporations. All citizens of the country resolve your accounts in cash.

The activists suggest, one can first put the money in a suitcase or invest it in a social bank. So far 7000 people have signed up.'

Nicolas Sarcozy the Jewish Bling King lording it over the peasants who pay for it!

Nicolas Sarkozy Warned by German Chancellor Not to Unveil £150m 'Bling' Presidential Jet

German sources say she advised Sarkozy earlier this week, at a meeting where the pair cut a controversial deal aimed at protecting the euro, to 'hold back' on taking deliver of the aircraft currently undergoing a series of final test flights over the Indian Ocean and South Pacific French administered islands.'

Love Police San Francisco Catch a Member of Al Qaida

They are determined to force these useless inefficient wind farms on us because it means them and their Zionist friends, the corporation bosses can make more money by reducing the costs of raw materials, meantime we will still be paying more!

UK Government Offers Councils Bribes to Pass Wind Farm Applications

'Local councils are to get extra funding if they give the go-ahead to new wind farms, under plans to stop local communities sabotaging renewable energy projects.

Ministers are worried at the vast number of wind farm projects that are being turned down by councillors in the face of local opposition. The Independent revealed yesterday that the number of planning approvals for onshore wind farms is at an all time low, with only one in three applications getting to go-ahead.

Michael Hird, from the Campaign Against Wind farms, said it the payment amounted to “a bribe”. “This is nothing short of a bribe to get local councils to agree to wind farms. They should be spending money on good green energy and not this".'

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Wanna know why your energy bills are so high? It is to con even more money out of you on the false premise that the world will be a better place if this tiny Island cuts its Carbon Emissions, it is a fairy tale, it is bullshit!

Happy Climate Fools' Day

The 2008 Climate Change Act commits Britain to cutting its CO2 emissions by 80 percent by 2050 at a cost of £18.3 billion every year for the next four decades (according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change website).

This is being funded by top slicing the cash from your energy bills. The figure does not include other costs, such as the losses incurred due to the economic damage and opportunity costs of these measures. And obviously the law only seeks only to address CO2 emissions from the UK.